3G Cardio Lite Runner Treadmill Review

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3G Cardio Lite Runner Treadmill Review

The 3G Cardio Lite Runner treadmill is a compact treadmill with all the necessary features. Its price range is the lowest of all of the four treadmills from 3G Cardio. Though this company is a new emerger in industry, still it has managed to gain a lot of attention in recent years.

It has been drafted with resistant basics and lacks “bells and whistles” to cut down the expenses. Read the detailed 3G Cardio Lite Runner treadmill review given below. This treadmill is tightly packed and has a small 18″ 51″ workout surface. This small area can be counted as one of its disadvantages because of the confined space.

But it is an advantage if it is perfect for your body. It also doesn’t acquire much space as it can be folded for behind the door storage as well. It is also called as ‘mighty mini’. It is one of the best treadmills under $1000.The best part about this treadmill is electronic inline.

The deck has upgrading options from 0% to 15%, and for quick adjustments, there are four one-touch incline buttons as well. The speed limit of the treadmill is 11 mph, thus best suited for walking or jogging. The speed buttons are for 2,4,6 and eight mph. Other things to note are its ten in-built programs.

These include a hand-held heart rate monitor, a 2.5 horsepower motor, and a 275-pound user weight capacity. Its weight is around 150 pounds. So aren’t all these features just amazing?

Best Suited to Whom?

This treadmill by 3G Cardio is the best walker treadmill, though it can also be used for jogging. But this treadmill is not meant for runners. Though speaking about all if features, it’s worth buying.

3G Cardio Lite Runner Treadmill Assembly, Design and Build Quality


This compact folding treadmill is not so difficult to assemble because it can be folded as well. It need not be disassembled over and over because it can roll through a gateway easily. It is one of the best home use treadmill. It just needs to be once assembled at least by two people and when done, then it can be easily transported as its front base is equipped with wheels.

Design And Build Quality

This is a compact and folding treadmill, thus it doesn’t acquire much space at your home. It measures 67″ L 29.65″ W 52.5″ H. it is compact enough to roll down your door. This treadmill and easily be folded between different workout sessions. This is optimal for walking, giving the walkers the benefit of above-average track performance at minimal speeds.

It can also be useful for light jogging. But this treadmill is not meant for runners. Its deck has been built with quite solidly built construction. The front part of this treadmill has an adjustable stabilizer. The mainframe is made of steel tubing. Along with this, all the steel parts are scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

The color of the motor and joint covers are silver. Its build is quite stable as compared to other treadmills belonging to the same price range. The maximum user weight is 275 pounds. But for precautionary measures, it is recommendable for people weighing 225 pounds or less.

3G Cardio Lite Runner Treadmill Features

1. Motor: The major feature by which 3G Cardio Lite Runner treadmill leaves behind the other treadmills in the same range is its power and stability. Mostly walking on any treadmill puts more stress on its motor than running.

But this treadmill is efficiently designed in such a way that its 2.5 high torque HP motor is engineered with a high/low combination that facilitates a smooth belt speed during walking at a lower rate. This motor has a feature of the small flywheel which improves the stability of this treadmill.

2. Compact and Foldable: This takes lesser space than most of the other treadmills of this range. It is 5 and a half feet long and 2 and a half feet wide when in use, and can be easily rolled through the doorway. It can be quickly folded as well for upright storage in between the workout programs. It also assists you in lowering the deck.

3. Incline: Its maximum slope is 15%. This automated incline in this treadmill helps you grind in on the particular muscle groups and also burn your calories inefficient manner. It also facilitates working on endurance training. The buttons to quickly switch from one incline rate to another are 2,6,10 and 15 %.

When the incline is set 0, then it is situated at 23 cm above the floor. It is set at 15%, i.e. the maximum level of the walking surface will be uplifted a few inches.

4. Ortho Flex Shock Suspension: Mostly the disadvantage of treadmills ranging below $1000 is lack of cushioning, but Lite Runner treadmills don’t disappoint in the case of shock absorption. 3G Cardio’s suspension system provides you with eight compressors which help you to safeguard your joints from the effect of each step you make.

5. Weight Capacity: The maximum user weight should not be more than 275 pounds. But to prevent an accident, it is best suited for people weighing about 225 pounds or lesser. This is exceptionally high for fold flat treadmills.

6. Heart Rate Monitor: Heart rate in between your workouts is measured with contact grips, this is an exceptional feature for the treadmills belonging to this price range. But as suggested this feature is not so appreciatable because the measures are possibly less accurate.

7. Preset Ten Built-In Programs: Though its console does not provide with online applications or internet connectivity it provides you with ten inbuilt programs, along with one touch screen and one-touch incline quick touch buttons.

8. Warranty: It provides a lifetime warranty for drive motor and frame and three years warranty for its parts, along with a 1-year labor warranty. This is an above-average warranty package, and this feature is quite impressive.

3G Cardio Lite Runner Treadmill Workout Programs

Inbuilt Workout Programs: In all, it has ten in-built programs. It has the “bells and whistles” programming which comes with most of the treadmills. https://www.3gcardio.com/lite-runner-treadmill-custom-product-page/. Besides this, its programs are effectively created with motive functionality.

Along with ten programs you may have access to one-touch speed and one-touch incline elevation quick speed buttons. Feedback include; time,elevation,distance,speed,calories and heart rate. It can be used for manual mode as well.

3G Cardio Lite Runner Treadmill Warranty

Warranty: The brand 3G Cardio provides a lifetime warranty on both frame and motor

Parts and Service: 5 years on parts, and one year on service

Customer Support: Contact via email: support@3gcardio.com Phone: 1-888-888-7985. View How-To videos and read FAQs on their website.

Return Policy: Return your item within 30 days of your original delivery or drop off date to receive a refund. No returns will be accepted after 30 days. All items must be returned in new and working condition unless it is already damaged. The original shipping fee is non-refundable, and the customer is responsible for all return shipping costs.

3G Cardio Lite Runner Treadmill Pros and Cons


  • Stabilizers are adjustable
  • Consumes less power
  • Ortho flex shock suspension
  • Lifetime warranty for drive motor and frame
  • High Weight capacity
  • Best for home use as the range is below $1000
  • Compact and Foldable both


  • Small area for training
  • No cooling fan
  • No online connectivity


If you are fetching a treadmill best suited for walking purpose, then this 3G Cardio Lite Runner treadmill is the best buy for the treadmill of 2021 undoubtfully. This treadmill with an ultimate combination of 3-year parts warranty and other above-average features makes it one of the best available out there.

It offers you ten pre-included workouts, and a allows you to play your chosen music through the console. This is perfect for light exercises, endurance training, muscle toning, and burning calories. Though it may sound a little expensive, all its excellent features make it worth buying. So far it has been rated between 4.5 to 5 stars on most of the online fitness websites.

This is a pretty good rating. But the one thing that you also need to keep in mind is that it has a limited workout area which may not be ideally suited for people with long strides. But we will include it as the best buy as it has all the necessary features at such a low price.