ProForm 440R Rower Review

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ProForm 440R Rower Review

The ProForm 440R Rower is rated among the best rowing machine for home as it is professional-quality fitness equipment that offers total body engagement. The striking addition of low pulley station offering the expanded strength training makes it the recommended choice for fitness enthusiasts.

The brand Proform offers this entry-level rowing machine with all premium features that categorize the best equipment of the brand. Read in detail about ProForm 440R Rower review 2021 to know more about this equipment that offers the dual benefit of cardio and strength training rolled into one machine.

Additionally, its resistance levels, transport wheels, large LCD monitor, adjustable straps and inertia-enhanced flywheel make it a perfect indoor rower. Moreover, its space-saver design and ergonomic handles make it the best buy equipment for fitness freaks.

Best Suited for Whom?

The ProForm 440R Rower is acknowledged among the best magnetic rowing machine that offers the whole body workout. It proves to be a preferred choice for users who require to opt for strength training along with focusing on the cardio sessions.

Therefore, users who prefer to have a healthy heart must opt for this fitness equipment as it also provides a low-pulley station for total body conditioning.

The users who need to enhance their endurance levels along with reducing their body weight can rely on this rowing machine for optimal results. People who require to have the low-impact workout sessions can safely use this equipment for having desired results.

This rowing machine also proves to tone the core muscles with each rowing stroke and acts as a churn-out machine for full body fat. Moreover, it is highly cost-effective equipment and viewed as the best rowing machine available under $500 with high-end results.

ProForm 440 Rower Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The ProForm rower arrives in a pre-assembled form, and the user has to attach the glide rail to the flywheel base. The ProForm rowing machine manual is equipped with detailed instructions, guidelines and informative pictorial descriptions to aid the users.

Therefore, the user can assemble the whole unit in a good one hour with the help of another person. However, if the assembling task appears to be too-exhaustive for the users, they can hire professional service by paying extra money for it.

Design and Build Quality

The ProForm rower appears to be a stylish, compact and visually-appealing fitness equipment in the first impression. The machine is sturdy enough to support 250Ibs user weight with a space-saver design. This equipment can fold up quickly in a one-go with the use of front wheels.

The provision of the low-pulley station in the rowing machine makes it a celebrated fitness machine as it supports cardio and strength training with precision.

The users can experience a comfortable workout with its durable performance. Additionally, the light-weight slide rail manufactured using aluminum also provides long-term performance with dimensions measuring 47 x 36 x 18.

The ProForm rowing machine operates with magnetic resistance and inertia-enhanced flywheel to provide a smooth stroke each time the user exercise on it. The provision of non-slip handles makes it a further smooth ride for the users as it comes packed with additional padding for rigorous workout sessions.

The provision of the cushioned seat adds to the convenience of the users, and the availability of large LCD monitor provides inclusive details about the workout. The footrests with adjustable straps enhance the safety and comfort level of the users. The provision of transport wheels makes it quite useful for users to move the equipment safely.

Overall, it proves to be a benchmark for all contemporary rowing machines. It is designed with all pivotal features, making it one of the best rowing machines of the market.

ProForm 440 Rower Features

LCD display

ProForm 440R is designed with a large LCD monitor that helps to measure the performance of the user quite effectively. The users can access the information regarding distance, time, strokes per minute, total strokes, and calories burned. The easy readability of the workout statistics enhances the usability of the ProForm rower.

Low Pulley Station

This exercise equipment is designed with a low pulley station that benefits the users with the ability to offer multifunctional aspects. The users can engage in cardio workout sessions, strength training, and burning calories with the use of flywheel for resistance to help users to achieve their fitness goals.

Heart Rate Monitoring

ProForm 440R doesn’t offer support for heart rate monitoring. But, if you prefer to have this feature in your rower, then you can opt for Stamina Magnetic Rowing Machine – 35-1130. The Stamina rower arrives with a chest strap that syncs wirelessly with the LCD monitor to display information about pulse rate.


This rower from ProForm is driven by magnetic resistance, having eight different levels of intensity. Thus, the users are encouraged to push their limits and have resistance levels ranging from low, medium to high levels.

Therefore, users can opt for resistance settings that are convenient to their fitness levels and their preference for the fitness goals in the long run.


440R operates with inertia-enhanced flywheel for having a smooth stroke every time the user pedals the machine.


This ProForm rower is known for offering smooth and quiet operational efficiency even during intense workout sessions.

