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Best Treadmill Reviews 2019

As it goes with almost anything, to be successful, it is crucial that we do what works. Not what we think might work and especially not what is attractive, like the countless workout fads that promise quick and easy results. Running, jogging and walking are as synonymous with exercise as water is with quenching thirst. Why, because they work. 

Unlike the multiplicity of extensive workout equipment that is not only complex but cumbersome to use and maintain, the treadmill is extremely easy to operate, use and maintain. The great thing about the treadmill is that you get your workout in the comfort of your home, doing whatever you like to do, whether that’s watching TV or having your family around you, and you remain unaffected by the weather outside. What’s more, once you buy a treadmill, it is a long-term investment, so you don’t have to worry about getting to the gym, leave alone making many gym payments.

For your ease, we have divided the treadmills into two broad categories: TYPE and PRICE. You may check out different treadmills that fall under these different categories.

Treadmills are the best fitness equipment if your primary fitness goals are to get back into shape and lose excess body fat. It offers a range of low to high impact workouts and leads to an effective calorie burn as compared to any other class of exercise equipment.

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Best Treadmills Under $2,500
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Best Treadmills – Top 3 Favourites for 2019

Treadmills are the best fitness equipment if your primary fitness goals are to get back into shape and lose excess body fat. It offers a range of low to high impact workouts and leads to an effective calorie burn as compared to any other class of exercise equipment. Treadmills have always been the favorite piece of exercise equipment from low to heavy trainers.

But if you are a new investor in this fitness zone, then trust me choosing the best treadmill amongst hundreds and thousands of treadmill options could be the most confusing and difficult task you will ever come across. To make things easy, we have this simple guide for you containing some basic questionnaire. Hope this helps you turn into a smart buyer!

Gone are those days, when the key trick to get a fit and healthy body was the commercial gyms or yoga centers. With the invention of conveniently designed home treadmills, with a robust motor and space-efficient design, the home treadmills are becoming the favorite among the trainers. It is an ideal pick for almost everyone from homemakers to working ladies, from seniors to youngsters. We have chosen the best home treadmill models for you under this category.

Folding treadmills are a revolution in the treadmill industry. Their ability to fold up into the compact spaces helps you to manage your area as per your requirements. As compared to other non-folding treadmills they are ideal for home as well as office purposes. They are lighter and cheaper as compared to heavy non-folding models. Some treadmill brands may compromise a bit on the quality of decks to make it lighter. So don’t be fooled by any fancy treadmill design. Here is the best folding treadmill comprising both the quality deck and well as long-term benefits.

Which is the best treadmill for home use? Regardless of your fitness level, if you’re looking for a great all around quality treadmill that is feature-packed, we recommend spending roughly $1,500. The following list contains our 3 best buy picks and consumer favorites, which are great treadmills for a majority of users and are around this price range.

Which is the best treadmill for home use? Regardless of your fitness level, if you’re looking for a great all around quality treadmill that is feature-packed, we recommend spending roughly $1,500. The following list contains our 3 best buy picks and consumer favorites, which are great treadmills for a majority of users and are around this price range.


Running is one of the most intense and vigorous exercises. If running is your more preferred workout choice, then you will need longer and cushioned decks, high hp motor, and most importantly shock absorption technology to protect your knees and joints. From thousands of top quality treadmill brands, displaying best cushioning and shock absorption; we have chosen the best treadmills for runners to justify your investments completely.

In case you’re a serious runner, you will require the most extended deck lengths that suit your running motion well without any slipping off. Consider how content and comfortable you are on the machine while running. Ask yourself the following questions. Is the motor powerful enough to cope up with your running speeds? Is the quality of cushioning suitable for your knees and joints?  Pick a model that satisfies all your answers along with efficient shock absorption technology.

Commercial treadmills are the ideal treadmills for commercial gyms and training centers. They have a robust build, strong and heavy framework, most potent motors, quality decks along with extraordinary console featuring many workout and entertainment options.

4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%
4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%
4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%

If your workout goals are simple, like walking or jogging, then you don’t need to explore high power motors or long decks. Reasonable investments can fetch you the high-quality walking treadmill models under this category featuring appropriate engines, incline, speed and workout out features.

4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%
4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%
4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%

These are the perfect treadmills for office purposes. The treadmills come with a desk stand. So you can use the counter to manage your office work while consistently running your legs on the belt. Is it sound just amazing?  It helps you maintain both your work and body equally well. There are a lot of high-end treadmill models that fall into this category.

