Best Hamstring Stretching Machines 2021

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Best Hamstring Stretching Machines 2021

Moving around the place and doing things that you love is something that we all enjoy doing from the time when we were kids. Whether you are having a workout or you are on a rehab program, hamstring stretches are one of the integral parts of it that serve many purposes. They are not only an effective stretcher for back pain reduction but also help to increase flexibility and improve general body functions.

Top 3 Hamstring Stretching Machines 2021


Tightness in hamstrings to a small extent can be an irritating issue for many. This can get worse if we spend a better part of our day sitting. And this is too common due to the popularity of desk jobs. Having a tight hamstring can put you at the risk of knee pain and put your life in pain. Getting a worry-free body is all about getting a perfectly flexible body.

You can make use of the service of a skilled physical therapist if you have tight hamstrings or if you have suffered an injury to your hamstrings. Your physical therapist will train you with hamstring stretching exercises that can improve your hamstring flexibility to a great extent. You can buy IdealStretch Original for hamstring exercises.

Are My Hamstrings Tight?

Confused whether you need to get into hamstring stretching? We will make it clear for you. First of all, ask yourself some questions to get clarity. Do you find your hamstrings tight when you move and is it ok for you to bend and touch your toes without much effort? But before knowing that, you must also be clear on what the hamstrings actually are. They are a cluster of three muscles that are situated at the back of your thigh and runs from pelvis to the knee. So, to check if you have tight hamstrings you can follow these simple tests at your home.

1. Simple: Just try to touch your toes whilst keeping your knees straight. If you can do that with ease then you are lucky and you probably have a flexible hamstring. If you can’t do that then you may have tight hamstrings. We know it should be embarrassing but accept it.

2. Pro’s Test: This test tells you more accurately about the flexibility of your hamstrings. First, lie down on your back. Now lift your knee so that your knee and hips are bent at right angles. Now, try to straighten your knees, keeping your hip’s position intact. Note down the angle at your knees. If you are a woman, you should be able to get the knee within twenty degrees of fully straight. And it should be within thirty degrees if you are a man. If it is difficult for you, then you probably need to start your hamstring stretches.

Why Should You Stretch Your Hamstrings?

As we discussed earlier, hamstring muscles are at the back of your thigh. If you are flexing or bending your knee, then you are using your hamstrings. They also play a helping role with gluteal muscles when you extend your legs while running or when you are walking. So, in simple terms, if you need to walk or run at full capacity without any pain what you need is a healthy hamstring.

This is the reason why researchers are still going on to find the effectiveness of stretching. Even at this time, people are working on hamstring flexibility because of the following reasons:

  1. It prevents injury.
  2. It is effective in the treatment and prevention of back pain.
  3. It helps to improve your overall mobility which indirectly benefits you in maintaining optimal athletic performance.
  4. Delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) can be reduced by hamstring stretches after athletic activities.
  5. If you want to improve the way your hammy’s move, then you can try a general hamstring flexibility program.

Like, we always ask you not to always jump into any exercise because of the fact that you come to know that these are good for your health. Everyone will be having different body types and different problems. So, if proper attention is not paid, then you might risk injuring yourself. Don’t hesitate to check it with your doctor and ensure that the exercise is safe for you before you start this or any other exercises. Also, you should check in with your doctor if you have any abnormal pain or sensations in your hip, thigh or lower leg.

If we consider the anatomy of our body, the hamstrings are a group of 3 muscles located at the back of the thigh and stretch from knee to the pelvis. Three muscles of the hamstring cluster are:

  1. Semimembranosus
  2. Semitendinosus
  3. Biceps femoris

These play a vital role in hip and knee flexion. Thus they are important for many physical activities like walking, running, jumping etc. One of the major concerns is that excessive activities in athletes or long hours of sitting can strain or hurt the hamstring muscles. This can make them tighter and shorter. It is a lot similar to an elastic membrane with usage they will easily wear out unless given proper care.

If you have a similar concern, then don’t worry because now we have some best stretching machine. that are backed by many technological innovations. They are effective in stretching your hamstring muscles by keeping the rest of your body stationary. These machines highly reduce the chances of injuring your hamstring cluster. Since these are a hamstring, you can have a worry-free exercising experience.

Hamstring stretching machines can be broadly classified as:

  1. Seated
  2. Prone

1. Seated Hamstring Machine: The seated hamstring machine consists of a chair or a bench that helps to keep you fixed in an upright position. A padded support role is provided over the thighs that help to keep the thighs immobile. An adjustable padded liver is also provided that support against the back of your calves. The lever can be adjusted to the length of your legs. Weighted plates which are generally attached to the padded liver through a pulley system forms the resistance unit.

The knees should be bent against this weighted resistance which helps in contracting and releasing the hamstring muscles. You can easily look for these machines falling amongst the best stretching machines under 800$ to make the best buy.

2. Prone Hamstring Machine: This is the most commonly used type of the best Stretch Machines for the Whole Body. It got its name from the position that you need to keep while you are using it. That is the prone position in which you lie on your stomach. You should begin by lying on the prone position on a bench. The machine consists of a padded lever to which a stack of weighted plates is attached. Your ankles should be placed beneath the padded lever.

