Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RW1205 Rowing Machine Review

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RW1205 Rowing Machine Review

This Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine Review talks about the basic three things that are the machine’s essential features- simple, sturdy and stable. The best part of this rowing machine is that it works in a low-impact fashion and targets all the muscle groups of the body.

Sunny Health and Fitness has its headquarters in Los Angeles in California. It has been ten years plus of import and distribution of superior quality fitness goods. It is a fact that the company imports from China and Taiwan directly so that there is no middleman. This aids in cutting the costs and offering lower prices. It has a sturdy construction and can take users of up to 220 pounds weight.

Its screen is digital which helps to track your sessions of workout and also monitor the progress. The screen of the rowing machine displays the number of calories burnt, the time, number of rows, etc. It is a lightweight rower and can be easily moved around. The storage is also pretty convenient whenever it is not in use.

If you talk about storage, the Sunny Rower folds very quickly into flat position. All you need to do when it is not in use is just to take out some bolts and fold it. Then you can either put it in your closet or even under the bed. Also, because it is very light to carry, it can be moved wherever you wish.

12 Level Hydraulic Resistance

This Sunny Health and Fitness Rower gives you hydraulic resistance and that too, at 12 varying levels. It is easily adjustable, and you can get the fitness level that fits your requirements. This machine is the ideal one for beginners as well as the intermediate level users.

Inexpensive but Durable

Nothing can beat the most competitive price of this rowing machine. This is a hydraulic rowing machine that has no frills attached to it and is superb to give you the best home workouts possible. People of all ages can use this rower. You can very quickly train all the muscle groups of your body, and the resistance levels can also be set according to your fitness level. The design of this Sunny Health and Fitness Rower is very simple and thanks to the easy assembly, anyone can assemble it within no time and totally without any hassles.


  • Adjustable resistance till up to 12 levels helps you to set it as per your preference
  • It has an electronic monitor that displays the basic units wherein you can monitor the progress of your workout. The adjustments are great both for the intermediate users as well as for the beginners
  • It can take a weight of up to 220 pounds.
  • The seat is smooth and helps in easy workout
  • The Sunny health and fitness rowing machine comes with 90 days warranty on its parts and a total of one year warranty on the frame
  • This rowing machine comes very well packed in a box. It has a simple assembly and needs only a few minutes to get fully assembled. All the tools necessary for assembling the machine come along with it. The console can also be very easily plugged and connects for the instant start of your workout.

Customer Reviews

Most users find its secure storage and the compact design as a major plus. Also, many users were happy with the 12 level resistance that can help you to have your workout according to your preferences.

Drawbacks of the Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine

  • There are hardly any disadvantages of this Sunny Rowing machine, the only one being that it has a limited console that does not offer many parameters to assess the workout. There is no track of the distance covered during the exercise, and also, the heart rate cannot be monitored.
  • Some users also feel that the seat could be more cushioned. If it were more padded, the longer workouts would have been more comfortable.
  • The hydraulic system also actually works for the initial few levels of resistance. This may get frustrating for a few users and may pose an issue.


There can be no better thing than getting the workout of your choice and that too, in the comfort of your home.Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine will give you exactly that kind of an exercise routine and in your budget.

A machine that will give you superb results that will help you shed those extra pounds and also maintain your fitness. You can perform good cardio exercises, stretches and other kinds of workouts that will keep you fit. It is a light machine, can be easily stored, does not take up much space and also has an easy assembly. What more can one possibly desire… it has got all this and more.