4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%
4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%
4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%

This class covers the treadmill alternatives from the trusted treadmill brands. These multi-purpose fitness machines work equally well on your body, be it weight loss, calorie burn, muscle toning, improving stamina. They tend to provide you with low impact and budget-friendly workout output. The majors into this category are- elliptical, exercise bikes and cross trainers.

4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%
4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%
4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%

As the name suggests the treadmills for seniors will require extra careful build, with still smoother and broader running tracks, extra efficient and quality cushioning to keep it extra soft on their weak joints and knees. The step-up height on these models is always a few inches to help them with easy entry and exit. Other essential features include easy to operate console, more extended handrails, substantial and accessible power, and emergency buttons. It will help the senior users to manage them quickly and will the maximum benefits.

4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%
4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%
4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%

Cross training treadmill is yet another favorite class of treadmills. These treadmills offer steeper incline and top speeds to replicate the elliptical motion. They help in greater calorie burn and strength different muscle groups. We have figured out various top cross-training treadmills models with top class features.

4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%
4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%
4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%

Gentle on the joints and featuring a wide range of slope (usually from 20 to 40 %) these treadmills offer a better incline training, efficient calorie burn and impactful workout. They are better than any other class regarding its versatility.

4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%
4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%
4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%

Similar to a regular treadmill, an under-desk treadmill provides you with active running motion. But the difference is that the under desk treadmills lack the upper counters and side rails. It is merely a platform that slides well under your office desk or anywhere. It is quiet and reliable and improves your work productivity while taking care of your body well in the background.

4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%
4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%
4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%

Cheap treadmills one of the most favorite among many customers. We all seek good qualities at a minimum price. Same is the case with almost every treadmill buyer. But here the scenario is a bit different. You will no doubt get a fantastic collection of treadmills at below $500, but they will disappoint you sooner or later with their dingy frame, motor and constricted decks. If you more of a walker or jogger then there are a few good quality models with useful features and warranties. But be careful! They won’t support any high-intensity workouts for an extended period.

4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%
4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%
4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%

$1000 is a fair investment to get good equipment, powerful console, powerful motor, excellent decks, incline and some preloaded workout programs. If you are a regular buyer and can’t stretch your investments beyond, this range will help to get good models.

4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%
4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%
4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%

Compared to treadmills under $1000, they offer a better framework, wide tread belt, steeper inclines, and larger displays. The quality of console gradually accelerates as we move from low to high price treadmill models featuring better displays and more extensive pre-loaded workout programs, some models in this range also offers effective heart rate monitoring. Here are our top choices treadmills under $1500.

4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%
4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%
4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%

$2000 is quite a big price to pay. If you are investing such a tremendous amount of money, you will no doubt expect better endurance, performance and yes a big brand. There are many top-notch treadmill brands with the top of the class tech feature, amazing specifications like a quality deck, high hp motor usually above 3.5 hp, sturdy and high-quality weight, excellent user weight support and a lot of multimedia compatibility options. It covers both the folding as well as non-folding treadmills.

4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%
4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%
4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%

A high-end treadmill suits a one-time heavy investor looking for the best designs. The treadmill features most potent motors, full-length decks, maximum incline and speed rage, fantastic HD touchscreen console, maximum available workout programs, heart rate monitoring, goal tracking, maximum user profiles and much more. Here are some high-end treadmill models for you.

4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%
4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%
4.0 CHP0 - 12 mph0 - 15%

Why Buy A Treadmill?

Since its invention in the 1960s, the treadmill has grown to become the most popular workout equipment, and today you can find one in almost every gym across the world! If that does not impress; according to the Sporting Goods Manufacturer’s Association, in 2010 over 50 million treadmills were sold across the globe. These numbers are easy to appreciate when you recognize that the Treadmill works.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, get toned, stay in shape or get in a run every day, this machine can help you achieve it all. Read about the best treadmill reviews to know exactly what has to be done to get the desired physique. Today, if you live in a city or close to one, you would notice that with rapid development, there is increasingly little, or no room left to enjoy a run, jog or walk.

This is where treadmill workouts serve as an enormous boon that allows you to enjoy your workouts at home, away from bad weather and busy streets. To sum it for you, let’s read the advantages of the treadmills.

