LifeCore R88 Rowing Machine Review

LifeCore R88 Rowing Machine Review

The LifeCore R88 competes with similar products in the market with great features and lower prices. These machines help you work your entire body muscles in a go. With their comfortable seat positioning and pedals, the machine doesn’t add any stress on your knees or limbs.

The level of comfort and functionality as seen in rowing machine R88 is never seen in any machine of its price. This is what makes it the best rowing machine of 2020.

Best Suits for Whom?

The great price and the efficient features of the LifeCore R88 make it a suitable machine for everyone. It is especially good for beginners who want to invest in an in-home rowing machine. Since it doesn’t take up much space when not in use, you can buy the best selling rowing machine even if you move around a lot.

LifeCore R88 Rowing Machine Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The assembling of the LifeCore R88 Power is so given in detail that it can be completed within just 30 minutes. The whole process requires no deep electrical or mechanical knowledge. Also, the parts are so packed to allow easy identification while assembling.

Design and Build Quality

The LifeCore R88 pro rowing machine has an ergonomically designed seat which is wide enough to be totally comfortable for you. The pedals are oversized and supported by Velcro straps which keep your feet in place all through the workout.

The extruded aluminum rails and the body are built to last long. The rower is equipped with ideally positioned handle so you can workout with your hands kept in a normal position.

LifeCore R88 Rowing Machine Features

1. Display: The LifeCore Rowing Machine has a large LCD computer display, with blue backlit monitors. They display all the data of your performance.

2. Air-resistance: Air resistance is installed in the first level of the tower, with magnetic resistance controlling the higher levels. There are a total of six levels, which you can switch by using the dial just below the handle.

3. Air Flow Control: The flywheel in itself acts as a fan blowing air rowing machine as you move back and forth.

4. Noise: The flywheel of all the new R88 is made to reduce noise to the bare minimum possible. LifeCore has succeeded in its goals as the rower can be called noiseless easily.

5. Monitor Arm Positioning: The natural arm positioning can be used while workouts on the new LifeCore Fitness rowing machine since its unique design require no weird arm positions for complete benefit.

6. Chain: LifeCore has replaced the chain with what we call the “Belt drive”. This ensures more mobility and smoothness to the rower. It is also far quieter and requires less maintenance over the years.

7. Track: The rails of LifeCore row exercise machine are built of industrial strength extruded aluminum. This provides it with a smooth and sliding movement every time.

8. Cushioned Seat: Large ergonomically designed seat for added comfort.

9. Footrest: The R88 has got footrests that will go with any foot size. You can comfortably use the product thus. With the Velcro straps around your feet, it will also be ensured that your feet won’t slip midway during workouts.

10. Handle-Bar: The handle-bars are set up at a 10-degree tilt which allows you to comfortably set up your hands and rams during the workout sessions.

LifeCore R88 Rowing Machine Workout Programs

Kind of Exercises –  With six levels of a magnetic rowing machine, the LifeCore Fitness offers a variety of programs. It has the Race program where you put against the computer and try to win the race. The slow recovery program is meant to bring your heartbeats back to normal after a hectic workout session.

There are also the manual programs where you can move at your own pace and engage in the Pacer and Watts dependent programs.

Goal Tracking –  The monitor displays the details such as 500m time, total time, total strokes, and strokes per minute, calories, speed, distance and pulse. The pulse reading, however, necessitates you to buy another chest strap additionally. This doesn’t come with the product.

LifeCore R88 Rowing Machine Warranty

The LifeCore Fitness R88 pro comes with a two-year warranty on its frame and a 90-day residential labour warranty. Also, you get a 30-day cash back policy, valid from the date of purchase. This ensures you get back all of your money if you are not satisfied with the product.

LifeCore R88 Rowing Machine Pros & Cons


  • Folding frame facility.
  • 42 inbuilt workout programs.
  • 8.5″ large display.
  • Transported easily with the wheels.
  • Polar wireless receiver.


  • Horizon customer may be less.
  • Responsive and challenging to reach.
  • Passport player may cost you extra.
  • Sound absorption system.


At the lowered prices of LifeCore R88 power, it is one of the best how life-core rowing machines available for you with all those wonderful features. No other machine provides the experiences of the rower, which is comfortable and efficient at the same time. It is a good rower to be bought for in-home purposes when you can’t spend a fortune on one of these machines.