Proform 550R Rowing Machine Review

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Proform 550R Rowing Machine Review

The ProForm 550R Rower is acknowledged among the best air rowing machine that comes packed with impressive designing and effective results. With the provision of an adjustable air resistance mechanism.

This ProForm rower machine simulates the resistance that is offered while rowing a boat in the water. Also, the low pulley station at the front of the rower is meant to provide versatile workout options. This rower proves exponentially beneficial for users catering to all age groups and physical fitness, offering rewarding results.

Read in detail about ProForm 550R Rower review 2021 to understand the functionalities of this power-packed air rower. Moreover, the provision of the LCD screen, inertia-enhanced flywheel, and oversized aluminum seat rail speak volumes about its durability.

Along with this, the transport wheels, ergonomic handles, pivoting pedals with adjustable straps add to the performance of this space saver rowing machine.

Best Suited for Whom?

The ProForm 55R Rower is rated among the best rowing machine for home as it provides an impressive cardiovascular workout. It also offers an exciting amalgamation of cardio and strength training to enable users to enjoy the overall fitness of the body.

Those users who prefer to have a low-impact workout with the comfort of their home should opt for this rowing machine. It is considered highly constructive in burning calories and making the user healthy and fit.

Moreover, those users who prefer to enjoy the natural rowing motion with comfortable positioning of the body must opt for this air rower. The oversized aluminum seat rail assures that the users experience natural rowing motion without compromising on the parameters of comfort and position.

Additionally, easy usage and space efficiency enhance the usability of this fitness equipment. Therefore, all those users who require notable improvement in their physical fitness can buy the best rowing machine for the money.

ProForm 550R Rowing Machine Assembly Design & Build Quality


The assembly of ProForm rower is quick and effortless with the use of the ProForm rower manual. The air rower comes in partly assembled form, and the user has to attach the seat with the mainframe.

This manual offers a comprehensive detailing of the guidelines and instructions required for the assembly of the unit. Conversely, if the user is interested in having the hassle-free assembly, he can opt for a certified professional by incurring extra costs for the same.

Design and Build Quality

The very first impression of the ProForm 550 rower is quite decent as the aesthetic design of the machine makes it visually attractive. The sturdy built quality of the steel mainframe adds to the strength and performance of the rower.

The air rower supports 250 Ibs user weight and has a space saver design that allows users to maximize their floor space after the workout is done. The dimensions of this equipment are 26 x 23 x 47 inches, and it weighs 103 Ibs.

The rowing machine works with an air rowing mechanism that involves the damper settings for smooth flow and consistent performance. The flywheel operates quietly with a smooth pedaling stroke. The exercise bike is supported with an LCD screen that is clear to read and offers intuitive information about the workout.

The users can optimize their performance with a comfortable seat and pivoting pedals equipped with convenient straps. The ergonomic handles and transport wheels add to the performance of the air rower, making it a recommended choice for users.

The provision of a low-pulley station adds to the value of this air rower as the users can enjoy varied exercise options along with rowing.

The reliable, built quality and functional designing of this rowing machine make it dependable for long term performance. Overall, the recommended equipment for novice and intermediate users.

ProForm 550R Rowing Machine Features

LCD display

This ProForm rowing machine arrives with an LCD that offers an accurate and readable display of the workout statistics. Thus, the workout vitals like strokes per minute, total strokes, distance, time, and calories burned are displayed with precision.

Heart Rate Monitoring

This rowing machine manufactured by ProForm doesn’t come equipped with heart rate monitoring. But, if you aim to invest in a rowing machine with heart rate monitoring, then go with Avari A150-335 Conversion II Rower/Recumbent Bike. It offers pulse sensors to measure heart rate accurately during the workout sessions.


550R operates with air resistance that is adjustable and easy to use. The five levels of resistance offer varying intensity levels as per the requirement of the users. Additionally, users can benefit from the air that is driven back while generating resistance to help maintain cool during the workout.


The inertia-enhanced flywheel of this rowing machine helps to keep each pedaling stroke smooth and swift without impacting the joints. Additionally, the users have to make damper setting that is placed on the top of the flywheel unit.

It is a lever that needs to be pushed forward to accelerate the resistance and pulled in the backward direction to decrease the resistance. It helps to control the amount of air that is to be passed on to the flywheel cage.

Thus, choosing a lower amount of air would make generate less resistance and vice-versa. The adjustable feature helps to make users comfortable with the workout experience on this rower.


This ProForm rower performs without making any fuss, and that makes it practical to use in any corner of the home.

Cushioned Seat

The provision of a cushioned seat in this rowing machine helps to provide the rigorous workout sessions with maximum ease and comfort.

Oversized Footrests

This rowing machine arrives with oversized footrests that can easily fit into any user’s feet with adjustable straps.