1. Full Body Workout: You get a full body workout, so you don’t have to worry about getting any extra equipment to complement your workouts. Also, running on these machines has been shown to increase cardiovascular as well as lung function. Along with better cardio, the design of the walking/running surface makes it safer for your joints. In the elliptical vs treadmill analysis, it is clear that the treadmill is superior for strengthening your bones by helping then find that crucial balance between robust and healthy impact.

2. Stimulate Different Walking/Running Motions: Another benefit of the best treadmills is that they can simulate different walking/running and even uphill terrains by varying the incline of the walking surface. Some advanced models today can also simulate terrains such as rolling hills, to provide accurate, programmed, treadmill workouts.

3. Accessibility To Various Workout Programs: Apart from this, the best treadmills have built-in computers that allow you to program, track and tailor your treadmill workouts to your individual needs. For example, the ‘interval training’ (which is basically a workout that varies periods of intense training with slow training) option allows you to programme your workout, so that you can run at a moderate speed for a few hundred meters and then jog at a slower pace for the next distance and so on.

4. Weight Loss: Finally, Treadmills are great for weight loss. Depending on the intensity of your treadmill workouts (i.e. how long and hard you run or jog) you can shed anywhere between 200 to 1000 calories. You can also set a reminder for watching your favorite TV show or program. And, don’t worry, you don’t have to do the calorie counting, the inbuilt computer on most good models can measure calories burned, distance traveled, average speed, the number of feet climbed if walking at an incline trainer, and also your average heart rate.

Some computers can even adjust the speed and incline automatically to keep your heart rate within a specified range.

Treadmill: Buying Guide

Choosing the right treadmill for sensible body shaping is one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make. If you search for the best treadmills, there will be hundreds and thousands of options and manufacturers. And this makes the choosing process even harder. Treadmills, unlike any other body equipment, is always a huge investment. A quality treadmill is comfortable, has high-quality build coupled with prolonged durability.

And hence good quality demands good investment. If you a newcomer to this territory and want to choose a smart treadmill with lifelong benefits, then there is this guide specially prepared to relieve your pain. Making yourself educated and aware is one of the primary features before you start hunting. So following are the points to be taken care of while choosing a treadmill.

Take Your Time

1. Always prioritize your requirements. The choice of treadmill model may vary from one person to another depending on their needs and goals.

2. Don’t over stress your brain looking at the endless treadmill options.

3. Always consider your workout space and then hunt for the right treadmill.

4. Find the top reputed brands first. Big brands bring significant benefits.

5. Never forget to have a clear picture of your budget in mind.

6. Most importantly stay calm. Take your time. Keep searching until you find the correct option.

Part 1: How Are You Going To Be Using It?

Now comes the tough part. The second rule of the process is to narrow down your choices. It will provide you with a great vision to choose the best you want. Does this thing involve answering some basic questions like what is your budget? What is your required treadmill workout? Whether you need a commercial treadmill? How will you maintain the treadmill? And a lot more.

  • Are you training to build up speed and endurance or do you want to exercise to lose weight?

Your choice will influence the type of motor. A motor with less than two hp supports light workouts and an engine with more than two hp usually in the range of 2 to 3 supports the heavy intensity workout. So keep the choice clear in your mind.

  • Will the treadmill be used for walking or running?

Along with affecting the kind of hp, the choice of your workout needs will also change the track length. The size of the deck always depends on the stride length. Greater the stride length, more the treadmill deck length will you ever need. An ideal deck length is 20”w x 60” L, no matter whether your choice is running, walking or jogging.

  • How frequently will it be used?

If you will use the treadmill very frequently, then you will require high specifications like high hp, better track length, variable incline trainers, etc. But if you are not an active and frequent runner, go for some simple treadmill models.

  • How much space do you have available for the treadmill?

This factor may sound a bit worthless to you. But buyers beware!  It is the second most important consideration after the price. Always measure the dimensions of your working space before installing a treadmill there. Keep this information handy before visiting any store. It will make a choice easier and will turn you into a confident and smart buyer.

  • What is your budget?

Superiority doesn’t come at low prices. Many models are ranging from $500 to even $5000. You need to get this point clear in the mind that treadmills are no longer a running platform. It has come way too far. Now it’s a blend of new technological innovations and features. If you can invest well then always look for the motorized treadmills with high-class features and amenities costing above $3000.

If you are a decent buyer and can’t stretch your pocket this far, there are multiple options available for you at the affordable price range. It marks the end of your second stage as well. Take a deep breath. Now think of the essential parts that together build up this vast machine. There are a lot of them, ranging from the motor to tread belt, console to accessory holder. Rule number 3 includes a thorough knowledge of each component to match your requirements.

