LifeSpan Rowing Machines Review

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LifeSpan Rowing Machines Review

LifeSpan is the reputable brand of international fitness industry that is serving the clientele across the globe for the past two decades. It is a fact that LifeSpan is the market leader that is extremely enthusiastic about creating the innovative fitness equipment to help people lead healthy lives. The brand is devoted to its aim of motivating people to become active and healthy by opting for LifeSpan fitness equipment like LifeSpan rowing machines, LifeSpan recumbent bikes, LifeSpan ellipticals, LifeSpan indoor cycles, LifeSpan treadmills, LifeSpan upright bikes, LifeSpan treadmill desks and LifeSpan bike desks. The use of quality hardware with cutting-edge technology makes all the LifeSpan equipment at par with international standards having the vast customer base. The brand is based in the USA with its business spanning over close to thirty countries of the world. The brand creates its equipment for residential and commercial usage to cater to the large clientele, and the number is continuously growing to take advantage of the premium LifeSpan equipment.

Why LifeSpan Stands Out Among The Rest?

LifeSpan is the reigning brand of fitness industry that is continuously dedicated to bringing up the revolutionary ideas in designing the best equipment. The brand has amazingly come up with its impressive line of robust rowing machines that are the powerhouse of performance and offer incredible results. Furthermore, LifeSpan is known for superseding the expectations of its users that make it create excellent fitness equipment. All these constructive ideas lead towards making user-friendly equipment with precision resulting in having happy and healthy customers. Therefore, all these LifeSpan fitness trainers are designed with advanced technology to ensure that the end-users attain the best quality equipment making the brand more reliable and result-oriented.

LifeSpan Rowing Machine Series

1. LifeSpan RW1000 Indoor Rower

The LifeSpan RW1000 Indoor Rower is one of the best rowers that is designed with impressive built quality and advanced features. This exercise trainer is highly recommended for all those people who prefer to have the robust equipment having the dominant performance accompanied by the valid warranty. Therefore, these rowing machines are ideally meant for those users who need to keep a check on their cardiovascular health along with losing weight with low-impact workout sessions. Following are its features:

  • This rowing machine is compact equipment that can be easily folded having the dimensions measuring 34″ L x 19″ W x 64″ H.
  • The trainer is built from premium grade steel making it longlasting and highly durable.
  • The rowing machine is designed magnetic resistance system offering the five levels of challenges to the users.
  • This exercise equipment operates quite smoothly and is noise-free owing to the provision of magnetic resistance that makes rowing a tough task but enables the machine to function without making any noise.
  • There is a provision of easy to read LCD with information regarding Distance, Time, Strokes-Per-Minute, Calories, and Stroke Count, making it useful for the users to comprehend the workout details accurately.
  • This trainer is equipped with 16.5 lbs flywheel that helps in making this machine work smoothly offering the real-life rowing experience.
  • The rowing machine can support maximum weight up to 300 lbs that make it ideal for people having overweight concerns.
  • This rowing machine is highly comfortable to use owing to its injected foam seat that is large in size and users with different weight proportions can find it highly useful.
  • It comes with the provision of an adjustable seat height that can be adjusted from 11” to 14.5” for the users’ comfort.
  • The rowing machine operates with the batteries, and there is no need to mess up with the power cords.
  • The provision of padded hand grips helps in keeping the user focused on the workout getting his hands sweaty and slippery.
  • The provision of large swivel foot pedals makes it convenient fitness equipment that works excellently well by ensuring the safety of users.
  • The five-year warranty on the frame makes this rowing machine highly reliable and productive equipment.
  • It is budget-friendly equipment that allows the users to avail the benefit of a robust machine making the best indoor rower less than $500.

2. LifeSpan RW7000 Commercial Rowing Machine

The LifeSpan RW7000 Commercial Rowing Machine is rated among the best rowers in the world that are designed with commercial grade quality. This rower is built with the intention of offering the toughest workout sessions to all the dedicated fitness enthusiasts who prefer to have only the best professional-grade rowing machine for their workout sessions. Moreover, the aesthetic designing of the equipment enhances the operational efficiency of the trainer making it rank among the best rower for home. Following are its features:

  • The commercial-grade steel is used for designing a robust machine that can easily withstand the years of intense workout sessions with amazing performance.
  • This trainer arrives in the dimensions measuring 98.4” L x 24.7” W x 48” H that can endure the maximum weight of 350 lbs.
  • This exercise bike is designed with 19” seat that is comfortable enough for the users to get on and off the machine.
  • The provision of contoured and U shaped seat cushion helps in keeping the user comfortable for rigorous workout sessions without exerting the back.
  • This machine is a hybrid air rowing machine that functions using the adjustable magnetic eddy current system for smooth performance.
  • The rowing machine offers 16 levels of resistance that provide a tough task to the users to have the professional rowing experience at the comfort of their home.
  • The rowing machine is user-friendly with 5.5” LCD that is easy to read and adjustable with the different viewing angle that offers the information about calories burned, goal time, total time, distance travelled, watts, and heart rate program.
  • The provision of transport wheels helps in moving the rowing machine, and a quick release unlock mechanism helps in separating the rower into two pieces for adequate storage capacity.
  • The availability of curved handlebars helps in the convenient grip for intense workout sessions.
  • The provision of a nickel plated steel chain helps in having the continuous performance of the rowing machine with no maintenance required.
  • The use of steel monorail beam in the rowing machine adds to its strength and sturdy performance.
  • The provision of adjustable footrests fits appropriately on the different users for maximum comfort and usage.
  • The availability of different preset programs helps in keeping the users motivated to accomplish their targets.
  • It is the best rowing machine under $1500 that is equipped with premium features and sturdy built quality.

Pros and Cons of LifeSpan Rowing Machine


  • LifeSpan rowing machines are designed for hardcore fitness challenges that aim to provide incredible performance.
  • These rowing machines have professional grade built that makes them longlasting and durable.
  • The rowing machines have magnetic and air resistance, making them perform smoothly and without any noise.
  • The Lifespan rowing machines have the adjustable contoured seat that makes them highly convenient for different users.
  • All these rowing machines are designed with large foot plates that enable different sized users to have comfortable workout sessions.
  • The rowers have been designed using international safety standards making them reliable for long-term usage.
  • All the rowers have got the advanced features with a storage facility that makes them ideal for space constrained areas.
  • The advantage of extended warranty for the period of 3 to 5 years proves highly useful for the users.
  • The rowers have got attractive and easy to read LCD that displays all the exercise data with precision.
  • The provision of free shipping on LifeSpan rowers with a 30-day money back guarantee adds to the benefit of the users.


  • The LifeSpan RW 7000 Commercial Rowing machine built with commercial grade quality is high-end equipment for a few users.
  • The rowing machine doesn’t come equipped with a chest strap, and the user has to buy it.

 Final Verdict

LifeSpan rowing machines are the impressive equipment from the renowned brand that is known to develop the sturdy and user-friendly fitness equipment. The rowing machines of the brand are acclaimed to provide the sturdy built with commercial grade quality accompanied by advanced features. The brand creates the powerful rowing machines to give the real-life rowing experience to the users with various levels of resistance.

Thus, the performance, warranty back up and customer-oriented features make these rowing machines a powerhouse of the performance. Therefore, the LifeSpan rowing machines review provide a complete guide to the users to make their investment in quality equipment that would offer the excellent performance with precision for many years to come.

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