LifeCore R100 Rowing Machine Review

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LifeCore R100 Rowing Machine Review

The R100 rower was designed by LifeCore brand with a healthy and fit life in mind as far as users are considered. It’s all new looks and durable material makes it attractive at first sight. Once you look closer, you’ll find features such as multi-level adjustable magnetic resistance, heart rate monitoring and a variety of pre-installed programs etc.

LifeCore was always meant to help people keep up a good lifestyle. LifeCore R100 Rower takes it a notch closer to its goal. Let us read on the LifeCore R100 Rowing Machine Review to know more.

Best Suits for Whom?

Since the R100 rowing machine has got more sophisticated levels of training in its programs that can be a little hardcore at times, the LifeCore rower best suits those who have experience of using such machines. It makes you train harder and thus build stamina over time. Since every single muscle of your body will be worked, Rowing Machine is great for bodybuilders too.

The all-new design of the equipment takes away any stress from the knees and joints, thus making it suitable even for those who have undergone knee surgery.

LifeCore R100 Rowing Machine Assembly, Design & Build Quality


Assembly of the rower can be an easy task for those who have basic knowledge of how to handle the screwdrivers and spanners. It’s packaging and user manual provides all the additional help you need. If you are still hesitant to do the assembly yourself, all you need to do is dial the toll-free customer care number of LifeCore. The customer service will be at your doorstep for assistance.

Design & Build Quality

The R100 has a sleek and sophisticated look that quickly captures your eye. It is foldable in design and affordable in Price. When folded, it needs only some unused corner of your room to be stored in. Thus, LifeCore R100 Rowing Machine is a strong contender for every other rower in the market, in case of design.

LifeCore R100 Rowing Machine Features

LCD display

The new R100 rower has got a large LCD blue backlit computer display which showcases details such as performance and heart rate during sessions. It displays 500, time, total time, total strokes, strokes per min, calories, speed, distance and pulse if the additional chest strap is bought.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The rower is equipped to display the pulse rates but it requires an extra chest strap. The strap has to be bought additionally since it doesn’t come with the rower.


The air resistance controls the first level of resistance. Then on, from level two to sixteen, the resistance is magnetic. This can be adjusted on the computer itself and with ease.

Airflow Control

The solid steel flywheel of the LifeCore R100 also acts like a fan and thus brings in the air as you move back and forth on the rower. Here it performs a kind of dual function. There is also present an adjustable cooling air vent.


The LifeCore rowers have the chain replaced by the drive belt in all of them. This innovative design provides them with a silent drive system which renders the machines almost noiseless.

Monitor Arm Positioning

The angle of arms is important as your workout on the rowing machines. To ease your posture and cut down stress on arms and hands, R100 is built with an angular design. This lets you rest your arms in its natural position all through the workouts.


The rower has got industrial strength extruded aluminium track rail which is durable and smooth at the same time.

Cushioned Seat

The R100 has got a wide and ergonomically designed seat to please you more.

Handle bar

The handle comes with a 10-degree bend and ergonomic design for added comfort.


The pedals of the new LifeCore R100 Exercise Rower are adjustable and fit for many foot sizes. They are wide and comfortable in the best manner.


The footrests have added heel supports to lessen strain over time. They also come with foot straps to help you keep your feet in place while workouts.

LifeCore R100 Rowing Machine Workout Programs

Kind of Exercises: The LifeCore R100 Exercise Rower has got programs that will automatically adjust themselves depending on the heart rate of the user. But for this to function, you need to buy an extra chest strap that doesn’t come with the program. Other programs include those dependent on pacer and watts readings.

In total there are 15 programs, all built you to improve your stamina every day. The rower can store data of up to 4 profiles. Thus, it falls under the best rowing machines.

Goal Tracking: The LifeCore R100 Row Exercise Machine displays data such as the 500 m time, total time, total strokes, and strokes per minute, calories, speed, distance and pulse. This enables you to adjust programs accordingly and add efficacy levels, day after day.

LifeCore R100 Rowing Machine Warranty

To begin with, the R100 has got two types of warranties,

  • Residential warranty: This includes a limited lifetime warranty on the frame, one-year labour warranty and a five-year warranty on the individual parts in case of manufacturing defects.
  • Light commercial warranty: This comes with a limited lifetime warranty on frame for a two-year period and free in-house repairs for 90-days period.

LifeCore R100 Rowing Machine Pros Cons


  • A foldable design which takes up a lesser amount of space when not used.
  • Portable wheels that make it easy to move the rower around.
  • Great assured warranty on the product.
  • Supports a heart rate monitor.
  • 30-day money back guarantees if you don’t like the product.


  • Additionally invest in a chest strap for heart rate monitoring.
  • The shipping costs can be high, which is something non-refundable if you return the product later.


In nutshell, the LifeCore R100 Rowing Equipment is worth every penny you spend. It makes a good investment for long-term health prospects. It is a really great choice as an in-home exercise machine.

Rowers are the machines that can work your entire body in each stroke and with 15 varieties of programs and body monitoring. The R100 rower has got all that is needed to provide you added benefits.