Best Stretching Machines For Whole Body 2021

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Best Stretching Machines For Whole Body 2021

Buying the best stretch machine could be challenging, considering the wide range of stretch machines available in the market. If you are looking forward to buying one but cannot decide which stretch machine is perfect for you, this ultimate buying guide for the best stretch machines for the whole body can help you analyze the different options and pick the best one.

Whether it is doing a split or performing a serious workout, a flexible body is quite essential. You can increase body flexibility by practicing stretches every day, and the best stretch machines for the whole body can help you achieve this target quite easily.

Motive Fitness TotalStretch TS200 Commercial Body Stretching Machine is the best example of a Whole Body Stretching Machine. Proper stretching of the whole body is essential to avoid the chances of getting an injury during the workouts.

As a stretch machine aims at training the key muscles, they become more flexible and get prepared for serious workouts. It is a piece of equipment that not only helps you stretch your whole body but also relaxes the muscle groups.

Top 3 Best Stretch Machines for the Whole Body

What is a Stretching Machine and How it Works?

A stretching machine is that fitness equipment that enables you to stretch your full body and improves the flexibility of various muscle groups through a variety of exercises targeting hips, back, arms, and legs.

There are two types of stretching machines available – one specifically for leg stretching and the other for the whole body stretching.

(I) Leg Stretch Machines – A leg stretch machine is that equipment that focuses on leg and hip muscles. It is beneficial when you want to practice martial arts or do complete splits. There are many Leg Stretch Machines available in the market for customized benefits.

Pro Leg Stretcher is one of the best leg stretching machines that allows you to stretch at your own pace and comfort.

(II) Whole Body Stretching Machines – With a full-body stretching machine, you can target not just the leg muscles but the whole body. In fact, it increases the flexibility of your entire body by targeting every major muscle group.

ProFlex Stretch Machine and Nitrofit Limber Pro Stretch Machine with Calf Stretching Station and Adjustable Seat are among the best whole body stretching machines that you could bring home.

Choosing the Right Stretching Machine for You

A stretch machine can effectively reduce back pain, improve body posture, and relax the different muscles and joints. There are various stretch machines available in the market that can do an amazing job when it comes to the overall flexibility of the whole body.

However, choosing the right stretch machine is quite challenging and requires you to consider the following factors before making your buy.

1. Type and Focus: It’s important to be sure of your goals and which muscles you would want to target before buying a stretch machine to ensure that you are buying the right type that works best for your needs.

For instance, if your exercise needs are during the travel or at the office, then portable machines would be better, or if you are planning to exercise at your home gym, then you could even go for large machines.

2. Size: One of the important factors to consider before buying a stretch machine is the availability of space to keep the machine. Best Whole Body Stretch Machines usually require larger space, but there are few machines like Precor 240i stretching machine that have a smaller footprint and can be kept in smaller gym areas.

3. Durability: When you buy a stretching machine, you would want it to last for many years. Always check for the build quality, quality of the materials, warranty offered, etc. to ensure that you have picked up a durable machine.
LifeSpan SP 1000 Stretch Partner could be your favorite when it comes to sturdiness and durability.

4. User Weight Capacity: Just like any other fitness equipment, a stretching machine has limitations in terms of supporting the user’s weight. While most of them can support around 200lbs user weight, you can even get a few models with a higher capacity.

Make sure you are buying the one that can comfortably support your weight. Century VersaFlex Machine can support more than 200lbs user weight.

5. Comfort: Unless your stretching machine offers comfort, you would not be motivated to exercise regularly, and it is of no use spending heavy on buying that machine. Ideally, browse through all the comfort features offered by your stretching machine, such as padded upholstery, ergonomic design, cushioned handles, etc.

Nitrofit Limber ProStretch Machine is one of the best stretch machines offering you the customization and comfort.

6. Ease of Use and Assembly: Most of the stretching machines have simple assembling procedure, and you could follow the instructions to complete the job when it is delivered. Some of them are even delivered partially assembled, making your job easier.

You may choose whether you would want to assemble by yourself or want a ready machine. Also, a not-so-complicated stretching machine will always be desired.

7. Warranty: The longer the warranty period, the higher would be the confidence of the manufacturing company on the product’s build quality. Check for the warranty of not only the frame but also the parts and accessories to avoid ending up with a low-quality product.

8. Cost: There are stretching machines in every price range. Whether you want an elite machine or a budgeted one, you can choose the top model in that price range after considering the above points.

9. Extra Features:  There are stretch machines that offer some extra features like locking system, padded straps, etc. to provide an excellent user experience. Gronk Fitness Stretch Machine offers you top quality upholstery and steel frame that provides excellent training.

Other Considerations: Stretching is an important part of one’s exercise routine and should be taken seriously. At times the muscles, tendons, and joints feel very stiff; in such cases, these stretching exercises prove to be very effective.

One should know that stretch machines are neither gender restricted nor age-restricted. They are proven good even for older people who experience stiffness and pain in their joints and other body parts. Consulting a doctor and understanding which muscle group needs more focus is always advisable.

Before buying a stretch machine, you must be clear in your head as to what areas of the body you want to target, which of the body parts experience stiffness, and which workouts can be performed with that stretching machine.

(i) Developing a Stretching Habit: According to most of the fitness instructors, stretching habits before and after the workout is a good practice, as it helps to avoid a lot of injuries. It’s in the nature of our muscles, tendons, and joints to become stiff and tighten.

Always start the workout with stretching exercises and end the workout with stretching exercises as it is good for our body and overall well-being. Even yoga practitioners, athletes, and martial artists are often seen doing stretching seriously.

(ii) Stretch Equipment for Older Adults: It is common for older people to experience and suffer muscle catches and joints stiffness due to aging. The good news is that there are stretch machines developed, keeping the senior citizens in mind. These stretch machines can help them take care of the joints with a little discipline and behavioral modification.

The Precor 240 Stretch Trainer is one such stretch machine for senior citizens that provides amazing results when used regularly. However, making it a routine to use the stretch equipment right after the morning walk for at least 15-20 minutes is essential for the best results.

(iii) A Word of Caution: Before you start working out on stretch machines, it is always better to consult a physician to know your limits. He/she can advise you on what kind of stretches you could perform depending on your body capacity so that you don’t unnecessarily get any injuries.


A stretch machine is the one that helps you relieve yourself from all kinds of joint stiffness and tightening of muscles. You could use any of the machines from different kinds such as leg stretchers, split machines, and full-body stretching machines, and the relief you could get is amazing.You may choose either the Best Stretching Machines Over $100 or the Best Stretching Machines Under $200 or there are many other options depending on your budget

However, the type of machine you have to choose depends on the kind of stretch you are willing to perform. For instance, if you’re doing it for sports, LifeSpan SP1000 Stretch Partner would be a better choice, and if you want to stretch after a long working day, then Gronk Fitness Commercial Stretch Machine – Stretcher Machine for Flexibility & Pain Relief can do your job.

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