AFG Pro 7.1 AT Treadmill Review

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AFG Pro 7.1 AT Treadmill Review

AFG’s (Advanced Fitness Group) one of the most advanced treadmill models is AFG Pro 7.1 AT Treadmill. It is similar to AFG’s 5.5 AT model, only that it does not fold. This is one of the best high-end treadmills which has a pricey MSRP, but it is often offered on sale to the customers. So, one can easily procure it.

It has striking features like – super looks, heavy gauge steel frame, exceptional warranty and most importantly its ultra-quiet 3.25 CHP drive. It is also compatible with any music device. This allows you to listen to your favourite music or watch TV without disturbing your family or neighbours.

This model doesn’t offer enough to people who need more inclines or internet access, but it is relatively beneficial for people ranging from beginners to advanced trainees. People like it for its program variety, weight, USB port, and incline.

It offers another outstanding feature for free, whose actual cost is more than $2000; and that is the ‘Passport Media Player‘. It comes attached to the treadmill. This enables you to workout with more passion and fun. It is exciting and makes you feel as if you are playing a game. This model is sure to promise some impressive features.

Best Suited for Whom?

Note that AFG Pro 7.1 is the best non-folding treadmill under $2000. Its surface is stable and suitable for every runner. The technology used in this treadmill is competitive with any other commercial machine. It can handle heavy use without creaking.

AFG Pro 7.1 AT Treadmill Assembly, Design and Build Quality


Assembly of this model is not an issue if you are paying extra to avoid the difficulties of assembling and disposing of packing materials. You can opt for Bronze, Silver, and Gold delivery services to take care of these tasks and enjoy the treadmill.

Design and Build Quality

This treadmill measures 78.9″ x 36.6″ x 57.3″, which means it will take a lot of space in your home gym. But, apart from this, it has a commercial grade motor and high-grade durable steel frame which makes it very sturdy. It weighs up to 286 lbs and can support users up to 375lbs of weight. AFG 7.1 AT Treadmill is built with high design and durability which makes it ideal for hardcore runners who can run on it intensively. This model comes in the best compact treadmills category also. So, if you want to lose some extra pounds, then go for this treadmill.

AFG Pro 7.1 AT Treadmill Features


Even though this model is priced at under $2000 range, it consists of a high power motor – 3.25-CHP. This power enables the person to run on it at the top speed of up to 12mph, without putting any stress on the engine. It is very powerful, and many training centers and fitness clubs use 3.25CHP motors to offer a professional workout.

AFB swears by its endurance and quality because the motor is backed with a lifetime warranty directly supported by AFG. All these enticing features make this the absolute best buy treadmill of 2021.

Touchscreen Control Panel

This model offers a LED feedback windows, 8-digit alphanumeric display which is simple to read and provides instant feedback, at a glance. It shows the progress of your workout, Date, time and other vitals that you may need. You can enjoy your favourite music with its dynamic, built-in speaker to stay motivated and running. It, however, may not be compatible with all iPods and software versions.

Incline and Decline

It offers an incline range of 0-15 percent lower incline which delivers a lot of workout options for you and helps you reach any fitness goal. The incline increases in half degree increments and helps you exercise a different set of muscles and burn more calories, efficiently.


The audio feature of this treadmill is reasonably exciting and offers you a great workout experience. It gives you a feeling as if you started your workout in the living room and finished it in the Italian countryside. This treadmill comes with the fantastic and interactive ‘Passport Media Player’. It offers you two options of trails – throughout the American Southwest and Northern Italy.

The incredible video footage and moving audio soundtracks comes right through your TV and gives a real feel to the whole scene. Imagine being inside your home and getting the feel of running on Italian trails.

Tread Belt

The tread belt of this treadmill has active response cushioning which ensures a smooth running of the treadmill belt as well as the motor. It produces less heat when working and prolongs the life of the treadmill and reduces maintenance costs.

On/Off Cushioning

It offers Active Response cushioning, which is ideal for runners and doesn’t strain the feet muscles.

Heart Rate Monitoring

This treadmill is fantastic for monitoring the user’s heart rate and guiding him the excellent workout. It has a built-in Contact Grip Heart Rate Monitor which is installed in the handrail bar to persistently check the heart rate during the exercise on this treadmill.

It also has a telemetric receiver which includes a chest strap. This wireless transmitter measures the user’s pulse rate and feeds into the treadmill’s computer so that the user works on the correct speed and incline adjustments.

AFG Pro 7.1 AT Treadmill Workout Programs

Built-In Workout Apps: It offers an excellent and extensive workout program which is furnished with pre-set programs – weight loss, speed intervals, stamina builder etc. The user can create a profile and track his/her workout and measure the effectiveness of it. Multiple users can do this on one platform.

It provides 15 programs per profile which are – peak intervals, manual, speed intervals, golf course, weight loss, stamina builder, foothills, mountain climb, steps, intervals, 5k, 10k, custom 1 and 2.

AFG Pro 7.1 AT Treadmill Warranty

Warranty: It provides a lifetime warranty on both frame and motor.

Parts and Service: 5 years warranty on parts and two years warranty on service.

Customer Support: You can contact customer support in case of any issue or concern via email – and phone – 001-855-396-2524. You can also view videos and see the FAQs on their website.

Return Policy: To receive a refund, you must return your item within 30 days of the original purchase. After this term, no returns are entertained. Make sure the pieces are in working condition and should look new. Also, take note that only the original shipping fee is non-refundable. Return shipping costs are the headache of the customer.

AFG Pro 7.1AT Treadmill Pros and Cons


  • Smooth and Sturdy
  • Less noisy
  • No stressing of motor
  • Easy download of treadmills apps for free
  • Brilliant workout performance


  • Non-Folding
  • Very sensitive safety key
  • Humongous size


The AFG 7.1 AT Treadmill is undoubtedly the best buy of 2021, in all the aspects and this is evident from the above-discussed features and advantages of this treadmill. It comes with everything top of the line regarding quality, elements, and components.

Many people do not know much about the AFG brand. They will be glad to know that this brand is also known as Advanced Fitness Group by Johnson Fitness, which is the same manufacturer of favourite brands like Matrix for commercial, Livestrong for home fitness and Horizon.

The marketing strategy of AFG is far better and useful than other good brands, and they are also low priced. This is because they do not spend time and money on advertising their product in a flamboyant manner. Instead, they reduce the price of their models.

They know at the end of the day, a client will see his pocket and then buy the product. This has created a massive bang to the treadmill industry, and other brands had to lower down their costs to stay competitive in the market. AFG treadmills are indeed very successful.