LifeCore Rowing Machines Review
LifeCore Rowing Machines Review

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Lifecore r88
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LifeCore is a popular and established brand in the healthcare industry. It has years of experience providing healthcare equipment to customers that it holds the unique ability to anticipate your needs and build products to fit these very requirements. This property of the LifeCore brand has made it a favourite among users and a successful venture in terms of business. Now an international brand in healthcare, LifeCore has been a household name all through America for long. It proves that they stick to their motto of providing the best quality services to customers. Let us get on to the LifeCore Rowing Machine Brand review to know more.

Why LifeCore Stands Out among the Rest?

LifeCore is a group of people who strongly believe in their motto of providing quality and timely services. This determination ensures that their services do not end once a product is sold, no matter in whichever corner of the world be it. Durability and quality remain the brand marks of LifeCore. They also happen to provide the best of warranty to each of their products, thus backing up their claims of superior manufacturing.

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Lifecore r88
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Life Core Rowing Machine Series

LifeCore brings into the market the best of rowing machines at affordable prices. Unlike the expensive or overrated rower machines, LifeCore brings to life all your wishes about a rower. The LifeCore rower is a combination of innovation, sophistication and utility. Smooth and noiseless functioning helps these models stand out among the wide range of competitors. Each of these models is better than the next. LifeCore backs its quality claims with a 30-days return policy if you do not like the product.

1. LifeCore R88 Rowing Machine

The LifeCore R88 Rowing Machine is designed with the all-new silent belt drive system for better performance. The R88 rower enhances your stamina with every succeeding day since the programs are built to challenge you.

  • Six levels of air and magnetic resistance.
  • Can be folded after usage.
  • Portable wheels make it easier to be moved around.

2. LifeCore R90 Rowing Machine

The LifeCore R90 Rowing Machine comes with a large LCD computer display and six levels of magnetic resistance. It is set apart from the LifeCore R88 in its number of programs. It also has an air vent cum flywheel that maintains air supply during every single stroke.

  • Wide ergonomically designed seats
  • Extra large pedals with nylon straps
  • Silent drive system
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the product
  • One year free labour warranty
  • Manual, Pace-dependent, Watts-dependent and Race programs

3. LifeCore R100 Rowing Machine

This LifeCore R100 rower stands apart from its peer models with 15 programs customised to challenge your body in every way. LifeCore R100 Rowing Machine has got the storage to take in four different user profiles. With a chest strap, which is optionally provided with the rower, you can enable a program which is controlled solely by your pulse rates.

  • Sixteen levels of air and magnetic resistance
  • Large blue-lit LCD display
  • Foldable and portable
  • Built to last longer
  • Five-year warranty on parts

Pros & Cons of Life Core


  • Affordable prices of products
  • Innovative designs that save space
  • Focuses on the convenience of users
  • Makes to last longer
  • 30-day cash-back policy


  • .Models do not include heart rate monitors
  • Availability of models are restricted
  • Assembly is difficult

Final Verdict

LifeCore, even with its little demerits, stands out amongst the best healthcare service providers in the world. It combines quality, innovation and affordability, a formidable feat that makes it’s a tough competitor in the markets. This is also the factor that earns it more and more customers every year. The products, durable and efficient, are endorsed by fitness-geeks all around. With all the new design that adds convenience to comfort, it is no wonder that LifeCore Fitness is winning hearts in every step of the way.

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