Resistance Levels

The provision of five levels of resistance aims to provide challenging resistance levels to the beginners and intermediate users. Besides, the key difference between ProForm 440 Rower and ProForm 550 Rower is the resistance levels. While the former offers eight levels of resistance, the latter arrives with five levels of resistance.

Max User Weight

It can support 250 Ibs user weight owing to its impressive build quality.

Fixed or Folding

The space saver design of this rowing machine makes it a perfect fit for space-crunched areas as it folds up easily. Therefore, once the workout is complete, the user can roll up this machine in a vertical position and move it with front transport wheels for storage.


This rowing machine is accessorized with a soft-touch ergonomic handle that adds to the safety and convenience of the users with its non-slip feature.

Oversized Aluminum Seat Rail

The rowing machine arrives oversized aluminum rail that simulates the real rowing experience with precision.

Other Features

  • Play Music: This rowing machine doesn’t come equipped with an auxiliary port for music.
    ProForm 550 Rower Workout Programs
  • Kind of Exercises: ProForm rowing machine offers the engaging workout sessions with a key focus on building muscles, improving strength, and reducing weight.

Also, the users can target their legs, lower body, and upper body to have the overall fitness of the body. The adjustable resistance makes it highly effective for users to test their physical strength and stamina for optimal health.

The provision of low-pulley station offers the opportunity to engage in other exercises incorporating overhead triceps extensions, bicep curls and deltoid raises for excellent achievement.

  • Goal Tracking: This rowing machine is quintessential in terms of offering the goal-oriented feature that motivates users to do better. The user can determine his goal and can view his performance to evaluate whether he is near his goal, or more effort is required for the same.

The LCD screen shows information about goal setting and motivates the users to remain focused on their goals.

ProForm 550R Rowing Machine Warranty

ProForm is an acclaimed brand that offers high-end quality service to its customers by bringing innovations in their designs and valid warranty backup. Thus, the ProForm 550 Rower offers the 5-Years warranty on the frame along with a 90-Day warranty on parts and labor.

Therefore, users can invest in the ProForm rowing machine that aims to provide sustainable outcomes.

ProForm 550R Rowing Machine Pros & Cons


  • Sturdy steel built quality
  • Easy to use
  • Five resistance levels
  • Comfortable and cushioned seat
  • Pivoting pedals with foot straps add to the comfort of the users
  • Oversized aluminum seat rail for natural rowing motion
  • Smooth pedaling motion
  • Provision of transport wheels for easy storage
  • Convenient and safe workout with non-slip handles
  • Ergonomic design for superior performance
  • 250 Ibs user weight capacity
  • Inbuilt low-pulley for myriad exercise options
  • Foldable equipment with a space-saving design
  • Relevant stats at a glance with LCD screen


  • No provision of heart rate monitoring
  • No audio input for music
  • No provision for preset workout programs
  • Resistance is not challenging for advanced users
  • Less warranty on parts
  • The seat is not comfortable for large users
  • Very less warranty on parts and labor
  • The cooling fan is not impressive enough
  • Few users claim that the LCD is quite basic as compared to other models of the similar pricing range


The ProForm 55R Rower is viewed as the best rowing machine for the money, particularly for beginners and intermediate level of users.

This rowing machine proves great for users who relish the natural rowing motion with smooth pedaling stroke. The inbuilt low-pulley station proves a boon for users who prefer to have versatile exercise options in their indoor rower.

But, if the five resistance levels are not sufficient for your fitness goals, then you can buy Concept 2 Model D. It is revered among the top-selling equipment of the market with advanced features and result-oriented performance.

On the other hand, the rowing machine reviews state that ProForm 550 air rower is ideal for people who require basic resistance levels and sturdy build quality. Therefore, this rower can provide optimal results for users who need reliable fitness equipment within the budget for having smooth performance.

ProForm 550R Rowing Machine FAQ

Why are Air Rowers best suited for Olympic athletes and professional rowers?
Air rowers are best suited for Olympic athletes and professional rowers as the resistance provided closely mimic the feeling of rowing on water. 550R is best suited for beginners and intermediate rowers. It is also best for people who like to do rowing for their warmup and cooldown. Also, it is perfect for seniors who do not want to compromise on their health. 

What is new in ProForm 550R Rower ?
The ProForm 550R Rower comes with the newly designed “inertia enhanced flywheel”. This comprises of the damper settings similar to the Concept2 Rowing Machine. You can easily control the damper setting by the level that is on the top of the flywheel. Damper setting is different from resistance levels. It is more like gears on a bicycle.

I am looking for a rowing machine that is best for small apartments^ will 550 R suit my requirements?
We are sorry to say but 550 R is not best suited for small apartments, more so because it makes lot of noise when the resistance is changed. Higher you change the resistance, the more the noise it makes.  We would suggest you to look into the Stamina 1215 Orbital Rower for a low-priced quiet rowing machine best suited for small apartments. 
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