Best Rowing Machines Under 500

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Best Rowing Machines Under 500

It’s not easy to get yourself a good rowing machine in a fixed budget. It needs efforts to do research to get the right product that comes in your budget without the quality getting affected. Here is everything you should consider before buying yourself a rowing machine.

If you’re naive to the concept of rowing machine then here is something to feed your curious minds. Take a glance at what rowing machine is and what are its benefits.

Health Benefits Of A Rowing Machine

Rowing machines is best to restart your workout sessions or gym activities after a long break from the same. After all, rowing machines give you the liberty to exercise at your own pace, hence allowing you to gradually intensify your workout with period of time. If you’re looking for a rowing machine for an elderly person then getting one under 500 dollars can be the best thing to do as you would not want to invest high bills in such equipments.

Rowing machine is the best solution for anyone concerned about the health of their back or their joints(including the elderly). Because they don’t put any strain on your back or joints.

Strengthens Cardio System

Stamina X Air Rower Unit Rowing machines are beautifully and comfortably help you build and tone your muscles, but there is more to them than just that. They also strengthen your cardiovascular system which ultimately benefits your overall fitness.

As you get fitter, your stamina and your immunity get improved. Let us not forget that a healthy cardiovascular system is the cornerstone of any noteworthy exercise regime. There is a myth that rowing only helps to build and tone leg muscles and arm muscles.

However the truth remains that a rowing machine engages nearly every muscle in your body, including the muscles of your back. Rowing machines also allow you to determine the pace at which you want to build muscle because most good models allow you to control the tension. Hence to get all the best features of different rowing machines under 500 dollars, you need to put in some efforts doing the research.

Weight Loss Tool

Rowing machines, surprisingly, are also a powerful weight loss tool, which might not look like at first. As with any type of exercise, rowing also burns calories. The difference remains that rowing is a relatively easy form of exercise, and thus it can burn off a huge amount of calories in relatively less time. Factually, a person who weighs about 185 lbs can burn off as much as 375 calories in no time of 30 minutes!

The lesser known fact remains that rowing machines can reduce stress and anxiety, and even depression. Studies have proven that physical exercise stimulates important pleasure centre in our brains. Exercising, and specially cardiovascular workouts, help your body to produce more endorphins than it usually does.

Endorphin, as we all know, plays a crucial role in things like your mood and your sense of happiness and pleasure. This means the more endorphins released into your body, the more is the “feel-good” factor.

Still scratching heads about buying a rowing machine? It’s time to remind yourself of these top four benefits of rowing machines:

1. Rowing machines fantastically build and tone your muscles.
2. Rowing machines are smart choice for everyone who wants to increase fitness without putting their joints or backs at risk.
3. Rowing machines are the best ways to strengthen the cardiovascular systems.
4. Rowing machines greatly reduce stress and anxiety.

Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Indoor Rower Under $500

Here are all the factors you need to consider before investing your precious 500 bucks in a rowing machine. You should know that it’s worth it! Best rowing machine under 500$ should fulfill the following parameters:

Budget – 500 dollars may not be as big money in the market of health and fitness. Hence, getting something decent at such price may not be a big task only if you know where to look for.Our rowing machine reviews above feature the best models worth purchasing for your convenience. Hence its advisable to go through all the points again and reconsider all the pros and cons and then you will have one model nailed for yourself.

Comfort – It’s important that you’re comfortable while you exercise. Rowing machines within the $100-$200 price range generally lack the most comfortable seats thus having a slightly larger budget gives you some great options.With up to a budget of $500, finding a unit with comfortable seats should be a cake walk.

Resistance Types – Each indoor rower comes with some form of resistance. This boosts your stamina over time as long as you are ready to put in some effort. Some expensive models come with fancy technologies such as Air and Water resistance. On the other hand low budget options limit you to two main types i.e. hydraulic/piston rowing machine and magnetic rowing machine. Hence your choice gives you your pick of resistance. There are pluses of every type of resistance.

Quiet or Not Quiet –  What kind of noise level do you prefer your indoor rower to give? Where some prefer noiseless quiet and focused workout sessions, others don’t consider it a “noise” but a motivation to keep going.

Size – Fully assembled, most models come with small to medium size footprints. This gives the benefit of allowing you to set it up in a small living room or even at the office. However, if you prefer a larger unit, an increased budget would help.

Fitness Monitor – Rowing machine fitness monitors may not be accurate in the low-end models. They tend to become more accurate with increasing price. Accuracy comes here with a “price”.


Almost all the models available require some form of assembly. Hence it is advisable to go for a model with clear instructions for a pain free assembly.


Mostly all models within this price range come with warranties of at least 1 year on the frame.
Higher the price, longer the warranty! Just make sure you get some warranty on the parts (typically 90 days) as well, in case something malfunctions.


With a price range of 500 dollars, commercial-level models will be out of your range but you should definitely get some quality units which can provide challenging workouts and help you achieve short to medium term fitness goals. It’s always the best time to get started towards achieving a body that’s healthier and happier.

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