Bowflex Treadclimbers Review

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Bowflex Treadclimbers Review

Having a cardio workout as a part of the daily exercise regimen plays a vital role in improving the total body fitness of the users. Now, the typical question pops up as you would choose between a treadmill, elliptical or a stair stepper or relying on the treadclimber that offers the cumulative benefit of three in one motion of all the equipment.

So, here comes the Bowflex Treadclimber that perfectly fits the bill for all fitness enthusiasts who either require to lose weight, do cardio, tone muscles, and improve overall fitness levels. Check out the Bowflex Treadclimber review 2021 to have a clear understanding of functional efficiency of these range of equipment from Bowflex.

About Bowflex

Bowflex is the leading pioneer in the fitness equipment industry starting way back in 1986 when other brands focused on manufacturing big and bulkier equipment. On the contrary, Bowflex came up with their innovative and smarter fitness equipment that perfectly suit the requirement of home-based users.

You may resonate with the Bowflex brand for their innovative Power Rod technology and their range of fitness equipment incorporating ellipticals, treadmills, home gyms, and tread climbers.

About Bowflex Treadclimbers

Bowflex has always believed in experimenting and bringing innovation to the fitness equipment with their specialized expertise in the field. They came up with their patented polymer-rod workout equipment for the upper body in the early 1990s.

Now, they have come up with the unique equipment known as tread climber that offers the cumulative benefit of a treadmill, elliptical and a stair stepper. What makes it more interesting is that this equipment provides a 3-in-1 motion that offers excellent and quick results with no jarring impact on the knees.

The first model of treadclimber was launched in 2003 by Bowflex, since then the equipment has gone through a lot of variations in its designing and features to reach the current top-selling models of Bowflex TC100 and Bowflex TC200. This equipment is a great way to keep fit and get a healthy body if you prefer walking and need reliable and productive equipment for faster results.

What Makes the Bowflex TreadClimber Stand Out?

Bowflex Treadclimber undoubtedly tops the preferred list of fitness enthusiasts as it offers low-impact workout sessions to people of all different fitness levels. Moreover, it solves space-crunch issues and can be used in any small room, office, apartments, condos, or any convenient area due to its smaller footprints as compared to traditional treadmills.

Here you can go with Bowflex Treadclimber TC10 that has a smaller footprint with  50.6″L x 30.3″W. Also, the other Bowflex Treadclimber models likeTC20, TC100, and TC 200 offers a compact footprint with dimensions 55″L x 31.25″W, 31.5″W x 57″L, and  55″L x 31.5″W, respectively.

So, if you aim to keep fit by walking and reducing weight with shaping your body, then there is nothing better than a treadclimber. Also, it offers active cardio sessions that deliver quick results, along with customizing the workout as per the specific requirements of the users.

So, the users find this equipment offering a comprehensive solution to keep fit and still not reaching the most dreaded zone of harsh body aches and pains after a workout.

It is this reason that treadclimbers are replacing the standard treadmills and ellipticals as users can derive faster results within less time. Moreover, the entire construction of the treadclimber with its moving pedals that coordinate movements with the users’ stride assure better results.

The provision of an inclined angle along with natural movements make it stand out among the best way of churning calories without resorting to running aimlessly.

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WalkTC Collection

Bowflex has launched ‘WalkTC’ Treadclimber series that offers an innovative combination of a stair climber, a treadmill and an elliptical trainer. This intuitive combination avails the more and faster burning of calories as compared to that of a treadmill and that too at the same level of belt speeds.

These treadclimber function with a dual treadle system and offers low-impact and non-strenuous working sessions that provide impressive results. So, now the question comes up as to how these treadclimbers give the best fitness solution to your fitness requirement.

This, it calls for having an in-depth view of the pros and cons of each model of treadclimber of this series. Also, focusing on the technology of these Bowflex Treadclimber models and how can you optimize the availability of coupons to crack the best possible deal.

In WalkTC series, Bowflex offers its models comprising of TC10, TC20, TC100, and TC200. Each of these models provides 3-in-1 motion of an elliptical, stair stepper and a treadmill offering the full cardio sessions.