Now you should align the length of your legs with the machine’s pivoting axis of rotation. The next step is to grasp the handles provided under the bench so that you can fix your hands and stabilize your torso. Then you should bend your legs up against the padded lever. This will help in contracting and releasing the hamstring cluster. One of the major advantages of prone hamstring machine is that an additional resistance is provided by the gravity.

Other Options

You can also rely on many other hamstrings stretching equipment that are not much expensive and come into the class of best stretching machines Under 600$. They include:

  1. Seated hamstring stretches using resistance bands
  2. Body elevation stretches using foam rollers
  3. Kettlebell cleans and swings
  4. Barbell squats

When we mention about fitness machines, don’t think that they are the only way to work out your body muscles. They simply make your workout easier and more productive. Hamstring can be stretched using many physical exercises too. This includes common physical exercises like lunges, squats, step aerobics, rock climbing, jump roping, and sprints.

They strengthen the hamstrings while working the muscles that directly interact with hamstring cluster. It is advisable to avoid overuse of hamstring and a desk-bound lifestyle for a healthy hamstring. We know it is easier said than done but remember your health matters the most if you are not alive no one will be there to even work on the desk.

How Do I Do Hamstring Stretches?

Hamstring stretches are really easy to be done and we will teach them to you. Some simple and easy ways to do hamstring stretches can be handy for you in case you have tight hamstrings. You can select any one of the following stretches for knee pain. There is no need to follow them all together. These stretches can be more efficient if you hold them for thirty seconds and then repeat it three times. You can check for more specific stretches in our articles on knee specific stretches.

Another handy tip for you is that for each of these stretches, the stretch should be felt in the middle of the back of your thigh and not at the knees. For this, you should slightly bend your legs. This will target the tension on to the hamstring muscles and not on the sciatic nerve. Otherwise, you will be inviting pain on your knees while you are trying to take the pain off the hamstring.

1. Lying Hamstring Stretch: You should first lie on your back. After that, you should bend the knee on the legs Stretcher. Now with one of your hand hold the back of your thigh and with the other hand hold the back of your calf. This can help in the reduction of knee and back pain.

  • Action: Keep the knee bent at about twenty degrees by pulling the leg towards you until a strong stretch in the middle of the thigh is felt. Hold in this position for about thirty seconds.
  • Repetition: You can repeat it for about three times in a single stretch twice daily or before and after exercise.
  • Tips: You may not be able to reach your leg for pulling it. In that case, you can use a towel to hook around your foot and pull it to do the stretch with ease. This is really common among the people who have just started to flex their body muscles. Soon you will able to touch your knees and you won’t need a towel.

2. Seated Hamstring Stretch: You should start by sitting on the edge of a chair with your good leg bent and the leg that needs to be stretched should be kept in front with the knee slightly bent.

  • Action: Keep your back and head straight and lean forward until a stretch is felt in the back of your thigh. Hold this position for about thirty seconds.
  • Repetition: You can repeat it for about three times in a single stretch twice daily or before and after exercise.
  • Tips: You should feel the stretch right in the middle of the back of the thigh instead of behind the knee. This can easily be achieved by slightly bending your legs. Or else you will be distributing the effort on your knees which won’t bring healthy results.

3. Standing Hamstrings Stretch: You can start the stretch by finding an object that is about half a meter high like a stool or a bench. Place one of your foot on the bench with the knee slightly bent by an angle of about fifteen degrees. Keep the other foot on the floor itself. You can use Century Versaflex Stretching Machine for the same.

  • Action: Keep your back straight and lean forward until a stretch is felt in the back of your thigh. Hold this position for about thirty seconds.
  • Repetition: You can repeat it for about three times in a single stretch twice daily or before and after exercise. This consistency will train your hamstrings to get better.
  • Tips: Sometimes you might not feel a strong stretch in your hamstrings. In that case, you should lean slightly to the side of your stretched leg at the same time lean forward also. Pushing your bottom backward can also increase the stretch. This can ensure that your hamstrings are properly flexed while working out.


It is the little child in that dies when we grow up. And you must have understood now that it isn’t just about the loss of innocence we are talking about. Your body muscles will get tighter and you won’t be able to move freely like you used to do. You must take care of this well. Also, if you have read our best hamstring stretching machine review well, then by this time you must know what needs to be done to make your hamstrings healthy again.

Hamstring stretches can free your body from the bondage of old age and thus are considered to be the best stretch equipment for older adults. Never submit your body to old age and this is how you keep your young body always healthy. You can go for a machine that comes out to be one of the best stretching machines under 200$. And doing it once in a while is not enough consistent workouts are the key to getting your hamstrings in full health.

This is always true for most of the people but you should not jump into it without consulting a doctor if you have some kind of body illness. Otherwise, it will bring more harm than anything good. If you are good to go, then learn the hamstring exercises using our guide and workout your hamstrings daily and keep them healthy.

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