Part 2- Treadmill Components And Options

1. Motor: A motor is the powerhouse of the treadmill. It acts like a fuel. The power of the engine is always described in hp. The value of this hp varies with your workout demands. The rigorous workout routines necessities heavy fuel consumption; thus a high hp motor, usually in the range if 3 to 4 hp. Whereas if you are just a regular runner or jogger, a low hp motor generally less than 3hp also works sufficiently well for you.

Also, always have a clear idea of the maximum weight that you are going to take on the treadmill. An ideal low power motor usually withstands 150 kgs. If your max user weight considerations exceed this, always consider a heavy duty hp motor or instead of an AC motor. Following are some crucial suggestions –
If you are a Walker, go for a 2.0 CHP or higher.
If you are more of a jogger, a 2.5 CHP or higher will be an ideal choice motor for you.
If Running is your primary goal, a 3.0 CHP or higher goes perfectly well for you.

2. Treadmill workout belts: The treadmill belts are the most crucial part of the entire assembly as it will act as the running platform throughout your ownership. Your stride lengths and workout requirements eventually affect the length, width and to an extent the thickness of the belt. Width Talking about the width, a 20” wide track is a perfect choice for you, if you are just a basic walker.

It is also a standard industry width that you will find on the majority of the customer choice treadmill models. But if you are a heavy runner, with a massive weight you may require 22” deck length.

  • Length – The length of the track mainly depends on the strides. Greater the strides,  longer the track lengths would be required. Standard length is 60” inches, whereas the extended lengths in case of special runners may vary from 63” to 68” inches. 
  • Thickness- the Thicker the track, more outstandingly it will tend to perform for a longer time. It would be resistant to cracks and ripping. Thus you get good value for your money. Thus helping you choose the valuable treadmill model.
  • MaintenanceAnother critical factor is the tread belt maintenance. The popular treadmill models with thick tread belts and infused lubricants are one of the biggest blessings to any customer. You don’t need to lubricate the track every once in a while, like on some cheap treadmill models, thus cutting the significant maintenance cost and headache. 

3. Shock absorption: Always go for the deck which has a shock absorption system as it will reduce the pain on your joints, knees, and legs. They tend to provide you with a jerk-free motion. Also, it feels a soft as grass on your feet and helps you overcome the workout impacts effortlessly.
For, e.g. Precor being one of the leading treadmills brands, features Ground Effects® Impact Control System technology to provide lateral body stability.

4. Incline and speed: Most treadmills offer steeper running platforms to catalyze high-intensity workout. It helps in the better lower body toning, higher cardiac output and an even better calorie burn, weight loss and improved body posture. The various top treadmill models available in the market offers a 5 to 15 % variable incline range.

The cheaper models have manually adjustable lower inclination level. Whereas, the high-end treadmill models feature a maximum incline range up to 15 standards. Unlike the more affordable treadmill models, the resistance here is adjusted automatically by conveniently placed quick controls. E.g. Bodycraft spacewalker treadmill.

5. Folding Treadmills: If you have space issues, folding treadmills can be your favorite choice. A folding treadmill has a fully foldable deck and takes the shape of a compact equipment. The folding is entirely hydraulic. You one press can create magic. It has the edge over the other non-folding treadmills as you can move the treadmill where you want. Investing in a folding treadmill is no less than a luxury investment. It’s a smart choice treadmill for residential purposes.

6. Console: Talking about the console the variety of console varies as per your budget and brand preference. The big treadmill brands offer high definition touchscreen display with greater users profile support. The intuitive console displays a maximum number of health matrices and provides a more significant amount of pre-loaded programs.

Talking about the mid-level treadmills, it offers an LED display and a lesser number of workout programs and user profile customization. The quality of the console eventually drops as we move from high class to low-class treadmill models.
The present-day consoles offer multimedia, Bluetooth, USB compatibility. They have built-in audio jacks too to make your sessions fun and enjoyable. And to your surprise, there are specific top brand models offer mounted tv. But all such features demands good user investments.

7. Accessory holder: The accessory holder comprises-
•    The tablet holder
•    The reading rack and
•    Water bottle holder  
The bottle holder keeps you well hydrated without hindering your running motion.
The tablet holder and reading rack make you a big-time multitasker. It allows you to manage your workout regime and essential work at the same time.

