Proflex Stretch Stretching Machine Review

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Proflex Stretch Stretching Machine Review

The ProFlex Stretch Stretching Machine has been designed to make the stretching experience simple and easy. The ProFlex research and development team have dedicated their time and energy to make this product an amazing one.

There are three vital aspects that have been considered at the time of manufacturing the Proflex Stretch Stretching Machine – proper technique, the ability to measure progress and relaxation of the muscle.

Proflex Stretch Stretching Machine is a unique piece of fitness, exercise, medical or rehab equipment that gives its users a guarantee of around 30-50% enhancement in the flexibility of the complete body in a period of 30 days. It is the single stretching device that takes care of the 3 main factors which are important to increase flexibility.

Read through our Proflex Stretch Stretching Machine Review 2021 where the pros and cons have been discussed along with the features and specifications of the machine. You can check out the Stamina Inline Back Stretching Machine and the Precor 240i in case you wish to have a look at other stretching machines.

Best Suited to Whom?

The Proflex Stretch Stretching Machine is for a person who wishes to increase his flexibility slowly in a moderate period of time. This machine is an advanced stretching machine which is a little expensive. However, it is known to give the desired results, thereby making the price worth every penny.

Proflex Stretch Stretching Machine Assembly, Design and Build Quality


The Proflex Stretch Stretching Machine assembly process is simple and easy to understand. The package comes with its tools and manual which makes the process simpler. There are few video links that help the user in the assembly process.

Design and Build Quality

The Proflex Stretch Stretching Machine has been designed to make the process of stretching simple and safe. They have developed a safe as well as an effective routine which includes six steps which make stretching an enjoyable and easy-to-follow activity. The six main stretches have been designed to focus on all the main joints as well as muscle groups.

These stretches have been combined into a program where the goal is to maximize both physical as well as athletic potential. The fitness machine weighs around 85 lbs and needs a little floor space to store it when it is not used.

It stands upwards on the end if required and it has heavy-duty wheels that make relocation of this machine very easy. The leg decks of the Proflex Stretch Stretching Machine comes with a handle that is easy-to-grab and it can be moved or relocated with ease.

The Butch Harmon School of Golf uses the Proflex Stretching Machine where it was developed to make sure that stretching is kept simple, is effective, and addresses the three important components which have to exist for the best results. Firstly, it ensures that the user is in the right “biomechanic” position.

It enables the user to stay relaxed which is necessary for safe and proper stretching. It also measures the improvement of the user. The Proflex Stretch Stretching Machine has received the highest rating from Golf Digest and has been listed as the top three golf products by Sports Illustrated.

Many professionals like Tom Kite are using the Proflex Stretch Stretching Machine in their training. Tom Kite has stated that the ProFlex Stretching machine is the golf swing. This machine helps the user relax while they stretch. The ProFlex Stretch Machine is a good fitness machine that helps the user to get better stretches.

It improves the technique and helps the user in measuring the progress of the upper and lower body. The machine is one of the best stretching machines available below $600.

Proflex Stretch Stretching Machine Features


The seat of the Proflex Stretch Stretching Machine is padded to make sure the user is comfortable while stretching


The Proflex Stretching Machine is best suited for both adults as well as children from 12 years of age onwards.


The various stretching positions are located in the front of the Proflex Machine, making it comfortable for the user to see and stretch their body and benefit from it to the maximum. An instructional video is available that explains the six main stretches which are quite easy and ensure the correct biomechanical positioning.

Illustrated placard

The machine has an illustrated placard which has been designed to record the progress and measure results.


It is quite easy to store the Proflex Stretch Stretching Machine as it has sturdy heavy-duty wheels that make movement easier. It can be stored in an upright position.

Proflex Stretch Stretching Machine Workout Programs

The Proflex Stretch Stretching Machine supports the relaxation of the muscles by guiding static stretches and makes sure that the user is in good form. It ensures your spine is well-aligned and it also measures how far the user can stretch with scales and this indicates the progress of the upper as well as lower body.

Chinese splits can be achieved with this piece of fitness equipment. Also, you can observe an improvement in your golf swing between 10-30 MPH in the initial 30 days. Many athletes using the ProFlex have reported a significant change in their performance within a period of 4 to 6 weeks.

Users can also observe an immediate improvement if they face lower back pain issues and joint pain. You can check out some of our best home stretching machines for the purpose of comparison of different models.

Proflex Stretch Stretching Machine Warranty

There is a 3-year warranty on parts. A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered on new stretching machines.

Proflex Stretch Stretching Machine Pros and Cons


  • The equipment easily decompresses the spine
  • It is good for a person who has a stiff body
  • The machine is made of high-quality materials
  • It is well-made and quite sturdy
  • It is suitable for adults and children of about 12 years of age and above
  • It is good for people who have spine and back issues
  • This machine improves performance and physical efficiency
  • Improves flexibility, posture, and coordination
  • The machine helps in relaxation of the body, thereby reducing stress and improving the overall health
  • It helps in enhancing the circulation of blood and protects users against degenerative diseases
  • It has a great manufacturer warranty of 3 years on parts


  • The colour might appear to be a little different when you receive the product
  • It is expensive


The ProFlex Stretch Stretching machine is one of the best stretching machines 2021 which is best suited for professional users as well as those who suffer from lower back issues and joint pain. This machine is good for the relaxation of the body and gets rid of stress. It is being used by athletes and golf players all over the world.

The machine helps in reducing the risk of injuries and promotes an increase in strength and speed. It offers a lot of health benefits and is good for adults and can be used by children who are 12 years of age or above.

Overall if you are looking for a good stretching machine for home use or professionally, the ProFlex Stretch Machine is a good pick.

FAQs of Proflex Stretch Stretching Machine

On folding can the Pro-Flex be stored in an empty closet having a ceiling of 10' height?
The machine can be stored in the closet, provided it is not loaded with many items.
Is the Proflex Stretch Stretching Machine good for people with lower back pain issues?
Yes. The machine is suitable for those having lower back issues and it provides relief from the pain as well.