It helps the users to improve their strength and stamina along with improving their cardio health and increased amount of calorie burnout that enables the faster loss of weight. But, it must be acknowledged that this range of treadclimber series falls in the range of expensive equipment and can have some tight spots as well.

The brand introduced Bowflex Treadclimbers TC10 and TC20 that have now been improvised as the latest models TC100 and TC200.

  • TC5 – This TC5 model is powered by a motor-free technology, having the optimal speed limit of 4.5mph, along with a one-year warranty on the entire machine.
  • TC10 – This TC10 is an upgraded version of TC5 and thus, incorporates all the essential features of TC5, along with advanced features including speed variations, display screen G.O Coach technology along with a two-year warranty on the whole machine.
  • TC20 – This model offers all prominent features of the TC10 model along with a better and large-sized display screen, five inbuilt workout programs, customizable programming. Along with this, there are three inbuilt “landmark” workout sessions, three-year warranty on the whole machine, and the long foot treadles for better stride length.

Our recommendation -We recommend if you have a big family and no shortage of space with sufficient funds to buy fitness equipment, then you must opt for any of these treadclimbers, particularly Bowflex Treadclimber TC200 model.

Or you can invest in a range of high-priced treadmills, ellipticals, rowers and other stationary bikes to have perfect cardio sessions at your home. On the contrary, if you have space crunch and not enough space to keep different fitness equipment, and your preference is to opt for the one-stop solution for all of your fitness requirements, then having the treadclimber at home can serve your purpose excellently well.

The prominent reasons to support treadclimbers is that these equipment have premium build quality with added durability and many inbuilt features. So, now the user has to choose between TC100 and TC200 model and consider the fact that TC200 model offers extended warranty, more advanced inbuilt workout programming, longer strides making it a better option for taller people.

Also, the availability of an integrated Bluetooth technology along with free access to Bowflex Treadclimber app and customization of workout programs makes it a better and an expensive model as compared to TC100 model.

Furthermore, TC200 model is equipped with a heart rate zone light bar that enables the users, including people who have heart problems, can effectively workout on this treadclimber. They can modify the resistance levels as per their requirement and as suggested by their doctor.

Thus, the TC200 model offers the accurate monitoring of the heart rate of all users and motivate them to do better. In comparison to older models of Bowflex like TC10 and TC20, both the newer models TC100 and TC200 are lightweight but offer the same user weight capacity with 300 Ibs.

Discontinued Bowflex Treadclimbers

It must be stated that Bowflex TC100 and TC200 models are the latest models of treadclimbers that have replaced the older models of TC10 and TC20. Both these discontinued models can be easily found in the stores and that too at cost-effective pricing. Also, users can have access to their parts as well.

Also, the entry-level model of Bowflex Treadclimber TC5 has been discontinued and it is manual equipment offering the motor-less operations. This model was quite cheaper as compared to TC10 and TC20 and offered smooth and quiet workout sessions. All these discontinued models of Bowflex are available to the users as refurbished or used models and that too at cost-effective pricing.

But, the pricing is still high as you can buy a high-end treadmill and other fitness equipment at this cost, so if you are going for this option, then make your decision wisely. You can take a quick look at the features of all discontinued models of Bowflex.

Out of these discontinued models, the Bowflex Treadclimber TC5000 is the one that offers the wireless heart rate monitoring that you won’t find in the other previous models. If you are looking for intermediate speed levels, then opting for Bowflex Treadclimber TC1000 is recommended as it’s speed range is 0.5 to 3.8 mph that is quite lower as compared to other discontinued models.

Also, you can try out Bowflex Treadclimber TC3000 that offers the features of advanced model TC5000 except heart rate monitoring with chest straps, as its pricing is also affordable at less than $1700 than the price range of TC5000 model at less than $2000. 

So, the basic model of the discontinued range is TC5, and the high-end model is TC5000, but all models prove to offer excellent value for money.

Who can benefit from using the Treadclimber?

Here we have incorporated the list of following people who can optimize their workout using the treadclimbers.

  • People prefer to engage in low-impact workout sessions.
  • Those who intend to customize their workout as per their requirements, and need constant variations in the exercise sessions.
  • People are dwelling in an area that is not safe to go out in the dark.
  • People who suffer from knee pain, backaches or have joint pains.
  • All those users who live in extreme climate be it too hot, too cold or too wet to go out for a workout.