8. Heart rate monitoring: Heart rate monitoring is increasingly becoming popular on mid to high-level treadmill models. The feature monitors your heart rate via touch sensors ergonomically placed oh the handlebars and display the results on the monitor. You can analyze the data thoroughly and can change your routines accordingly. Some other models come with wireless polar sensors with a chest strap to deliver more accurate readings.

Part 3- Additional Features Worth Considering

Preset programs and custom option

A good treadmill gives you a great personal workout experience along with comprehensive tracking and user-friendly pre-loaded workout options and applications. Merely shaking your legs against the treadmill belt could sometimes be boring. To kill this boredom and to make your workout sessions more engaging than ever, the treadmill technologies have gone a way ahead.

The kind of workout program varies from manual to customize, heart rate to goal tracking programs intelligently incorporated in the treadmills. And this menu ranges as per your budget. While planning to buy a treadmill, always research harder. Look for the various brands.

User profile

User profile creation and customization is yet another great feature you will find on almost every good treadmill. The user profile option analyses the workout data of the users and automatically saves it to the console memory. You can review the results later as well. It helps you compare your performances, and you can eventually improve your regime. The majority of good class treadmills allows you to customize your profile based on the following factors-
The number of users profiles a treadmill can support varies from model to model. While searching for a treadmill, always consider at least up to 2 or 4 users profiles. Its an ideal option for families and workout partners.

Ease of use

A treadmill with conveniently placed and easy to use controls experience a great preference over the sophisticated models featuring complicated console with multiple buttons and complex touchpads.
Simple treadmills display well-labeled and straightforward power, stop, emergency and other vital buttons. These are easy to operate. It frustrates you less and thus improves your exercise routines.

Interval training

Interval Workouts is a combination of intense efforts followed by slightly lighter workout efforts. For example, fast running followed by easy jogging or walking. It balances your breath and heart rate. Look for the treadmill programming with advanced interval training.

Part 4- Safety And Maintenance

There are many safety and maintenance issues related to a treadmill. While choosing a treadmill, always pay particular attention to the safety and emergency buttons. Otherwise, this giant machine can be dangerous as well.


There is a common saying that “ safety lies in your own hands only”. Talking about the treadmill safety key and emergency stop are the main safety features you will find on a decent quality treadmill. While exercising, the user attaches the safety key to himself/herself in case if his motion obstructs due to any reason and he emergency lands himself the treadmill will stop without causing any injury to the user.

The emergency off button is an essential feature on every treadmill. In case of an emergency exit, don’t leave the treadmill belt running, as it may cause considerable damage, especially if you have pets or kids at home. Instead, press the emergency knob. And the treadmill will be stopped immediately.

Both the safety as well as the emergency button should be carefully placed within reach of the users. There location and ease of use should be your prime considerations. You can take a test run at various stores and then make a decision. If not feasible then go for the honest reviews.


Treadmill investments are always huge. While buying a treadmill still take care that your investments include the maintenance costs in itself. A little dust off and careful storage is always your duty. But make sure you do not land up wasting your time in regular lubrication or other unexpected services. It will lead to extra maintenance costs and may bite your pocket a bit harder. Look for a brand that takes care of such services and turns you into a more happy and satisfied customer.

Delivery and Assembly

Make sure that the delivery and assembling of the treadmill covers well in your investment only. Otherwise, it is going to hit hard on your pockets. Always ask for accurate delivery and assembly at your required workout place. Though the modern treadmills come with detailed and well-instructing users manuals that saves a lot of your time and money. So lack of assembling should not be considered a disadvantage.


It is again a significant factor because the treadmill is not a toy machine that once the device starts malfunctioning can you buy a new one. Being the investor, you will expect the treadmill to last longer with life term benefits. Always ask for the long-term warranties covering each component of the treadmill.
The warranty coverage covers the –
1.  Motor  – Ask for a minimum of ten to twenty years of warranty.
2.   Frame – The top models cover the framework for a lifetime. i.e. throughout the ownership.
3.    Labor– The quality of labor warranties varied from low to the high-end model. The ideal warranties cover the labor for 2 to 3 years only.

Part 5- Finally Shopping The Equipment

And with this, all the major stages are covered now. As you have clearly understood all aspects of a quality treadmill, you are all set to invest in the treadmill. But the struggle doesn’t end here. There are endless brands with all new features and technology to tempt you. The simple logic that applies here is the search. Search to your full capacity.

Search for your needs. Search as per your budget. Search as per your space requirements. It will act as a filter and will help you choose the best option.

Hope this guide helps you well.