Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine Review

Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine Review

The Kettler machines are manufactured in Germany and boast of the superb quality of components used. There are many resistance options for beginners provided in this rower and the levels one to ten let you choose between them. There is also a braking system that is smooth and quiet, adding on to a great workout.

There is a monitor also that displays the frequency, time, the strokes, pulse rate and the energy spent. There is also a chest strap that is wireless and a receiver that comes with it. One unique feature that comes with Kettler rowing machines is the additional support provided while exercising. The Coach M also comes with a backboard that has a feature of Quick Attach along with a front foot plate. 16 varied exercises can be performed with these attachments.

The Kettler Coach M is a mid-sized rower and can be easily stored and moved around owing to the caster wheels that come attached to it.

Data Monitor

It has a superior quality electronic LCD that can be easily read and is pretty accurate. Data comes in German and English languages. The display also has energy consumed, frequency, pulse, time, and strokes. There is also a function that prominently shows the field of your preference.

Cardio Wellness Feature

The computer of this rower has a feature that can monitor the change in your heart rate after you are done with the exercise. To track your health in the best way, it gives a cardio wellness score from 1 to 6.


  • Upright Storage: The Rowing Machine by Kettler Coach M has an easy vertical storage. The frame is quite sturdy, yes, but the wheels that come attached to it make it easy to move around.
  • Convenient Design: It has a comfortable design that is biomechanically correct to give a natural pivoting action. It allows the user to make a range of motion of your upper body. The padding is also very comfortable, and a smooth gliding motion is brought about for easy exercising.
  • Smooth Resistance: There is a unique feature of magnetic resistance that is noise-free. The magnetic resistance can be set manually, and there are numerous adjustments that you can make into it. There is a marking from 1 to 10 in the tension knob.
  • LCD Monitor: The LCD monitor of this Kettler rower is accurate and easily readable and displays all the features and the necessary functions.
  • Sturdy Steel Frame: The Coach M comes with a sturdy steel frame that has steel which is crome-plated. There is a lifetime warranty on this frame.
  • Cardio Wellness Feature: This unique feature of cardio wellness is a unique selling point of this rowing machine. It helps to track any change in the heart rate after you are done with your exercise.
  • Low Maintenance Machine: This machine does not need much maintenance, thanks to the sealed ball bearings. It can easily glide without any lubrication too.
  • Warranty: There is a warranty of three years that comes to the parts of the Kettler Coach M which is ideal for a machine of this price range.
  • Ergonomic Seat: Seat padding is ergonomic that gives extra cushioning and support while performing the exercises. This feature can help you to have longer workouts without any trouble.
  • Additional Exercises: there are many bonus exercises provided with this Kettler machine. 16 muscle building exercises can be performed which make this rower as good as a mini gym. Two plates come with it which can be attached easily to the front and back of the rower.
  • Smooth Glide: Kettler has a roller system that ensures that the seat glides in a smooth fashion over the support rail. There are tow metal bars also under it, and these stop unwanted movement while exercising at levels of higher resistance.

Customer Reviews

The display of the rower is the mot preferred feature by most of the owners since it is easy to read and has a high resolution too. Each and every part of your workout performed on the rower is recorded in the form of data in the machine. Many functions are reported by the monitor. With this rowing machine, you are in a state to track and monitor all the aspects of your workout.

Drawbacks of the Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine

It is a popular rowing machine, but the Kettler Coach M does suffer from a few drawbacks:

  • Weight Limit: 285 is the weight limit for this rowing machine which is rather low for a rower.
  • Plugins: There is no option of using batteries in the console as a power cord is needed to be used.


An affordable rower that is ideal for home use is the Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine, which has excellent durability as well. There are some superb features in this Coach M Rowing Machine, and it also comes with 16 attachments for additional workout options that can be performed on it. The price that it is offered at is also reasonable considering the features it has, and it is also cheaper than the Coach E Rower.