Century Versaflex Stretching Machine Review

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Century Versaflex Stretching Machine Review

Century VersaFlex Stretching Machine is a bestselling home gym model which has been ruling the fitness market for over a decade now. This machine is combined with heavy-steel duty steel construction with the innovative technology with which you can have the best results.

This stretching machine helps in increasing the range of motion in the legs and hips. It is a highly affordable machine and is beneficial to anyone who uses it. It enables you to push your limits in a controlled manner, without hurting the muscles. Its maximum flexibility is up to 190 degrees.

It is effortless to operate and has fantastic features like degree indicator, adjustable thigh pads, 4-position stretching arm, stretching handles, etc.

Read the Century VersaFlex Stretching Machine review 2021 here and know why it is rated as one of the best stretching machines in the market.

Best Suited to Whom?

Century VersaFlex Stretching Machine is a perfect machine for people who want to improve their flexibility for personal wellbeing or for athletes who wish to train themselves for competitions.

Even the martial arts practitioners will benefit from this equipment by perfecting their splits. By just using it for a few minutes every day, you can improve the range and flexibility of your leg and hip muscles.

It is an affordable machine and is rated as one of the best stretching machines available under $600. It is a machine that will surely satisfy you and help you achieve significant flexibility levels.

Century Versaflex Stretching Machine Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The assembly process of Century VersaFlex Stretching Machine is not straightforward, mainly because of the poorly stated guidelines in the instruction manual. This is unlike other stretching machines like TMAS Pro Leg Stretcher, where the user only has to attach the steering wheel.

The package of Century Versaflex comes in multiple parts with screws and bolts, but the diagrams and instructions in the guide are of poor quality. The guide contains a summary of the guidelines and how to use the machine, which is self-explanatory.The whole process may take some time to understand and gather the device finally.

Design and Build Quality

The designing part of this stretching machine by Century is excellent. Unlike other machines, this one has a built-in degree indicator, which shows the current level of stretching. You can record this reading and monitor it over a period to know how much flexibility has been improved.

This equipment has a lever crank system rather than the steering wheel gear. It comes with a handle, which makes changing the levels very convenient. You can even practice splits on this machine, which is a more intense exercise of stretching your hips, hamstrings, and thighs.

Another excellent design feature is the multi-position, cushioned thigh pads, which help in accommodating users of different heights. It has a conducive handlebar in front of the spread for an excellent performance.

It has four-position settings depending on the degree and type of stretch. The cushioned barrier keeps you safe from injuries or slipping.

The build quality of this piece of equipment is superb. It has a solid steel frame and an appropriate padded seat. The steel frame has a coating, which ensures your safety and long life of the machine.

It weighs 55 lbs due to its sturdy construction and has a smaller footprint area than other machines. A user in the weight range of 200-250 lbs can easily use this machine.It is one of the best-selling stretching machines due to its extraordinarily well-built and design features.

Century Versaflex Stretching Machine Features

Padded Panels

The padding that comes on the seat and backrest makes the workout extremely comfortable. Even the thigh pads have comfortable cushioning and have a multi-positioning capability.

You can adjust the thigh pads as per your need and make yourself as healthy as you want. This feature helps in delivering a satisfying workout experience.

Adjustable Back Support

The back support of this machine is appropriately padded and helps in making the stretching very comfortable.


This machine comes with four handlebar positions. This position decides the degree and type of stretch you want to perform. The handlebar is within easy reach and helps you experience deeper leg stretches.


Another attractive feature of this equipment is the multi-positioning thigh pads. These pads are beneficial for performing effective stretches and for the comfort of the user. And the USP of this machine is that it gives you the ability to adjust them to your needs.

Ability to accommodate all sizes of the user

This stretching machine by Versaflex cannot accommodate users of height more than six feet. The reason is that its leg cushions are placed close to the base of the machine.

Small Footprint

The footprint of this equipment measures 35″ x 20″ x 8″, which is smaller than the footprint size of other stretching machines. For a large footprint, you can consider the TMAS Pro Leg Stretcher.


This machine is not foldable, hence cannot be folded for storage. But, this is a compact machine and can be easily handled.

Degree Indicator

This is the most beneficial feature of Versaflex Stretching Machine. It gives you an accurate reading of the level of stretch you are doing and keeps you motivated to do more.This progress indicator is essential to monitor your stretching every day as you can record and compare the reading over time.

Although its ratchet system is a bit weird because it adjusts in 5-degree increments. It rapidly jumps from one level to another.

Century Versaflex Stretching Machine Workout Programs

The Century Versaflex Stretching Machine comes with fewer exercise options as compared to machines that allow full-body stretching. But still, it can let you enjoy a dominant leg stretching machine for hamstrings, adductors, and hips.

You can improve your flexibility in a disciplined and controlled manner. Gradually, you can increase the stretch angle to 180 degrees and perform a split. These exercises will help you achieve an athletic performance.

In case you are looking for a full-body stretching machine that can stretch your quadriceps, lower and upper calf muscles, shin muscle, etc., then you may consider the NitroFit Limber Pro.

Century Versaflex Stretching Machine Warranty

The brand Century comes with excellent warranties on its stretching machines. This machine comes with a one-year limited warranty and 90-days warranty of the upholstery.

You can contact their customer service at +1-800-626-2787 from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 8 pm.

Century Versaflex Stretching Machine Pros and Cons


  • The solid steel frame comes a protective coating for more durability
  • The stretch handle allows deeper leg stretches
  • You can widen your splits up to 190 degrees
  • The 7-Speed drivetrain gives a wide range of speed options
  • It helps in improving leg and hip flexibility
  • The thigh-pads are multi-positioning


  • Assembly instructions are not evident in the manual
  • The footprint is smaller than other stretching machines


The above review of Century VersaFlex Stretching Machine shows that it is a solid piece of equipment that can let you achieve exceptional levels of flexibility. It has some valuable features and fantastic design and builds quality. It has a sleek design with a smaller footprint.

Its degree indicator is its highlight as it lets you monitor your progress and motivate you to do better. Its thigh pads are adjustable and customizable for more comfort. The ratcheting lever helps to control the level of stretching and gently push the legs apart.

For people who want to perform full leg splits, then Century Versaflex should be your pick. If you’re going to stretch legs and the primary body muscles as well, then try Precor 240i, which has four times the cost of Versaflex.

But, Century Versaflex offers the best price/value ratio and is an excellent add-on to your home gym.

FAQs of Century VersaFlex Stretching Machine

Is the machine easy to set-up?
Although the package comes with all the necessary bolts and screws, setting up this machine is a bit hard. The illustrations in the assembly manual are not clear, and the diagrams are not correctly labeled. So, the assembly process can be a bit challenging.
Is there any height restriction for using this machine?
The company has not specified any height limit for this machine, but due to its limited leg rest length, it becomes difficult for people taller than 6 feet to use this machine.
What is the maximum stretch of this machine?
This wondrous machine can stretch up to 190 degrees and improve your flexibility levels in a significant way.
What are the assembled dimensions of the machine?
This is a compact stretching machine and is one of the best-selling stretching machines for home use. It measures 35" x 20" x 8" after assembly.