Best Stretching Machines For Senior 2021

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Best Stretching Machines For Senior 2021

Are you looking for the Best Stretch Machines for older adults? Then this write-up is the apt place for you as we have done thorough research and have made this buying guide exclusively for you.

A stretching machine is something everyone should invest as it aids in keeping our mobility better and also helps us fight old age issues like stiffness, arthritis, etc. This article will make you understand how a simple thing like stretching can be the perfect magic to help you and your loved ones have healthy ageing.

Working out is a lesser-known concept among older adults as they tend to stop giving importance to their body and self and think that working out can cause troubles and injuries for them.

The best-recommended workout equipment for older adults will be a piece of stretch equipment which would aid in working out on your entire body making it strong, fit and healthy.

What is a Stretching Machine?

Its a type of workout machine which enables us to stretch our body and muscles with more comfort, ease, and less impact. It’s now a known fact that the more you stretch your muscles, the better is the mobility and fitness of your body.

As we grow old, the joints, bones, and muscles of our body weaken which makes movement, mobility and doing everyday chores becomes very difficult.

We have seen so many cases these days of adults who are 90 years old but are fit as a 40-year-old, by just keeping themselves busy in exercises, which confirms the fact that with stretching in the correct way one can aid in improving flexibility and can get a better toned and fit body. Age is indeed just a number for them.

Stretching allows in increasing blood flow and circulation and provides and increases the health quotient of ageing. Check out the Motive Fitness TotalStretch TS100 Commercial Back & Body Stretching Machine which is recommended and loved by fitness enthusiasts all around the globe.

Buying Guide for choosing the Best Stretching Machine for Older Adults

Now, that you have understood the benefit of stretching exercises and tips to get an amazing work out results, let us now discuss the factors to be considered before investing in a stretching machine.

1. Type and Focus: The first and foremost thing one should consider before buying stretching equipment is exactly what they are looking for. You have to be clear in mind that what are the areas and muscles you want to focus or are you looking for full-body stretching equipment.

Understand your body and decide on the type of stretching machine meant for you accordingly.

Our pick: For addressing issues related to the hamstrings and making your hamstring more strong we recommend the IdealStretch Hamstring Stretching Device as the best hamstring stretching machine for the elderly.

If looking for the best leg stretching equipment then we suggest you go for the Pro Leg Stretcher.

If looking for an overall body workout then we suggest you invest in the ProFlex Stretch machine which is an excellent choice for a total body stretching workout.

2. Comfort of Use: Another important point is to check the comfort level of the machine as per your body’s need. You need to be comfortable with the machine as it not only will save you from injuries and will give great work out results but the level of comfort will make you want to use the machine on a daily basis which means a hundred percent success rate of health and fitness for you.

Make sure that the seat is comfortable, the grip is strong and you can use the machine with ease.
Our Pick: We strongly recommend the Nitrofit Limber Pro Stretch Machine which is extremely comfortable and comes with the option of adjusting the seat as per the user’s requirements.

A stretch machine is excellent exercise equipment for seniors with bad knees.

3. User-Weight Support: Before investing in you need to check how much weight can the equipment take. Buy a piece of equipment which can bear your weight and in fact a few lbs of weights more than you easily. If you are an average weighing individual then we suggest buying a stretching machine which can cater a load up to 200 lbs.

4. Cost: Decide your budget and go for the machine which suits your requirements within that budget.
If budget is not an issue then it is always a wise idea to invest in a product which is on the higher price segment as it promises better quality and features.

Our Pick: Check out the Precor 240i Commercial Series StretchTrainer for an ultimate experience of stretching and working out on it.

If you aren’t planning to invest much on a rowing machine and looking for something very economical then we have researched that option for you too. Go for the Century Versaflex 2.0 Stretching Machine which is an excellent stretching machine within a budget of 200$.


Never ever skip checking on the warranty of the stretching equipment as it may save you a huge amount of money in future if anything wrong with the equipment occurs. If your equipment is under a warranty period then it not only will be repaired free of cost but it also is a strong unsaid promise that the equipment will last longer and the company has full confidence on its product.

Tip: Read about the warranty terms and conditions clearly and check out which all part are covered under warranty.

