Bowflex TC20 TreadClimber Review

Bowflex TC20 TreadClimber Review

With a combination of three different modes, Bowflex Treadclimber fitness machine TC20 was launched in 2012. The modes included in the machine are treadmill style, stair climber style, and an elliptical style. The machine is made in such a pattern that it looks like a treadmill with tread split in two separate treads. TC20 appears unique with this separation mode provided in it. The speed of the machine varies from .5 to 4.5 miles per hour. It has been provided with the electronic screen display. Speed, distance, calories burned, usage time and the heart rate of the user is made visible on the display mode available on the machine. The weight of the TC20 is 217 pounds. It has a maximum capacity of 300 pounds. It has been provided 17 inches treads off the ground. The length of the machine is 55″, width 31.5″ and 55.25″.

Three Separate Workouts

There are three individual workout options provided by the Bowflex TC20. These are the fluid motion, stair climber, and elliptical technology. This is a great combination, and it is very suitable for all your workout needs. The superb dual-treadles design is another great thing with the help of which this can be accomplished.

This Bowflex treadmill also comes with a Wireless Heart Rate Monitor, which is very accurate. It can track the heart rate and also helps you to be in the suitable range of burning fat. It is a fact that TreadClimbers burn more than twice the calories as compared to standard or the normal treadmills and that too at the same speed. Therefore, people prefer to get TreadClimbers nowadays as they are best and ideal machines to get an effective weight loss and stay in shape.

G.O Coach Console

This Bowflex TreadClimber is quite a high-end model as it has a G.O. Coach Console, which is an interactive thing that helps the user to establish his goals, compare the results with the previous weeks and also with other people as well as monitor one’s progress. There are three basic landmarks that are needed to be completed like Lady Liberty, TransAmerica Tower and Space Needle. They then earn another six landmarks when they complete the goals that they had set in the program.

This is a superb feature and makes the workout so much more fun and worthwhile. You can keep getting more and more trophies, and you can also unlock more landmarks depending on your progress. This is why it is very popular in the market.

Also, this helps to lower the time that you exercise and that too, with a low impact workout that is superbly efficient.


Following are the features available on the Treadclimber TC20:

  • Three-in-one feature of the machine is the most attractive. It saves time as well. Similarly, it saves space for its customers. Which otherwise would have required covering more space to keep three different mode machines.
  • Electronic tracking mode and console provided with the machine has made goal setting much easier for you. You can also set your profile to it from where progress can be easily tracked. Workout schedule and other useful statistics can also be easily monitored with this feature.
  • The design of the machine is such that you can easily keep water bottle as well as other accessories of your choice.
  • Bowflex has offered three years warranty for the Treadclimber TC20, which is the maximum available warranty by the company if compared with its other available models.
  • TC20 has better features, and its built is also improved when compared with TC5 or TC10 treadclimbers. It is highly recommended for serious users who prefer to use it at their respective homes.


Few of the drawbacks that can be sensed by this machine are as under:

The Higher price of the machine is one of its foremost drawbacks. If you have to pay for the quality or the conveniences made available in this model higher price tag can be easily overlooked.

Sometimes readings may not be definite. Actually at times total calories burnt by it can also surprise you. Even the best of the best machines doesn’t provide the exact figure on this account. As this is not going to cause, any matter of worry because if you pay much of the required attention on the total distance covered viz a viz total time utilized for the workout the desired goals can be easily met.


Truly the TC20 is a high-end fitness machine. It is a highly recommended class machine if the price tag is not of much concern. If you compare with some of its peers like the Freemotion and Sole Fitness E95 incline trainers they don’t have three in one feature available with them, even though they are available in the lower price band. TC20 is the value for the money as it is one of the best in home workout equipment. It has been provided with inbuilt weight loss plan. Bowflex has also given you the freedom to design your workout plan as well which suits your need. The easy to use software available with the machine makes the machine more handy for you. So far as assembling the unit is concerned it may have some minor issues. If you order it from an outlet that provides delivery at your door step along with setting up the machine at your home this issue can be easily resolved. The people who have the money as well space this is the best available machine with wonderful results. With its top-end features, you can find it as the best deal.