How To Choose The Best Bowflex Treadclimber

Bowflex is the prominent leader in the fitness industry and all its equipment offer par excellent results, thus it becomes a hard thing to choose the best equipment as per your requirements. So, below, you will find some factors that would help you make a healthy choice for your fitness goals.

Workout Programs: The most significant factor that a user needs to consider while choosing a treadclimber is the kind of workout programs that are offered by the equipment. The common factor is to find more and advanced workout options in high-rated treadclimbers as compared to the basic models.

Comparing TC200 with TC100, we find that the former offers five advanced workout options to the users while the latter model has none to offer. So, Bowflex TC200 Treadclimber becomes the obvious choice for those who are looking for different workout programs in their equipment.

Console Features: The display screens of both models show that TC100 and TC200 have aesthetically designed backlit LCD screens. These screens showcase the vital workout statistics like speed, distance, time, calories, and a lot more.

So, what makes both the models differ from each other is the addition of Bluetooth connectivity in TC200 that makes it possible to share workout data from treadclimber to the smartphone quickly.

Also, the users can share this data on various workout apps to analyze their efficiency and precision in achieving their goals and get in a competition spree with their friends as well.

Budget: While buying a treadclimber, you need to keep a close check on your budget as you will find a range of Bowflex Treadclimbers that are expensive and also those which are affordable. So, if you have adequate funds then investing in the premium Bowflex treadclimber is advised as in the long run, you will derive its benefits.

But, if you are on a budget and require a well-built machine with features and durability, then opting for the Bowflex refurbished or used models is suggested.

Fitness level: You must consider your fitness levels before deciding a particular treadclimber model as if you are a beginner, then going for the basic model is preferred. And once you reach an expert level, you can go for higher models, or buy the attachments to achieve your fitness goals.

But, if you are a skilled user and require advanced equipment with numerous workout options, higher speed range and other upgraded features, then buying the premium Bowflex model would be recommended.

Space: Having ample space at your home for using Bowflex equipment is needed as you must assure that the new equipment fits the workout area well. It helps to plan the things accordingly and relieves you from the stress of space concerns if you didn’t bother about this issue earlier.

Who will be using the machine?

If you have a big family and all are fitness enthusiasts, then you need to consider their preferences as well while buying the machine. So, in such a scenario, the advanced model of Bowflex Treadclimber can provide numerous options with an array of features.

On the other hand, if only you are going to use the equipment, then it becomes quite easy to go for the features and workout options and make the decision accordingly.

Effectiveness of the machine: The practical utility of the machine is significant that you should look forward to while buying a fitness equipment. The machine should be easy to use and modify according to your level of activity, also operating smoothly and continuously and making all the transitions in the workout more effective.

TreadClimber vs. Treadmill

Similarities & Differences

Both the treadmills and treadclimbers offer amazing workout sessions, but they have their uniqueness and the same factors that make it worthy of having an overview of both the equipment.

It is a fact that if you prefer to focus only on the cardio sessions, then treadmills are far better options than treadclimbers. As the latter offers the low-impact and gentle walking working, the former is known to deliver impressive cardio sessions at a maximum speed of 12 mph.

Besides, the treadmills also offer the provision of adjusting the incline settings that make them more challenging as compared to treadclimbers, where you won’t find that option at all.

But treadclimbers have their own merits that can’t be ignored. These include the motion of an elliptical and stair stepper involving the upward and downward movement.

Thus, the moving platform helps to minimize the impact of the workout on the joints as compared to that of the treadmill whose stationary motion create a serious impact on the joints. As the user runs at a high speed on the treadmill, his knees, and joints can face the jarring impact of the intense workout sessions.

Also, the provision of stair stepper motion in a treadclimber plays a vital role in the strengthening of the leg muscles as compared to that of running on a treadmill. So, if you prefer to focus on the activation of muscles legs, then relying on the treadclimber is a far better option than working out on the treadmill.