Also, if there is an option of paying a few bucks extra for extending the warranty period, then we strongly suggest you buy the extended warranty.

Benefits of Stretching in Seniors

1. Stretching reduces the risk of issues like arthritis and low back: The most common issue faced by older adults is the issue of lower back pain and arthritis. Arthritis is a very painful condition of the joints where the joints get inflamed and cause stiffness which only gets worse with age.

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis seen in older people. Initially, it starts with pain in one or two joints and then it affects multiple joints of the human body making extremely difficult and is very painful. Issues of sciatica, etc are also a common problem faced by older people.

There is no doubt that old age brings a lot of health issues with it and though it is the natural process of nature and cant be eliminated we can certainly delay and reduce the intensity and issues with the help of stretching exercises.

Stretching allows your muscles and tissues to be fit and flexible which aids in increasing mobility, reduce stiffness and keeps the body well in shape allowing it to remain healthy even at old age.

There are many great stretching machines for Back Pain available in the market which assists in stretching with a lesser impact on the body and yields excellent results.

2. Stretching aids in increasing flexibility: Stretching allows flexibility of the hamstrings, hip joints, quadriceps and all the major and minor part of our body allowing it to be more flexible, toned and also manages the balance of our body making us not fall down.

Our Pick: We recommend the Bowflex for seniors which is a great investment for keeping our health at an old age fit and fine.

3. Stretching helps improve poor posture: Another benefit which we get with stretching exercises is it aids in improving our posture which is actually a very crucial factor in maintaining our body’s functioning. Due to ageing the water content in our body reduces which results in a decreased flexibility and elasticity and can result in a more posture.

It is very important to maintain a correct, especially in old age as it reduces issues of ain in the back, spinal cord, etc. and also reduces the risk of injuries.

Stretching exercises are the best way to improve posture as it improves flexibility and elasticity of the body allowing it a greater range of motion and mobility.

4. Stretching increases blood flow and energy levels: The more we move, the better is the blood circulation and more is the energy levels of our body. There are various types of stretching one can do starting from warming up to doing exercises like lunges, swinging of arms to cooling down.

There are various types and forms of stretching meant for different forms of training.

Let us know some basic forms of stretching –

  • Static Stretching – It is a mild stretching which involves stretching our body art to its farthest position and then holding it in the stretched position for some time.
  • Dynamic Stretching – In a dynamic stretch the body art to its limit in a controlled manner with a gradual increase in speed and reach. Dynamic stretching aids in increasing blood circulation which allows a better flow of nutrients throughout the body resulting in more energy.

More is the energy, more active and healthy is the person. Stretches like lunges, half squats, arm swings, shoulder circles, etc. are examples of a dynamic stretch.

Stretching Tips

Before starting your stretching exercises it is extremely important to take care of safety tips which will not only help in getting better results but will also ensure a safe and injury-free stretching. The following tips must be taken care of a better stretching experience :

1. Don’t overdo: Just because you have heard and read about stretching doesn’t mean that you should start stretching and twisting your body without any proper knowledge and care. You should always listen to your body and stretch only till your body says okay.

2. Start slowly and gradually increase your reach and time of stretching: Stretch equipment is indeed the best single piece of home exercise equipment highly recommended for the elderly.

3. Follow religiously: Make stretching exercises a part of your daily routine. Fix a session of 2 minutes or 3 minutes as per your choice and your body’s limit and do it religiously.

4. Warm-up and cool down: Always warm up your body before any workout session. Let your body come in the grid by slowly stretching your muscles so that it is all ready for a power pack stretching session and then once the session is over cool down your body with light stretches so that your body cools down slowly and gets back in the grid of being normal which aids in avoiding injuries and sprains.

A stretch equipment machine is the best exercise equipment for those over 60.

5. Work out the opposite muscles: Stretching opposite muscle groups is the best way of stretching. For eg. biceps/triceps, hamstring/quads, etc. Working on opposite muscles aids in yielding the best stretching results.


Now that you know the benefit of how a simple stretching can do to your body and lifestyle, just get up and start moving and stretching your body on a regular basis and gift your grandparents and parents a stretching machine for body and discover and enjoy the youth in their growing age.

Remember: Keep stretching and keep rocking as stretching stretches your youth and mobility.

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