Life Fitness Rowing Machines Review
Life Fitness Rowing Machines Review

Life Fitness Rowing Machines Review

About the Brand

Life Fitness is one of the reputed brands in the fitness industry, known for creating a high-quality home and commercial exercise machines. It produces a variety of well-designed fitness trainers catering to people of all levels. Currently, Life Fitness offers two rowing machines that come with water resistance, natural rowing movements, and other unique features.

Life Fitness is a brand that has been around for more than 45 years now. You might have already seen Life Fitness trainers in spas or gyms. The company’s rowing machines, exercise bikes, treadmills, elliptical trainers, and strength trainers have been quite popular among fitness enthusiasts since their inception.

The company started with an objective to develop ergonomically designed exercise machines that can provide natural movements and deliver maximum benefits to the users.

Why the Brand Stands Out

People say nothing constant in this world, and fitness is no exception. There has been a drastic change in the way people approach and perform fitness training. Life Fitness is a brand that has evolved with the trend. It has successfully created machines that encouraged people to carry out an active, healthy life with regular exercising.

People in Life Fitness believe gym bags are as important as the coffee mugs in anyone’s life. The company’s culture is to stand for what they believe in, and the brand is known to deliver what it’s products promise.

According to the brand, exercising every day either in private or in a group is the best way to learn everything about your fitness as well as your fitness products. Life Fitness has its global headquarters situated outside of Chicago and operates through its nine other offices spread across different countries.

A Look at the Current Lineup of Life Fitness Rowing Machines

To date, Life Fitness Rowing Machines’ current lineup includes two rowing machines, which are discussed below.

Row HX

The Row HX Rowing Machine is the cheaper model from Life Fitness and is available at a discounted price of over $1500. It provides movements similar to the natural water rowing for effective training. It’s wood and steel frame, adjustable water resistance up to 4 levels, and comfortable rowing motion makes the exercising interesting.

Life Fitness Row HX Rowing Machine comes in a compact size with a length shorter than 7 feet and an assembled weight around 108 lbs. It supports a maximum user weight of up to 300 lbs.

Row GX

The Row GX Rowing Machine is the premium model developed by Life Fitness with an all-steel frame and high-end design that you could buy at a price starting from over $2000.

The premium pricing is worth for its features as this rower comes with 16 different resistance levels that you can adjust as per your requirement. While the machine weighs around 135 lbs post assembly, it is much smaller in size with a length around 71″. Like Row HX, even Row GX rower has a water resistance system.

However, it is designed with a single monorail, unlike Rower HX, which has a double railing.

Pros and Cons of Life Fitness Rowing Machines


  • Life Fitness Rowing Machines come with commercial-grade build quality and performance
  • They are backed by the brand’s reputation in the market
  • These rowing machines can cater to people of all fitness levels
  • They have a fluid-resistance system to imitate natural rowing experience


  • Life Fitness Rowing Machines are expensive and requires a higher budget
  • Many other rowing machines are offering similar features at a lesser cost

Are Life Fitness Rowers Worth Buying?

Whenever you decide to buy an exercise machine for your home gym, it is advisable to check for the product reviews and the user reviews to get a fair idea of how the product performs. If you check the reviews Life Fitness Rowing Machines of both experts as well as the users, you would see that they are very positive about this brand’s machines.

People have praised the brand for its strong built and quality performance. Probably, the only disappointing factors are their price which may seem on a higher side, especially because you could get some best rowing machines under $1000 offering similar performance.

For instance, the Water Rower Natural rowing machine, rated as one of the best home rowing machines under $1200, requires a budget much lesser than that of Row HX while Row GX costs way higher.

Usually, it is harder to justify if paying above $2000 for a rowing machine is worth the money. The critics have liked Life Fitness Rowing Machines for their design and features but only have raised their concern on the pricing.

Experts suggest that it is somewhat preferable to go with the brands that focus on making only rowing machines as they are required to concentrate on just a single product type rather than multiple offerings. Some of the brands that create just the rowing machines are WaterRower, H2O Fitness, and Concept2.

That doesn’t mean you should not buy a Life Fitness rowing machine. Their rowing machines are one of the best amongst the competition with commercial-grade build quality and performance. If budget is not a constraint for you, you may pick up Rower HX for its design or Rower GX for its strength.


One thing you could be assured of when it comes to Life Fitness rowing machines is the reputation of the brand and the quality of the product. You would see a lot of high-end gym facilities and health spas feature Life Fitness rowing machines.

The brand has been focusing on the residential market as well in recent years and has developed home rowers offering commercial-quality performance. Even though the brand has developed a direct customer approach through its Row HX and Row GX rowers, these water-resistant rowing machines are premium priced and targets a niche segment.

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