Best Rowing Machines Under 1000

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Best Rowing Machines Under 1000

It is not that easy to select a good rowing machine under $1,000. First of all, these are not the beginner’s machine. They are for people who are serious about working out and want something better. At this price range, you can get good machines that will stay healthy for a long while. They can even be good performers in commercial gyms. They are technically advanced machines so these can be utilized well by the workout enthusiasts in every way they want. For Example, NordicTrack RW200 Rower is a great rower.

Top 3 Rowing Machines Under 1000

What To Look For With The Best Rowing Machines Under 1000?

We know you are in search of the best rowing machine so we brought up a list of things that are normally desired by every user. If you match up the features with a product you like, then you will know whether they could help you in improving your fitness. It has three types of resistance -magnetic, water and air resistance giving you a lot of variety to choose from. It is a good machine for those people who are planning to begin workouts and also for advanced users. These rowing machines are the best performers if you compare them with other equipment.

1. Versatile Settings: Having different settings and workout levels means that you are having the potential to advance in your workout so much that you will be outgrowing your limits. It has the capability to make small adjustments making the rower completely customizable to your needs. If you have a computer, then it can be used for setting rowing intervals, rowing time and even a stroke-based approach. And it can even show you the intensity of your current workout. This is a useful feature for letting you analyze your workout accurately.

2. Ergonomic Design: Rowing machines are not for everyone. They are designed for people who are very much concerned about their body. Because of this, they are designed to be used intensely for a very long period of time but this cannot be expected from the cheaper models. The body positioning and sitting position have to be comfortable or else you won’t be able to work out for a longer period.

If the biomechanics of the machine is not right, then you can expect joint problems and other ailments as a result of working out on them. We are not exaggerating on this part because something as simple as an ergonomic handle can reduce the pressure you feel on your joints and focus towards the muscles. So instead of causing ailments, it will be developing your body. Prefer buying Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Rower.

3. Dedicated workout programs: Rowing machines can either come pre-installed with a lot of workout programs or maybe with nothing at all. Always choose a machine with a good console as it can help you a lot in improving your workout experience and will be effective for cardio training. Actually, rowing machines can do much more than just cardio. They have a variety of programs that help you work out at different intensity levels.

They have varied cardio configurations if you are planning to put your focus there. These cardio configurations can help you take the maximum output from them. The main advantage of having variation in workout pattern is the removal of mundanity in workouts. The key to maximum productivity is consistency and it could only be achieved by staying motivated. With program flexibility, rowing just gets you that.

4. Storage options: Something has to be sacrificed when you want the best. This is also applicable to the fitness machines as it is always very difficult to find the best machine and the most compact one in a single machine.  However, there are foldable rowing machines available in the market. Some of the best rowing machines under $800 are foldable and can easily be stored. You can easily store them vertically.

This literally means that if you get one of them you will be saving a lot of space in your home. Another good thing is that these foldable designs often come with transportation wheels which are a boon if you plan to move your machine. All these can keep you moods high up making your workouts really good.

Are Rowing Machines Good for Cardio?

You must have already understood how good the stamina rowing machines are as strength builders. But that’s not all getting your muscles shaped is only the first thing that you can do with the rowing machine. They are extremely useful for cardio workouts. Sounds like an exaggeration? No, it really is a good companion for your heart.

1. Generally, when we say aerobic exercises, walking and running are the first things that will come into your mind but best rowers of 2018 do provide good aerobic exercises too. The problem with heavy workouts for cardio training is the risks associated with it. The frequent jumps and other tough exercises will put extra stress on the joints creating more harm than anything good. While rowing is similar to swimming, the best type of rowing machine provides very low impact aerobic exercises.

2. They are easy on the joints and exercising on them does not involve any harsh movements that can potentially cause harm to your body. All those awkward injuries and troubles caused by workouts can easily be left behind. They are the perfect fitness equipment for the people who already have knee related problems or other ailments.

3. They too can have a full-fledged workout without worrying about injuries. If you still find it hard to believe, pay a visit to the rehabilitation center and retirement centers. You will most probably find one of these rowers there. People are so confident to make it their workout companion. But don’t get us wrong as these machines are not the easiest to workout with. It will be really tiring for you to workout on them. If you are new to rowing, it is better that you start with lower intensities or else you will tire yourself up really soon.

4. They are not high impact machines but they are high intensive machines to workout with. A proper intense workout on them regularly can keep both your heart and lungs fit.

5. If you are using the rower under the prescription of a doctor, then also consider getting a chest strap with it as it can be quite useful in measuring your heart rate accurately.

6. The best rowing machines under $800 have the heart rate monitoring facility but they tend to be more expensive than the traditional ones. If you find the expensive one unaffordable then don’t worry you always have an alternative, you can always get a heart rate monitor that you can use while working out with the rowing machine. This way you won’t lose the track of your heart rate while still keeping your wallet healthy.

7. Everyone knows that aerobic exercises are very good for weight reduction and heart health but not many know about the other advantages that come with aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises can be very useful for boosting your energy levels and improving your immune health system. This can improve your sleep over time. We all know that a heavy workout helps in the release of endorphins in our body and this can improve your mood at any time of the day.

8. Some people even do cardio workouts for lifting their moods. In a rowing machine, cardio workouts also engage a lot of your muscles again causing the release of many more feel-good chemicals in your body ultimately making you feel happy.


As you might have already understood rowing machines are not simple machines and getting the best rowing machine under $1,000 is a tough task. But we are sure after reading through this article you must have realized that the benefits of the rowing machine outweigh all the trouble you need to take for making the selection. Check out the features mentioned by us, that way you won’t easily fall for a worthless machine. Don’t take rowing machines just because you liked the benefits.

Go to a gym and actually try out one. You can also say a yes to Air RowerBecause the kind of exercise you do on them is very different from what you would normally do. So if you feel uncomfortable just skip it. Whichever machine you choose, always make sure that they have a decent warranty or else you will end up spending more money on the machine that you just started to use.

Once you make the choice, read out the online reviews of the machine and find out whether the machine really performs as it is advised. You can also buy Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine. Despite all these make sure to work out on them because the key to a fit body is consistent workouts and not an expensive machine.

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