Moreover, the high-end models of treadclimbers are lighter and compact models as compared to that of treadmills. The treadmills usually require more space due to their tread belts, but the difference is not much between treadmills and treadclimbers as the latter is slightly more compact in size. But when comparing the pricing of both the equipment, we can hardly find any substantial difference between the high-end treadmill and a treadclimber cost.

Which One Should I Buy?

So, what’s the better option for a user who requires to have intense cardio workout sessions, the obvious answer is a treadmill. It certainly offers the best cardio workout sessions and results in faster calorie loss as compared to any other equipment. But, if you are inclined towards having the walking workout at a rapid speed and need a low-impact workout with a focus on muscle activation, then the preferred choice should be a treadclimber for your fitness goals.

Bowflex TreadClimber vs. Bowflex Max Trainer

Similarities & Differences

Both the treadclimbers and Max Trainers are manufactured by the most reputable brand of Bowflex that makes them stand prominently in the market, having the highest efficiency levels and durability for long term usage.

Having said that it must be accounted that both these equipment offer premium features and commercial gym quality build for promising results. So, far as the pricing of these two equipment is concerned, there is only a few hundred bucks difference whether you are talking about the basic models or the high-end models of treadclimbers and max trainers.

Talking about other similarities that you find in both these equipment is that they are designed to offer workout at higher intensity levels. Bowflex has always claimed that their max trainers are the flag bearing models designed for high-intensity workout sessions that promise quick results.

But, this statement can’t be wholly justifying for the treadclimbers as these equipment are designed for power walking at a particular pace. So, here the point goes in favor of Max Trainers for offering the higher intensity workout sessions.

But, again, it must be understood that both the equipment offer the best cardio workout sessions to help you achieve optimal results. The users are also going to find other similarities in these equipment with features like a media shelf, Bluetooth integrity, and a dedicated place to keep a water bottle.

The key difference between both these equipment is that the max trainers provide better engagement of upper body muscles owing to the provision of motion handlebars that also incorporate the elliptical motion for better outcomes.

On the other hand, the treadclimbers arrive with the handrails that do involve the upper body muscles but not up to the extent of a max trainer. So, people opting for upper body workout must opt for the max trainers as compared to the treadclimbers.

Further, the treadclimbers offer the low-impact workout sessions due to the moving motion of the platforms, but it can’t be ignored that these equipment do create a smaller impact on the joints.

On the other hand, the feet of the users remain on the pedals on the Max Trainers that help in creating no-impact workout sessions. Thus, it can be stated that both the equipment are relatively similar regarding the impact of workout on the joints, but still, the max trainers do a better job here.

Besides, in the max trainers, the users can find a substantial difference between the upper and lower movement due to elliptical motion that helps in the development of leg muscles more extensively. The treadclimber on the other hand, enables the users to develop their leg muscles as these equipment offer the combination of an elliptical and a stair stepper motion, but the results are far better in max trainers.

Also, the users can find a crucial difference in the calorie burnout ratio of the max trainers in comparison to that of the treadclimbers. As both equipment are meant for a high-intensity workout with calorie burnout, the results are definitely impressive in Max Trainers. As the 15-minute workout on the Max Trainers can burn approximately 100 calories at a high-intensity workout, the same can’t be claimed about treadclimbers.

Which One Should I Buy?

The similarities and comparison among these equipment have led towards a view that Max Trainers are the advanced and high-intensity workout equipment that prove challenging for the seasoned users and to make them push their limits to achieve more.

The treadclimbers, on the other hand, are perfect for beginners and intermediate users who prefer to have a walking workout with high intensity, but it must be stated that Max Trainers are definitely more result-oriented for pro users.

TreadClimber vs Elliptical Machine

Similarities & Differences

Here comes the comparison between a treadclimber and an elliptical machine. The first and foremost similarity between these two equipment is that both are gentle on knees and joints.

The treadclimbers offer low-impact workout while the elliptical machine allows users to keep his feet on the pedals throughout the workout,  where users feet don’t move away from the pedals even for a moment, so the impact is zero on the joints and thus, are better in this regard in comparison to the treadclimbers.

