Best Rowing Machine for Home
Best Rowing Machine for Home

Best Rowing Machines for Home 2019

Getting the best rowing machine for home is no layman’s task. But hey don’t worry we are with you, we have the proper knowledge to guide you to make the best buy. We have been working with rowing machines for years helping thousands of customers so you don’t have to worry a bit. A rowing machine is highly people specific so getting the right one for you can be tricky.

We will initially talk about the best rowing machines of 2019 available in the market and then will talk about the best rowing machines in each category so you can select your pick. You can read through each one of the categories and find out the best one that suits you. There is also a category of rowing machines that are good in specific ways which are included in the list for their resistance type and price.

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Four different varieties of indoor rowing machines are available. Choose the one that suits you the best.

1. Air Rower

Air rowers are the ones that are commonly found in gyms and normal home gyms. They have fan blades that create resistance while using them. With higher air flow, the intensity of the workout and the resistance provided will increase. These are popular for providing smooth rowing but are quite noisy. So, be ready to adjust with the sound.

2. Hydraulic Rowing Machine

Hydraulic rowing machines are the most compact type among the rowing machines. If space conservation is in your mind then this is the one to go with. They are cheap but provide the whole body workout experience of a rowing machine. As the name suggests, they have a cylinder of compressed air or fluid which is used for providing resistance. The only disadvantage with this kind is their unnatural rowing movement. This means that you won’t be able to align the movements between the arms and legs. For Example Harvil Hydraulic Rowing Machine

3. Magnetic Resistance Indoor Rower

Magnetic resistance indoor rover is the most silent one among all the other types. The magnetic braking system in it is responsible for this quietness and the smoothness of the ride. If you love silence while working out, then you can blindly buy this one. They have programmable workouts giving you much variety in your workouts. Unlike the air rower, the resistance of this type of rower stays stable and is not relative to the speed of your rowing. You can prefer Titan Adjustable Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine.

4. Water Rower

Water rover is best for the people who want the real experience and for the people who are preparing for a rowing competition. It makes more sense for the competitors to use this for practice. It simulates the dynamic action of a boat rowing through the water. The only sound it causes is the swishing of the water. They are made with wooden frames giving it a classy look. They are the most appealing rowing machines available. But they are also the most expensive machines. If you are just a beginner then a water rover might be too much for you. Sunny Health & Fitness Water Rowing Machine is a good example of water rower.

How to Find the Best Home Rowing Machine?

With a wide variety of options available, it is now very difficult for anyone to find the right rowing machine for home. Earlier, options were less and because of this even though the people lacked options it was easy for them to select one. But in the worst case scenario, people had to actually settle for the home rowers they didn’t like.

For better clarity instead of just suggesting the machines, we have made good care to help you understand what makes them a good machine. We have listed out the best rowing machines for you to choose and if interested you could check the criteria we considered for the selection. Read until the end so that you won’t miss a thing. A proper understanding about them will make capable of selecting the best one at any time. You can buy Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205.

Most Important Criteria

There are three areas you must pay attention to when searching for the best rowing machine.

  1. Resistance type
  2. Price
  3. Monitor functions

If you find the best quality rowing machines in all these categories, then the number of devices you find will narrow down making the selection easier for you. Check out the description of each category to understand how to perceive them.

1. Resistance

The resistance type is the most important feature to look for in a rowing machine because it determines the intensity of the workout and durability of the machine. Resistance types usually have their own advantages and features; therefore with just this preference, you will be able to remove many options. Basically, there are 4 options to choose from – air, water, magnetic and hydraulic system. Apart from all these, there is another type which is a combination of air and magnetic system.
You can read more about them in here.

2. Price

You can only buy a home rowing machine that you can afford and that again makes your options narrower. If the budget is smaller you only need to check the cheapest category. We can easily say that you get what you pay for. So, expect the quality based on the money you pay. There are good machines at cheaper rates like Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine but it is difficult to find them.

3. Monitor Functions

A cheap rowing machine won’t have workout tracking but it will help you do the exercise. The price will increase with more monitor functions. If PC connection or 2K and 5K recording are required then be ready to pay a higher amount.

Detailed Criteria

Getting an outline is not enough when you need to choose something for your health. So, we will now dig in deeper to each of the criteria. The details we made might look minor but they are as important as anything because these minor things can make big differences. And maybe they might hook you up with a particular machine. For example, if you have a specific model with a rare feature then maybe only one or two options will be there to choose from.

Read the detailed criteria and find out the best rowing machine for home.

1. Build Quality

If you are heavier then build quality is a major concern. If you weigh more than 250lbs then you might even destroy a light machine. Not many devices have heavyweight support. Also, think about the variety of people using and frequency using it. The higher you pay better the build quality but there are a few good ones in the cheaper section too.

2. Comfort

If you easily get blisters or get a sore butt, then pay close attention to the seating because you are planning to use it every day. If you are uncomfortable then avoid it. The seat, handle and footrest must all be comfortable.

3. Storage

If you have limited space then go for a compact rowing machine. Some can stand upright, some can be folded in half and some won’t do either. If you need to move the machine, then find a rowing machine with wheels. For example, you can go for Stamina 35-1215 Orbital Rowing Machines.

4. Capacity

Check the recommended capacity for length and weight. This is crucial if you are tall or overweight.

5. Dimensions

Dimension is important for people with small apartments. Measure your room and find the space you can accommodate then match it up with the machine size for a proper fit.

6. Assembly

It is easy to assemble a rowing machine and it is just a one time job. If you run into problems with the parts or arrangement, then you can always contact the customer care who will always lend you the helping hand.

7. Maintenance

Maintenance is important if you want your machine to last long. The cost of maintenance must also be considered if you don’t want to spend a lot of money in the future. Most of the manufacturers provide a set of instructions to make their product last longer. Generally, we recommend doing these things mentioned below to prolong the life of your rowing machine.

  1. Examining and tightening any loose screws
  2. Tightening the seat to ensure it is secure
  3. Wiping down the entire machine
  4. Lubricating the chain (in some models)
  5. Changing the water weekly (if you’re using a water rower) to avoid bacteria and fungi build-up

8. Warranty

A good period of warranty and customer service ensures that your machine will last you for a while. Budget machines usually have short warranties. Anyway, choose a brand with good reviews like Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5.

Final Thoughts

Rowing machines for the home are complete workout machines. If you get one, then you will never have to search for another fitness equipment to focus on your specific muscle groups. Even though they are seen as mere rowing machines with different resistance types, they can offer a wide variety of workouts for you to choose from. The most common type is the hydraulic rower machine which is a silent and cheap one. Water rowers are expensive but give close to real life experience.

Ultimately, the type of rowing machines depends on your workout style, fitness goals, and your budget. Don’t just look at the resistance types because nowadays these machines are more technologically advanced so consider getting one that can help you greatly in developing you. If you have gone through our guide on best rowing machines for home, then you might have gained a proper understanding of the machine you really need. So get the best home rower as per your needs and row yourself to fitness.