Stamina Elite 1450 Wave Water Rowing Machine Review

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Stamina Elite 1450 Wave Water Rowing Machine Review

Stamina Elite Wave Water Rowing Machine 1450 is an upgraded version of the Stamina 1445 Wave Water Rower with high-end workout monitor and wireless chest strap for heart rate monitoring. It offers unlimited water wave resistance that makes the users undergo a closer experience to the natural water rowing

With a similar feel and sound. The dynamic rowing strokes offered by the machine is very effective in strengthening and toning the overall body muscles. It is an elite best rowing machine with a heart rate sensor that allows the users to enjoy customized workouts for more effective and efficient results.

Read Stamina ‘New and Improved’ Elite Wave Water Rowing Machine 1450 Review 2021 below. What makes 1450 wave water rower elite is that it also allows the users to target a certain heart rate for by adjusting the rowing speed and the workout intensity.

Its chest strap heart rate sensor transmits the live heart rate to the high-end fitness monitor wirelessly. It’s a water wave resistance rower and to provide natural water waves it comes with a small tank wherein water is stored. Users can remove or fill the water easily with the Siphon included.

It features aluminum rowing beam and ball-bearing rollers for easy seat gliding and smoother rowing. The wide, molded seat and the length-adjustable footplates offer comfortable workouts. While the adjustable foot straps keep the feet secured, its textured rowing handle provides increased hand grips.

It is designed to ensure stability and durability to the machine with leveling endcaps, built-in transport wheels, and foldable steel frame. Incorporated with all the needed features to be qualified as an elite home rower, Stamina Elite Wave Water Rowing Machine 1450 is one of the best home rowing machines under $750.

Best Suited for Whom?

The water wave rowing machine 1450 is an elite home rowing machine best suitable for the high-budget home users who want to strengthen the total body muscles and get a desired toned body through the efficient rowing strokes.

The advantage of this water rower is that it comes with a wireless chest strap heart rate sensor and high-end fitness monitor to allow the users to customize the workouts.

The serious and experienced users looking for the natural water wave resistance for a more challenging rowing stroke can definitely consider this Stamina rowing machine.

Stamina Elite 1450 Wave Water Rowing Machine Assembly, Design & Build Quality


This rowing machine requires some assembly from the user end and would take about 30-45 minutes to complete the process. Some parts like a water tank with its impeller, handle, pulley, straps, and footrests come already assembled and only you need to attach the gliding beam, seat, console, and the rear stabilizer.

The User Manual has all the detailed instructions along with the diagrammatic explanation to help you with the process.  As it is a water wave resistance rowing machine, water tank requires to be filled with the tap water periodically. A siphon pump is provided in the box for the filling and removal of the water from the tank.

Design & Build Quality

Stamina Elite Wave Water Rowing Machine 1450 is designed with a sturdy steel frame providing a long-lasting build quality.  The foldable frame saves the storage space while offering an increased user capacity up to 300 lbs.

It is an elite machine with lengthier dimensions of 85 x 20 x 33 that can accommodate taller users quite comfortably. Overall the product weighs around 71 lbs and comes with built-in wheels for the easy portability.

It is designed with nylon rowing pulley, moulded seat, and aluminium rowing beam to support smooth seat sliding offering increased rowing comfort.

Stamina Elite 1450 Wave Water Rowing Machine Features


It is a water wave rowing machine with a water tank to provide Wave Water Resistance of infinite levels for endurance training. The users can easily adjust the rowing intensity by adjusting the rowing speed and enjoy limitless resistance to achieve the desired physique.             


This rower features the upgraded high-end workout monitor that tracks the workout distance, time, calories burned, stroke count, and strokes per minute apart from syncing with the chest strap heart rate sensor wirelessly to allow the users to target the desired heart rate level.


It is designed with adjustable-length footplates that can accommodate a wide range of foot sizes. The footplates have the adjustable straps attached to them that keep the feet in their place even during the high-intensity rowing strokes. Also, these straps have quick-adjust loops to enable faster adjustments.

Rowing Beam

It comes with a durable aluminum rowing beam that makes the rowing strokes smoother, easy, and challenging.

Rowing Strap

The high strength nylon rowing strap can easily support greater user power while the padded, textured rowing handle supports with increased hand grips.


Providing increased rowing comfort is the wide, molded seat that is supported by the ball-bearing roller system for smooth sliding.

Heart Rate Monitor

It is an elite home rowing machine that comes with wireless chest strap heart rate monitor to allow the users to customize the workouts. Users can target a desired heart rate level by increasing or decreasing the rowing speed and intensity.


This wave water rowing machine has a sturdy steel frame that can support a higher user capacity of 300 lbs as an upper limit.

Additional Features

For the increased convenience and comfort, it features built-in transport wheels, leveling endcaps to ensure stability, foldable frame to save the storage space, and siphon pump to fill and remove the water from the tank.

Stamina Elite 1450 Wave Water Rowing Machine Workout Programs

Stamina Elite Wave Water Rowing Machine 1450 is designed to emulate the natural water rowing motion that improves cardiovascular fitness and strengthens the total body muscles.

Its infinite water resistance helps the users to customize the rowing speed and rowing intensity to suit their body profile as well as the desired heart rate level. Also, the users can further customize the workout resistance by changing the water level using the siphon pump provided.

Stamina Elite 1450 Wave Water Rowing Machine Warranty

There is no lifetime warranty offered by Stamina brand on any of its products unlike few other brands in the market. On this water rowing machine, it offers a decent 3-year warranty on Frame and 90-days limited warranty on parts.

Though Stamina Rowing Machines are generally known to be defect free you can always approach Customer Support in case of an occurrence within the warranty period. It can be reached via call at 1-800-375-7520 or through email at

Stamina Elite 1450 Wave Water Rowing Machine Pros and Cons


  • High-end Fitness Monitor
  • Chest Strap Heart Rate Sensor
  • Water Wave Resistance
  • Infinite Resistance Levels
  • Siphon Pump for filling water
  • Wide, Molded Seat
  • Aluminum Rowing Beam
  • Padded, Textured Rowing Handle
  • Adjustable-length Footplates
  • Foldable Frame
  • Transport wheels


  • No Lifetime Warranty
  • No pre-set workout programs
  • No performance tracking apps
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • No Music System


Stamina 1450 Wave Water Rowing Machine is a solid water rowing machine with all the basic features required for enjoying quality rowing performance. It makes exercising comfortable and effective at the same time through its natural water rowing motion and customizable resistance levels

Though priced moderately high it will not disappoint you as the rowing machine helps you customize the rowing speed/intensity as per your needs and helps you set the target heart rate with its high-end fitness monitor and the wireless chest strap heart rate monitor.

While most of the Stamina air rowing machines offer unlimited resistance and qualify as affordable home rowing machines, this one can be considered as an elite machine and one of the best home rowing machines under $1000.