Best Back Stretching Machines 2021

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Best Back Stretching Machines 2021

If you intend to purchase a back stretching fitness machine, but have no idea as to which is the best one for you. This article will definitely help you regarding the factors you need to look into while you buy the machine. However, before heading into the factors, let us understand what exactly is a stretching machine and the different types of machines available in the market.

It is very important that you begin your day with a good stretch. Back pain affects not just your chores but also your posture and movement. It is advised to get a good piece of stretching equipment for your back as it ensures that you do not hurt the glutes. You can have a look at some of the machines that fall in our best back stretching machines under $300 2021.

Types Of Back Stretching Machines

1. Inversion Tables: These are a kind of tables that rotate about 180 degrees and turns the user completely upside down and the user hangs from the ankles.  This table makes use of gravity to expand the spine as well as get rid of the pressure from the spinal discs. It is perfect for a lot of back issues and is very effective for those who suffer from a slipped disc or herniated disc. Many people claim this table to be a good alternative to surgery when it is used regularly.

2. Lumbar Traction Back Stretchers: Lumbar devices can be either an arched and simple plastic board that the user can lie on. It can be an actual machine for spine stretching that can support a door as well as a lever to expand the back. The basic back stretchers aid the spine by way of repositioning it to the natural position, thereby enabling the user to unload the discs that may have been twisted, slipped, or maybe out of place. These machines are quite compact, simple as well as cost-effective.

3. Full-Body Stretching Machines: There are numerous commercial stretching machines available that can assist the user in stretching and also decompressing the back, legs, etc. These are a bit more expensive than the rest, however, they are definitely worth the price. You can check out the Precor 240i Commercial Series StretchTrainer or the Stamina Inline Back Stretching Machine to get an idea about such machines.

4. Pull Up BarsStretch machines provide the required assistance to athletes that cannot be obtained from just doing the basic stretching exercises: Pull up bars are not created for spinal decompression, however, they definitely help in the issue. The main drawback of the pull-up bar is that it is quite tough to relax the back completely while maintaining a grip on the pull-up bar for a few minutes. A solution would be to purchase wrist straps that help in getting a grip on the pull-up bar. Or you could also purchase gravity boots. However, you must ensure that the bar is installed properly so as to withstand the body weight and avoid any injuries.

The Importance of a Stretching Machine

Stretching the multifidus is quite impossible ( it is the muscle that stabilizes and holds the spine).  A machine is required to give a good stretch to this specific muscle.

There are a few electric back stretching machines which enable the user to hit all the main muscles easily and accurately. Thereby ensuring the workout regimen is effective and efficient. Stretching machines in a gym are a very crucial requirement for any athlete.So, does one really need to have a stretching machine in their home gym?

First, let us understand whether you wish to 

  • Get rid of your lower back pain or sciatica pain or any other back issues so as to avoid going in for surgery
  • Improve your movement range for gymnastics, dance, martial arts, or weightlifting
  • Maintain a very healthy body and stay active irrespective of your age
  • Have healthy joints that help you perform daily exercises easily and help you continue with your regular gym routine

If your answer to any of the above mentioned is a yes, then, the perfect equipment to your home gym would be a back stretching machine.

Who must purchase a Back Stretching machine?

Anyone can purchase a back stretching machine. Those having a sedentary lifestyle or job could face stiffness in the muscles just like people who are not very flexible. Even athletes may suffer from stiff and sore muscles that diminish their flexibility.

This could make even simple daily tasks such as lifting or bending quite a hassle. A stretching machine will help the user combat painful stiffness and soreness in the muscles and help improve the range of motion. It helps improve the flexibility that in turn helps accent the regular workouts be it strength training or aerobic exercises.

Factors to consider while buying a back stretch machine

1. Comfortability: When you purchase a back stretching machine, you must not just look into the budget but also look into the comfort level of the machine. In case you select a machine that has a distorted frame, that will cause more pain to the body. For instance, you can check out the ChiSoft Arched Back Stretcher which is portable and can even be used in the car when you sit. It has 3 arch adjustments and is quite easy to assemble and store post use.

2. Cost: The next aspect to be considered is the cost of the machine. Yes, you must not go overboard your budget. However, make sure you do not settle for cheap machines as well. Always research well about the product before purchasing it. The Body Ease Back stretcher is quite similar to the ChiSoft Stretcher. But can be purchased for less than $30! It can be used two times a day for about 5 minutes to get relief from issues like tight knots, back pain, sciatica, or herniated discs.

For those who do not have a limit on the budget, the Back Bubble Spinal Decompression Pain Relief Device is a well-designed package that offers relief from spinal pain. It is priced at less than $350 and has some unique features like the multi-direction strengthening and pinpoint traction delivery.

3. User weight: When purchasing a stretch machine, user weight support is another aspect to be considered as it must be able to handle your weight as well as everybody else’s weight in case many people will be using it.

4. The Range of Stretch: When you purchase a machine, you wouldn’t want the machine to be limited to only back stretches. You must look at a machine that helps with various issues and not just the backstretch.  The Ultimate Low Back Stretch is a good option to look into and is quite good to treat arthritis.

5. Cushioning: Memory foam back is required for maximum comfort. The Stamina InLine Back Stretch Bench is a bench that has dense foam on its arms and ankle that provides the necessary comfort when the table is being used. Check the SolidBack Lower Back Stretcher is also a good option that is made using high-quality foam and is quite durable.

6. Height: When purchasing a back stretching machine, you must ensure that it has enough length settings for the table. Most of the tables extend to about 6’6″. A good length setting will make it quite easy for users who are tall to use the machine.

How Does Back Pain get treated with Back Traction?

Spinal decompression gently stretches the spine and this gets rid of the pressure on it because of gravity and it assists in expanding the compressed discs. The spinal discs are similar to gel-like cushions that lie in between the vertebrae in the spine. For a lot of people, a simple decompression gives a lot of relief immediately. The spinal decompression therapy indicates that over time, repeated use leads to releasing the pressure on the spinal disc and this might cause the retraction of herniated disks. This can also release the pressure out of pinched nerves and enhances the circulation of oxygen, water, as well as nutrient-rich fluids. This will move into the disks and lead to healing. This also helps in reducing inflammation.

There are some rules to be considered while doing back traction:

  • In case you feel any discomfort or pain, you must stop immediately
  • You must not perform back traction in case you have conditions like a fracture, abdominal aortic aneurysm, advanced osteoarthritis, spinal implants, or if you have undergone surgery recently
  • When you perform back traction, you must make sure that the spine is aligned evenly. You must not twist your spine when you perform traction.


Once you understand the benefits of using a back stretching machine, you can choose from a wide range of options available in the market. There are many cost-effective and top-quality machines that are available which will help in the decision-making process. Irrespective of your goals, be it pain relief or flexibility or improving on your fitness level, a good stretching machine is a good way of loosening the muscles and improving your lifestyle. Once you use the machine, you will never have stiff muscles or a sore back. The above factors mentioned will definitely help you select the stretch machine that suits you the best.

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