Weslo Rowing Machines Review
Weslo Rowing Machines Review

Weslo Rowing Machines Review

Weslo is a well-known brand in the market of the fitness industry. It is manufactured by ICON Health and Fitness, which is an Utah-based company. It is the most prominent developer, manufacturer, as well as marketer of health equipment. It is associated with brand names like Proform, NordicTrack, etc.. This company is devoted to making budget-friendly machines which can fit into everyone’s pockets.

It is also awarded several certifications due to its excellent quality machines. It has made some cutting-edge advances in its electronics, durability, cushioning, etc. Since its inception in 1977 by Scott Watterson and Gary Stevenson, it has maintained its innovation.

Why Weslo Stands Out Among the Rest?

Weslo, a product brand of ICON Health and Fitness. It has grown around the globe with an excellent reputation for performance and quality. Its main motto is to manufacture affordable machines which people can easily own to get into a healthy exercising routine.

All its products, be it Treadmills, Ellipticals, or Rowers, all fall under the price range of $100 to $300. It also offers an impressive warranty. Weslo machines are for light use and are sure to push you out from our sedentary lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle.

Weslo Rower Series

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Weslo Flex 3.0 Adjustable Resistance Rower Review
Weslo Flex 3.0 Adjustable Resistance
8LCD monitor
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Weslo Flex 3.0 Rower With SpaceSaver Design And LCD Window Display

The Flex 3.0 Rower by Weslo is a good rower which is very compact and sturdy. It is built with good designing and helps in achieving the user’s fitness goals. It replicates the rowing motion as if pulling weight in the water and works well on most of the muscle groups. It is also very cheap and one of the best rowers under $200. It is an excellent add-on to the home gym and does not require any personal trainer to help you exercise on it.

Here are its amazing features :

  • It has a unique space-saver design and can be folded up easily and stored anywhere in the house.
  • The seat rail is built with stainless steel and gives a sturdiness to the whole unit.
  • The pivoting pedals come with nylon foot straps which give an excellent grip to the feel and avoid slippage.
  • The LCD is a large window which displays the basic workout stats for monitoring the progress.
  • It can take weights up to 250 lbs and accommodate a majority of the users.
  • It comes with transport wheels and can be moved anywhere around the room.
  • The multiple levels of resistance give a real water resistance feel to the user, while rowing.

Pros and Cons of Weslo Rowers


  • Weslo rowers are built with steady steel seat making it very robust.
  • These rowers deliver an effective workout than ellipticals and exercise bikes.
  • These rowers work on most of the major muscles groups of the body, making it a complete package.
  • Rowers give a low-impact workout and are suitable for people with arthritis or knee pains.
  • Weslo rowers exactly replicate the rowing action in the water, thus, making it a great training tool.


  • Rowers can be noisy sometimes.
  • Rowers can lead to back injury if not used in a proper position.
  • Rowers may take some space in your room because of the flywheel and rails.

Final Verdict

Weslo rowers are indoor rowers which replicate the rowing action, thus building endurance of the body. They have all the qualities of proper equipment and are perfect for home use. They help in activating the muscles of the upper body, either by sitting down or standing. These are lightweight but with very durable construction.

The variable resistance levels add to the variety of workout options. The designing is done with great innovation and care. The pedals come with adjustable nylon safety straps which keep the foot stable while exercising. In my verdict, the rowers by Weslo are creating a wave in the fitness equipment industry and are considered the best rowers for home use, that too at an affordable cost.

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