ProForm Rowing Machines Review
ProForm Rowing Machines Review

ProForm Rowing Machines Review

ProForm is one of the leading brands of the international fitness equipment market that has grown exponentially in the arena of home fitness equipment. With the advancement in technology, innovations are possible, and that helps to develop cutting-edge features in the equipment.

All the equipment of ProForm are engineered to provide excellent results. Moreover, the easy accessibility, affordability, and infusion of advanced technology accentuate the growing market of ProForm fitness equipment.

It was around the mid-1980s that the brand came into existence and intended to procure to the mass market. The ICON Health and Fitness, a renowned distributor of fitness equipment brands in the international market, owns the ProForm brand.

Earlier, the fitness equipment of ProForm like treadmills and other equipment were manufactured in China. But, currently, all the equipment are manufactured in Logan, Utah.

The fitness equipment of ProForm are mainly manufactured for catering to the international market. The users can avail of impressive features like internet browsers and touchscreens to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their equipment.

Conversely, the ProForm rowers have basic electronic elements, but their standout feature is the provision of stand-up pulley station. It is this feature that makes it a recommended exercise equipment for fitness freaks.

Why ProForm Stands Out Among The Rest?

ProForm is undoubtedly one of the well-acclaimed brands of the worldwide fitness equipment industry that offers equipment with unmatched precision and excellence to its customers.

The dominant feature that makes it stand apart from its contemporaries is its passion for motivating people towards fitness by bringing ingenious technological advancements in their equipment.

The brand is influencing people from the past three decades to revolutionize their lives by beginning the process of change to fitness. Besides, the brand has enjoyed success with being on the number one spot for selling fitness equipment and bringing positive changes in the lives of millions of people.

The brand ProForm owns hundreds of patents and has been awarded as the most recognized fitness brand as polled by the consumers. Overall, Proform equipment and particularly, the rowers are designed with immaculate precision to assure the users achieve quality-driven results.

ProForm Rowing Machines Models

1. ProForm 440R Rower

ProForm is known for its innovative designs, and ProForm 440R is no exception. It is a basic rowing machine that costs less than $500. Even though the brand also manufactures the Dual Trainer/Bike Rower, which is a hybrid recumbent bike around $1600, but both models are termed great for beginners. But, here we bring into focus the key elements of ProForm 440R rower.

ProForm 440R rower is mainly designed for novice users who have started their fitness journey. It is considered as the best rowing machine for the money owing to its features and performance. The key element of this exercise equipment is its magnetic resistance and a smooth flywheel that assures perfect stroke each time the user row the machine.

It offers a low-impact workout for the whole body while targeting all muscles of the body. In short, it is the best medium to build strength and stamina while torching those extra calories.

Unlike other contemporary rowing machines, this ProForm rower is equipped with a low-pulley station that makes it a multifunctional unit. It aids in offering arm curls and other exercises. The rowing machine promises eight resistance levels with adjustable features and LCD showing statistics of workout. You can read the in-depth review here.

Its space-saving design with folded wheels adds to its functionality and overall appearance. Overall, it is suitable for taller people close to 6’2” and works exceedingly well for people who prefer to simulate rowing action to get fit and healthy.

2. ProForm 550R Rower

If you prefer to have an air rowing machine, then ProForm 550R Rower is recommended as the best rowing machine for home. This equipment also caters to the fitness requirements of beginners as it comes packed with five adjustable resistance levels.

The air rower is simple to operate by pulling the handle and spinning the fan of the flywheel. With the flywheel spinning, the air is absorbed by the flywheel, and that helps to create adequate resistance.

The ProForm 550R rower offers an intuitive LCD screen that provides workout details with accuracy and helps users to determine their fitness goals. The aesthetics of this rowing machine with a space-saving design makes it a must buy equipment for people who prefer low resistance levels.

The addition of low-pulley station adds to the comfort of the users as they can enjoy varied workout sessions for the whole body. The easy folding and storage ability of the machine further enhances its usability. Read the full review here to know about this basic yet performance-oriented rowing machine.

Pros and Cons of ProForm Rowing Machines


  • Durable built quality
  • Space-saving design for easy storage
  • Transport wheels for mobility
  • Easy to use the console with precise workout statistics
  • The dual benefit of a rower and a low pulley station for strengthening exercises
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate users


  • No provision of preset workout programs
  • No availability of heart rate monitoring
  • The sliding seat appears to be small for tall users
  • The limited warranty on parts and labor is not encouraging
  • The low quality of parts of the rower, particularly the 440R model as its pulley cord is fragile and is prone to easy breakage
  • The maximum weight limit of 250 Ibs is quite less as compared to other models
  • No provision of digital controls as resistance is adjusted by a knob


Proform rowers are recognized to be the best fitness equipment for budding fitness enthusiasts as it offers light resistance, low pricing and comfortable use.

These machines are not meant for pro fitness enthusiasts as the resistance levels provided by the machine can satisfy the newbies only. Therefore, if you plan to invest in a low-budget, yet sturdily built equipment, then ProForm rowers can become your partner in the realization of your fitness goals.

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