Cushioned Seat

The rowing machine is equipped with a cushioned and padded seat that is comfortable enough to support the varying intensity levels of the workout.

Oversized Footrests

ProForm 440R comes equipped with the oversized footrests that have nylon built and equipped with adjustable straps for better results.

Resistance Levels

This equipment arrives with eight different levels of intensity for optimal results with three settings of the low, medium, and high range. The users can turn the knob to modify the resistance levels that are located beneath the LCD monitor.

Max User Weight

The sturdy built quality of this rower helps in offering excellent results for the maximum user weight of 250 Ibs.

Fixed or Folding

This rowing machine is marveled with space saver design that helps in upright storage of the entire unit and that too quickly. Therefore, the whole unit rolls up vertically in a matter of seconds to help users to reclaim the space utilized while working out.


This rower comes equipped with a soft-touch ergonomic handle that has got the comfortable padding and non-slip features for added safety.

Oversized Aluminum Seat Rail

The rower is designed with an oversized aluminum rail that offers the low acoustic experience of rowing with precision.

Other Features

  • Play Music: This rower doesn’t support any provision for playing music.

ProForm 440 Workout Programs

Kind of Exercises: The rowing machine from ProForm offers a plethora of advantages to the users with a focus on strengthening core muscles. Along with this, the user can work out on his legs, upper body, and using the low pulley station; the user can build his strength.

There is a provision of performing a variety of strength training exercises by simply pulling the handle in the upward direction for toning the upper body. While seating, the user can engage in cardiovascular health by only rowing the machine.

Therefore, the workout sessions tend to enhance the strength and stamina of the user by promoting the overall fitness of the body.

Goal Tracking: This rower proves to be result-oriented fitness equipment that motivates users to push their limits to achieve their fitness goals. The users can measure their performance using the metrics as calories burned, strokes per minute, and a lot more to track the workout statistics for better results.

ProForm 440 Rower Warranty

The brand ProForm is an acclaimed brand that is known for making continuous improvements in their equipment to offer better quality to its customers. The warranty on their equipment is meant to enhance the confidence of the users in their range of equipment.

The ProForm 440 Rower comes with 5-Years warranty on frame and 90-Day warranty on parts and labor. Thus, users can rely on the credibility of this fitness equipment for long-term performance.

ProForm 440 Rower Pros & Cons


  • Oversized aluminum steel rail offers durable performance
  • Eight resistance levels with low, medium and high range
  • Foldable design with a smaller footprint
  • Provision of a large LCD monitor
  • Easy assembly
  • Reliable warranty
  • Quiet operation
  • Smooth functioning with inertia-enhanced flywheel
  • Low impact workout sessions
  • Versatile performance with cardio and strength training
  • Adjustable seat with adequate cushioning
  • 250 Ibs user weight capacity
  • Adjustable foot straps with comfortable pedals


  • Some users feel that adjustable straps are not suitable for smaller feet
  • The seat is not as big as compared to the commercial rowing machines
  • Advanced users find the resistance levels not encouraging for intense performances
  • A few users find the handle a straight bar without any ergonomic detailing to it
  • No preset workout programs
  • No provision of heart rate monitoring
  • Quality concerns with tension cord


The ProForm 440R Rower is viewed as the best rowing machine for the money as it offers quality-driven performance with its versatile functionality. It is a recommended machine for novice users who prefer to have light-weight, low impact workout equipment with adjustable resistance levels.

The low-pulley station adds to the convenience of the users who need an indoor rower for overall body fitness. But, some users can find the resistance levels quite easy, so they can opt for Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 Rowing Machine.

This rowing machine offers 12 levels of resistance with all required features at less than $100. However, if you are a beginner and need a reliable rowing machine with easy to use features and a low-pulley station for holistic training of the body, then ProForm 440 Rower is the best equipment for your fitness goals.

ProForm 440R FAQ

I'm little over 6 feet^ will ProForm 440R Rower suit me?
The structure of the rower is such that it doesn't suit people who are six feet tall. For tall people, our best recommendation is the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine. 
Is this rower suitable for small apartments?
Yes, totally, the rower relatively quieter, and is just 76.6″ long, thus making it slightly smaller than average rowers. Also, it can be made more compact for storage as the rail can be folded vertically due to the ProForm’s SpaceSaver design.
I am just a beginner and wish to buy a rower^ will this be suitable?
Yes, the ProForm 440R Rower is best suited for people who are just beginning their rowing journey. If you wish to row for 4-5 times a week, this rower would not disappoint you.  
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