Regarding the size, it is noticed that both the equipment are bulky and heavy but not excessively. So, you would find the fundamental difference in the size of the premium models of both the equipment as high-end ellipticals are on the bulkier side, unlike the treadclimbers. Whereas in the low-end models, the users can’t locate any significant difference in the size of both the equipment is almost similar.

In terms of pricing, the treadclimbers are costlier than the elliptical machines. But, when looking at the higher range models of both the equipment, the difference is quite minimal. Furthermore, users can have access to additional features like Bluetooth connectivity, media shelf, and water bottle holders in the expensive models in both the elliptical machine and the treadclimbers.

When considering the difference in both the equipment, we find that elliptical machines are better for upper body muscles activation and toning the leg muscles. Whereas, the treadclimbers are better in burning slightly more number of calories than the elliptical machines.

Moreover, the ellipticals offer considerable distance in the high and low points of the pedals, thus making it an ideal movement for the development of the leg muscles. The same thing holds for the upper body muscle development as the availability of handlebars help in better activation of muscles in comparison to that of the treadclimbers.

Which One Should I Buy?

Thus, elliptical machines are recommended for people who need to focus on the upper body workout with development of leg muscles and that too, with zero impact workout sessions. The treadclimbers, on the contrary, are preferred for people who require better burnout of calories.

Bowflex TreadClimber vs. Running

Running is always recommended exercise for keeping general health and promoting strength and endurance level of the users.  All that a runner requires is a good pair of shoes with ample running area and a clear weather along with dedication to achieving the fitness goals.

Conversely, the treadclimbers appear to be more appealing to the users who can’t go out for workout due to bad weather be it extreme hot, chilling or rainy outside. If you can’t decide regarding choosing the best option out of two, the better thing is to evaluate the result of investment in both the options and then make a decision for it.

Convenience and Price

From the perspective of comfort and pricing, it can be observed that running is undoubtedly a better option out of two as users can decide to run as per their requirement. Moreover, buying fitness equipment at around $1000 or more would be costlier than getting the running gear.

But, we shouldn’t forget that treadclimbers offer three different workout sessions to the users and bring variation in the workout regimen. Also, working out on treadclimber is far more motivating than running outside as you needn’t bother about the weather conditions or it’s too dark out there.

In Terms of Impact

So far as the impact of running is concerned, the runners get to create  a highly significant force, incorporating every step that they take during running. But, the runner can slow down his pace resulting in restricting the intensity of the entire workout session.

On the other hand, the treadclimbers from Bowflex offer the optimal speed range of 4mph or 4.5 mph. So, users have a restricted pace of running on the treadclimbers that provides low-impact brisk walk to the users. Also, the steep incline of the treadclimbers further adds up to the levels of the intensity for more challenging results.

It’s All Uphill From Here

The treadclimbers are designed with two treadles, and when used in the mode treadmill, each of these treadles is locked in place that is usually the highest incline setting of the equipment. So, if you prefer to enhance the intensity levels of the workout without adding on to the impact, then the best way is to opt for walking uphill.

As at the steep incline, the user can engage in a brisk walk session that helps to enhance the calorie burnout for more than 50%, and that is quite a motivating factor. So, you can also opt for the running on the hills, but your efforts are exercised only up to the known terrains, and once reaching the top, you have to go down, thereby affecting your steady growth on an inclined area.

Size Does Matter

Your size plays a crucial role in selecting your workout equipment as taller users would find it difficult to work out on the treadclimbers. As the treadles are smaller in size, so the users with taller height might find it challenging to have a natural stride.

Along with that you need to conform to the ceiling clearance as the users can get elevated up to 14 or 17 inches that may get them closer to the ceiling and bang their head on to it. So, keeping this factor helps the users to take his decision. Whereas, in the open areas, the runner can enjoy his workout with natural stride and complete freedom.

Bowflex Treadclimber Price

The treadclimbers are undoubtedly costly fitness equipment as the latest models are twice the amount of the high-end treadmills for home use. But, it must be remembered that this equipment replaces three different fitness equipment.

Also, the users can derive the old models of the equipment at the comparatively cheaper rates that are equivalent to the cost of an elliptical or treadmill for home use. So, users can save a lot of space along with having a good return on investment in the long duration.

