Stamina Equipment Review
Stamina Equipment Review

Stamina Equipment Review

It was in the year 1987 that Stamina Products was founded with an aim to develop and offer innovative yet affordable fitness trainers to all types of enthusiasts. Eventually, in the early nineties, the brand started gaining popularity in the US.It is also credited as one among the first few companies that developed infomercial products. Let us look in detail about each Stamina Product through our in-depth Stamina Products Review 2020.

Today, it is a well-known brand offering a big line-up of products in each category. Its product range includes cardiovascular trainers such as exercise bikes, recumbent bikes, upright stationary bikes, and rowing machines, strengthening trainers such as pull-up bars and power towers; and pain-relieving trainers such as inversion table.

Why Stamina Stands Out Among the Rest:

Stamina Products is not only popular but definitely stands out among the competition when it comes to the pricing. It is an affordable brand that doesn’t compromise with the quality or performance. It manufactures durable and strong types of equipment using sturdy steel construction. However, what makes the brand really stand out is the simplicity and ease of use offered by its products.

Many of the machines are suitable even for people with limited mobility, Stamina 1360 Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike is one such product. Stamina fitness trainers usually come semi-assembled, thus, saving the assembly time and effort by the users. The only areas which are not as impressive are limited warranty and non-addition of tech features like Bluetooth connectivity, MP3 and USB connectivity, etc.

Stamina Exercise Bikes

Stamina’s exercise bikes range from $50 to $500 that consists of mini pedal exercisers and workstation bikes that are very useful to train yourself while continue to do office work or daily activities. The mini pedal cycles can be kept on the floor and pedaled with legs to train the lower body or can be kept on the table and pedaled with hands to train the upper body.

Stamina Instride Cycle XL, Stamina Instride Folding Cycle, Stamina Instride POP Fitness Cycle, Stamina Instride Total Body Cycle, and Stamina Mini Exercise Bike with Smooth Pedal System are some of the mini pedal exercisers offered by Stamina. They are lightweight and portable that can be carried to the office or to the vacation so as to keep yourself fit even when you are busy or traveling.

Stamina workstation bikes are those which come with a desktop convertible into a standing desk to allow you to keep a laptop or do some paperwork while you pedal the cycle with legs targeting leg, thighs, knees, and buttock muscles.

The brand’s Stamina Wirk Ride Exercise Bike Workstation and Standing Desk is a budget-friendly workstation bike offered by it. Stamina’s exercise bikes are quite popular among the Home Exercise Bikes Under $500 category.

Stamina Recumbent Bikes

Stamina Recumbent Bikes are more comprehensive and relaxed when compared to the other pedal exercisers offered by the brand. They provide a cushioned seat and backrest with adjustable seat height,large pedals usually with protective straps and padded handles which make the cardio exercising easy, comfortable, and enjoyable.

Stamina Recumbent Exercise Bikes include the basic models such as Stamina 1350 Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike and Stamina 2-in-1 Recumbent Exercise Bike Workstation and Standing Desk designed for beginners as well as the elite models such as Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike and Stamina Conversion II Recumbent Bike/Rower designed for experienced users. Stamina Recumbent Bikes are offered in the price range of $200 to $1200, making it one of the most versatile brands available in the market.

Stamina Upright Bikes

Stamina Upright Stationary Bikes are excellent for cardiovascular exercises and provide low-impact workouts at an affordable price as compared to the competition. They are useful to tone and build the lower-body muscles especially the knees, thighs, and back at the comfort of home gyms.

While Stamina offers a range of upright bikes with magnetic resistance technology, for eg., Stamina 1310 Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike, it has also introduced Stamina Airgometer Upright Exercise Bike which is designed with the Air Resistance Technology. Most of the Stamina Upright Exercise Bikes are available under $500, including them as one of the Best Home Exercise Bikes Under $500.

Stamina Rowing Machines

Stamina Rowing Machines provide one of the most classic and widely accepted forms of cardiovascular exercises – rowing motion. Rowing Motion Exercises not only increases stamina but also strengthens the total body muscles with a very less-impact.

Stamina Rowing Machines are designed with a durable aluminum beam, sturdily built, and comfortable cushioned seat to provide the most effective and comfortable rowing strokes to the users.

What makes the brand Stamina Unique is the fact that it has developed Rowing Machines with all types of Resistance – Magnetic, Air, Water, and Hydraulic. Brands some of the rowing machines such as Stamina Elite Wave Water Rower mimic the natural rowing motion in a way that provides a similar feel, sound, and experience to the users of the actual water rowing. Stamina Rowing Machines is arguably the Best Affordable Rowing Machines for Home Use available for you.

Stamina Pull Up Bars

Stamina Pull-up bars are the simple yet effective strengthening trainers that provide an excellent upper-body workout at a very reasonable price. Stamina Door Gyms is the home pull-up bar that fits into all the standard doors and provides a full upper-body workout at the most throwaway price of just $25. It is that trainer which can be brought home by every serious fitness enthusiast.

Stamina Power Towers

Stamina Power Towers are designed only for serious users as they provide some really workouts such as body sculpting and strengthening exercises using multiple workout stations.

Stamina has majorly introduced two power towers for home gyms – Stamina 1690 Power Tower, a more basic and simple power tower for those users who have just begun with the strengthening exercises and Stamina X Fortress Power Tower, the advanced and comprehensive power tower with multiple benefits. In fact, the latter is also one of the best-selling power towers of 2020 with excellent built and value adds for the customers.

Stamina Inversion Table

Inversion Tables are not just the trainers to strengthen the back muscles but are also good for increasing the blood circulation while reducing the back pain. Stamina Inversion Chair is an excellent inversion therapy machine that uses one’s own weight to relieve the back pain while providing the safety leg lock and the comfortable seating to support the ease of use. It is available at a price below $300, making it one of the most effective and affordable inversion tables for home use.

Pros & Cons of Stamina


  • Affordable Pricing
  • Quality not compromised
  • A Wide Range of Products
  • Durable Construction
  • Trainers for Beginners and Experienced Users
  • Easy Assembly Process


  • Limited Warranty
  • No or Negligible Pre-set Workout Programs
  • No Bluetooth and MP3 player


Stamina Products is definitely one of the best brands to look for when you think of buying an affordable piece of equipment for your home gym. Because of the range it offers, it can easily be compared to the other models available in the market.

While the warranty offered is a little disappointing, the product features and performance are excellent for most of the products in the given price range. Go for it unless you are particular about the high-tech features such as syncing smartphones to track the performance or Bluetooth connectivity for listening to the music.

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