Teeter Equipment Review
Teeter Equipment Review

Teeter Equipment Review

Teeter is the leading brand of international stature that offers exceptional quality fitness equipment for relieving back pains and aches.  It is the only brand that is approved by the FDA as a 510K medical device. The fitness equipment provides traction to the spine along with stretching the paraspinal muscles of the back using the inversion therapy.

The Teeter brand is acclaimed to be the only company that is manufacturing the inversion equipment since 1981. The brand is known to create quality-driven equipment that is used in the home, commercial fitness areas, and clinical purposes.

Teeter is known to manufacture premium quality inversion equipment, and their range incorporates Teeter FitSpine Inversion Tables, Teeter Recumbent Cross Trainers, Teeter Accessories like heavy-duty equipment mat, inversion program mat, vibration cushion, comfort cushion, neck relax and restore duo, and massage roller ball. Thus, the fitness equipment of this brand has revolutionized the fitness equipment industry as it delivers high-end equipment for backaches and pains.

Why Teeter Stands Out Among the Rest

Teeter is a well-established brand in the realm of the fitness world that is known to manufacture the premium quality back pain relieving equipment. Teeter is a family business of Roger and Jennifer Teeter who ran the company for three decades, and now the operations are handled by their daughter, Rylie Teeter Leier, who contributed a lot by making Teeter a well-recognized name in every household.

What makes Teeter brand different from others is that it offers UL certified inversion tables in the market under UL1647 that test the functionality of the inversion tables in the real-time for assuring the quality parameters. The brand invests in the rigorous quality checks and testing procedures to make its equipment more result-oriented.

Also, when compared with other equipment, Teeter has been rated at top slot throughout all the different categories. These categories incorporate static load test, functional endurance test, ease of assembly, ease of rotation, and ease of lockout in full inversion. Teeter is the only brand that successfully passed the test and withstood the testing procedures by remaining sound and sturdy while other brands faced tremendous breakage and operational failure with precision.

Also, the Teeter inversion tables provide the specialized features that are patented to ensure all safety standards are followed with utmost precision. Thus, the inversion tables offer optimal results to all people who look out for pain relief without going through surgeries.

Teeter Inversion Tables

Teeter is a renowned international brand for manufacturing the world-class inversion tables. The inversion tables of the brand are FDI, and UL certified that ensures their safety standards and make them, the only inversion tables that have got the prestigious certification. All the inversion tables provide the eight acupressure nodes with adequate lumbar support. The provision of patented wrap around ankle cuffs provides support to the whole body while keeping off the stress from ankles and offer a relaxed approach towards having optimal results.

The inversion tables are highly durable and come equipped with heat treated steel parts that assure their long shelf-life. Also, the auto locking hinges make this equipment far more secured as users can get locked in a comfortable position without fear of falling from the table.

Furthermore, all inversion tables come equipped with cam locks and pivot-bearings to make things more secured and safe. The premium model of the inversion table is Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table, 2019 Model that offers all advanced features including a Bluetooth angle and a storage caddy. The basic model of the brand is Teeter EP-560 Ltd. FDA-Cleared Inversion Table that is available under $400.

Teeter Recumbent Cross Trainer

The Teeter Recumbent Cross Trainer is one of the leading fitness equipment of market that offers the best cardio sessions and that too, without any impact on knees and joints. This recumbent cross trainer offers the push/pull mechanism that helps to provide the entire body workout with incredible precision.

This equipment is recommended for people who suffer from knee pain and those who are recuperating from knee surgeries. The structure of the equipment is designed from steel tubing that makes it long lasting. The manual magnetic system with adjustable seat, moving handlebars and convenient pedals make it best recumbent cross trainer with zero-impact workout sessions.

Also, the patented stride technology helps in the natural movement of the legs and makes the workout more useful for the users who have pain in knees. It also helps to burn calories and aids in reducing weight as well. The top line recumbent cross trainer of the brand is Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical that is available within the range of $1000.

Teeter Accessories

Teeter not only provide the fitness equipment for relieving back pain but also offers the accessories for maximized results. These accessories incorporate heavy duty equipment mat, restore duo, inversion program mat, vibration cushion, comfort cushion, neck relax massage roller ball.

All these accessories help to provide additional support and extra comfort to the users to help them reduce the pain in the back due to muscle soreness, sciatica, spinal curvature, and spinal degenerative joint disease. Also, the users can benefit from these accessories by having an improvement in the blood flow, and the whole body feels relaxed and comfortable.

Pros and Cons of Teeter Fitness Equipments


  • The durable build quality promotes better shelf life.
  • Adequate relief of pain through acupressure points
  • Sufficient lumbar support
  • All accessories offer maximum comfort and convenience
  • Ease of assembly
  • Ease of usage with active rotation with precision balancing
  • Customizable provisions
  • A variety of inversion tables are available to fit everyone’s need
  • Excellent customer service
  • Adequate warranty on all equipment
  • Use of patented flex technology for making the bed more flexible and comfortable
  • Provision of healthy back routines with stretches and strengthening guides


  • The high-end models of Teeter are expensive
  • Not recommended for severe spinal injuries.
  • Pregnant women and high blood pressure patients must avoid this range of equipment.


The Teeter Fitness Equipment is undoubtedly one of the top-selling brands that provide complete relief from backaches and pains with the use of inversion therapy. All their fitness equipment are designed with the durable build quality, innovative designing, and has solid warranty support. Unmatched precision of Teeter brand with UL certification and FDA approval makes the equipment far more reliable, and result-oriented. Also, the functional efficiency and operational effectiveness make the Teeter fitness equipment the preferred choice of users who need to resolve their backaches using simple and natural inversion therapy.

Therefore, if your back gives you hard days and you need proven results with no side-effects or surgery, then buying the Teeter fitness equipment and accessories would make you relieve pain and you can live your life freely with more positivity and flexibility.

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