Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine Review

Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine Review

If you are a workout freak, and you hit the gym regularly, you might have surely used the Concept 2 rower. This is one of those machines which are of high quality and are also found in the gyms. Most of the gyms have this rowing machine because of an amazing performance as well as great build quality.

If you do not want to go to the gym, but you still want to own a rowing machine for your home, you have quite good options. There are two kinds of quality rowing machines which are available for the user and are worth the investment.

  • The Concept 2 model D
  • The concept 2 model E

The Concept 2 Model E  indoor rowing machine is the one which is more expensive and this review deals with the features and information of the same rowing machine only.

This particular model of the rowing machine is being sold a lot in the recent years. The popular ergometer has lost its grace whereas the Concept 2 Model E rowing machine has kept the customers satisfied. If you are in search of an amazing rowing machine which you can keep and use at your place, the Concept 2 Rower Model E or Model D are nearly the best purchases.

This Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine Review contains the features as well as the benefits of using this rower machine. Also, the merits, as well as the demerits, are contained in the review. But before them, let’s take up the variation of the two models.

Smooth working

The user while purchasing a machine for workout surely looks up that the machine should be quite in working as well as smooth in functioning. But this task can have a lot of challenges because the intensity of your rower can affect the resistance.

Strapping machine

The machine is well-built, and therefore, it requires a lot of room space. The dimensions of the machine are 8*2 feet but which using it; you require a space of 9*4 feet.

Features of the Model E Rowing Machine

  • The flywheel is very smooth and quiet
  • Responsive resistance to the strokes
  • High seat for easy accessibility
  • Has the backlit monitor 5
  • Easy assembling
  • Home as well as gym use
  • Frame warranty-5 years
  • Moving part warranty- 2 years
  • Spreadable pieces for easy storage
  • The machine was weighing 29 kilos, it is fold-able in 2 pieces when the machine is not in used.The benefits as well as the features can be read above. And these are the reasons why you cannot delay buying the rowing machine. Also, another thing through which the user is benefited is that the machine is cheaply priced and fits the money income of the user.
  • The machine has great power of accommodation, and you will undergo a great workout. There will not be any movement while you are working out.
  • The display of the machine should also be mentioned because of the PM5 console which is a great range of the pre-set games. This allows the user to track down every possible aspect of your workout performance.
  • The machine has the included wireless capacities to hook up with the chest strap, connecting the smartphones as well as the computers. Through this, a lot of excitement and enthusiasm for the rowers is created.
  • The seat of this particular rowing machine model is 20 inches above the level of the ground which is equivalent to the height of many chairs kept together. The sitting and getting off is very easy, and this is the best for those people who suffer from mobility issues.
  • The assembling process of the machine is a very simple and easy process. It can be got straight out of the box and then neatly assembled. The assembling process does not take more than 15-30 minutes.


Any product has both merits as well as the demerits. Here we state the drawbacks that this rowing machine is associated with.

  • The Concept E model is affordable, but this model is relatively expensive than the Concept D model.
  • Another arriving issue of the machine is the footprint of the machine. The machine takes up a lot of space at your place. And also, the machine is not that easily foldable. This thing is of great concern for the user.
  • The customer reviews of the machine are a lot of help. A noticeable as well as a common thing amongst these reviews this that the seat of the machine is a bit uncomfortable. Personally, I don’t find a problem of the similar kind, but if you come across this problem, you can get the seat replaced which too is an easy process.
  • In all, the disadvantages of the machine are minor issues when compared to its splendid features. The pros of the machine successfully outshine the cons of the product.


If you are planning to buy the Concept 2 E rowing machine, you will end up using the machine for quite a long period. The machine is hence an everlasting one. The gym owners are very much fond of this particular rowing machine model. The warranty of the frame is 5 years, and that of the PM5 is 2 years. The moving parts of the machine also do not go wrong anywhere.

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