The treadclimbers are the motorized equipment that can be effectively used for slow or fast-paced walking with smooth functioning. But, there is a space between the two treadles that makes it quite difficult to run even if the treadclimber is used as a standard treadmill.

The treadclimbers are heavy and big machines that need proper assembly, and it is best to hire the Bowflex professional service for the assembly process.

Though the treadclimbers have got transport wheels, these machines are usually more extensive than the standard sized doorways, so these equipment must be permanently placed in a specific area for better use.

Also, this equipment is not foldable so having a dedicated area is recommended for placing this machine. It is also suggested to put a rubber mat underneath the machine to avoid any damage due to its weight on to the flooring.

How it Works

It is often asked as to why a person should opt for the treadclimber when he can engage in walking and jogging activities in an outdoor area. The answer is that treadclimber offers the three-in-one motion of an elliptical, treadmill, and a stair stepper that helps in having incredible calorie burnout.

The workout on this equipment is more effective than just walking and jogging as the user can effectively burn more calories like a treadmill working at a similar speed rate.

The users feel fresh and energetic and less tired by working out on a treadclimber as it leads to less buildup of lactic acid during a workout session as compared to workout on treadmills and ellipticals.

Thus, the users can maintain their spontaneity and regularity while working out on this equipment and derive their fitness goals more efficiently and promptly on this machine. The users can choose the treadclimber based on it’s speed range as its basic model TC1000 offers 3.8 mph speed whereas its premium model Bowflex Treadclimber TC5500 offers the optimal speed limit of 4.5 mph.

You can also get the benefit of speed levels ranging from 0.5 to 4.5 mph in other recommended models like Bowflex Treadclimber TC5300, TC5500 and TC6000 for optimal results.

Benefits of Treadclimbers

Cardiovascular Benefit

While working out on the treadclimbers, the users can attain the maximum benefits regarding their cardio fitness levels. If the users are consistent in their workout on this machine for 30 to 60 minutes of cardio sessions that are moderately active, then they can reap the benefits of burning more calories, reducing the risk of heart diseases, lowering the blood pressure levels and an effective improvement in HDL cholesterol levels that are good for the body.

Muscle Tone

The treadclimbers offer the 3-in-1 motion that helps in maximizing the benefits of the stair stepper as it enables the users to tone the muscles of their legs. Thus, all the key muscles like hamstrings, glutes, calves, and quadriceps are toned properly while engaging in the uphill walking moment on this equipment.

Moreover, it is also observed that walking helps to reduce significant health risks among the users and also improve their lifestyle, and they can enjoy living longer with a healthy body and a positive mindset.

Weight Loss

The treadclimbers help in reducing the weight of the user if the workout is done with persistence and regularity. It is claimed by Bowflex that if the user engages in a thirty-minute workout at the speed of 3.2 mph at 12 intensity level, then he can burnout approximately 321 calories.

But, it must be understood that the heavyweight users would burn more calories than the lightweight users if the same parameters are used. So, if the user works out for thirty minutes, then he can reduce 1 Ibs of body fat in every ten days to achieve his dream body.


It is viewed that Bowflex treadclimbers are extremely costly as the brand focus on enhancing the aesthetic appeal of their equipment, even if they have to compromise on the features. You can have an example of TC6000 model of Bowflex that features a small motor and doesn’t support an entertainment port, but the pricing of this equipment which is less than $3400 makes it costly equipment that a user may not prefer to invest in it.


On a whole, it can be stated that Bowflex Treadclimbers is the cardio fitness equipment, so people looking for a simple and straightforward cardio machine will find this equipment perfect for their workout.

But, it must be understood that as this equipment provides the 3-in-1 motion of an elliptical, treadmill, and a stair stepper, so it offers a low-impact workout.

However, in no condition it can be used for jogging or running at its optimal speed range is 4.5 mph that too in the high-end models, along with smaller treadles that do not provide long natural strides for running and jogging.

Therefore, these equipment are preferably ideal for power walking and cardio workout. Thus, if walking is your main workout to keep fit and healthy, then the treadclimber proves to be an excellent machine for your fitness goals. So, choose from any of Bowflex Treadmill models and kickstart your workout for a better and healthy life.

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