LifeCore R90 Rowing Machine Review

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LifeCore R90 Rowing Machine Review

The LifeCore R90 is a rowing machine equipped with great features. It is a perfect bike equipment to used at home. It comes with an attractive one colour backlit LCD display. It is easy to assemble and can be moved around the house on wheels. The foldable new rower can be tucked away in a corner after use.

It has got six levels of adjustable magnetic resistance and comfortable design for an all-around experience. Read on the LifeCore R90 Rowing Machine Review to know about the product in detail.

Best Suits for Whom?

The LifeCore R90 Rowing Machine is built for beginners and medium level trainers aiming for in-home workout sessions. The foldable and portable design of the product makes it suitable even for those who move around a lot. It can easily be packed up and carried off at a moment’s notice.

LifeCore R90 Rowing Machine Assembly, Design & Build Quality


Assembling the whole machine can be an easy job if you know the basics of fixing things, like using a screwdriver or fixing a nut and bolt properly. The packaging makes it easier to identify the corresponding parts and you can always take help of the detailed procedures as given in user manual.

Additionally, LifeCore has amazing customer service teams who will be happy to help you with the assembly.

Design and Build Quality

The design of the new LifeCore fitness R90 Rower is so as to make it extremely portable and so that that it takes up less amount of space when not in use.LifeCore Fitness R90 Power is efficient, worth price rower and stylish.The frame is built of industrial strength aluminium with steel for support.

LifeCore R90 Rowing Machine Features


The rower has a one colour backlit LCD monitor which displays a variety of performance details, real-time. It displays features like 500m time, total time, total strokes, strokes per minute, calories, speed, distance and pulse.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Heart rate monitoring is possible if you can invest in an additional chest strap, which isn’t part of the machine.


Out of the six levels of resistance, only the first is air resistance while the rest are magnetic resistances. This is so set-up for the ease of switching and smoothness of the machine.


The new Belt-drive renders the rower almost noiseless.

Monitor Arm Positioning

Your arms can be kept in a natural resting position even during hectic workout sessions due to the thoughtful design of LifeCore Fitness Rowing Machine. It adds zero stress on hands at any point of time.


In a LifeCore R90 Rower, the chain has been replaced by what is named the “Belt-drive”. This provides increased efficiency, smoothness and reduced noise.


The track rails are built of industrial grade extruded aluminium to lower maintenance requirements and ensure the durability of the product. This makes sit one of the best rowing machines available on the market

Cushioned Seat

The seats are wide and cushioned to provide maximum comfort to users.

Large Pedals

The large pedals of R90 support all shoe sizes.

Resistance Levels

There are six different resistance levels which can be controlled manually with the dial button below the handlebars. The switch can be easily made between sessions.

Max User Weight

The maximum user weight of the R90 is 300 lbs.

Fixed or Folding

LifeCore Fitness R90 can be easily folded and stored away. There are roller wheels to ease the transport of R90 from one place to another.


The footrests of the R90 are totally adjustable to any foot or shoe size. It also has got special heel supports to reduce stress. The nylon straps keep your feet glued to the pedals as long as you workout.


The handlebar of R90 is ergonomic in design with a 10-degree bend that gives you room to keep arms in a natural position with zero stress or tension on them during sessions.

LifeCore R90 Rowing Machine Workout Programs

Kind of Exercises: The programs in the LifeCore R90 Rowing Machine are more hectic and functionally benefiting as compared to the previous model. It has got the race program where you will be challenged to beat the computer. There are the manual programs where you can row at the pace of your choice. This makes it count among the best rowers for cross fit.

Goal Tracking: The machine has the display monitor which shows 500m time, total time, total strokes, strokes per minute, calories, speed, distance. The monitor can give real-time pulse too if installed with an additional chest strap that isn’t part of the package. It makes them the best cardio fitness machines.

LifeCore R90 Rowing Machine Warranty

The frame of the indoor LifeCore rowing machine has a lifetime warranty while the parts individually have got 3 years of warranty. Also, there is a year of residential warranty on the product.

LifeCore R90 Rowing Machine Pros & Cons


  • Good quality of material used and requires low maintenance
  • Variety of programs with adjustable resistances
  • Portable and foldable design
  • Easy to assemble packaging


  • Difficulty in working your legs as the tilt should have been a little more for better efficiency.
  • Assembling you need to call additionally if you need assistance.
  • Heart rate monitors don’t come with the product.


Exempting the few shortcomings of the product, there are only positive factors to say about the product.The whole rower, although a bit heavy, can be moved around on wheels.The build and quality are also commendable. Thus it makes for a good long-term investment rower.