Bodyguard W-45 Rowing Machine Review

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Bodyguard W-45 Rowing Machine Review

The Bodyguard W-45 Rowing Machine is the innovatively designed exercise bike from the brand Bodyguard that is known to offer only the best and premium quality fitness equipment since 1969. The key criteria of the brand Bodyguard are to assure that all its exercise bikes provide advanced features, natural feel, ergonomic designing and innovative engineering.

The Bodyguard W-45 Rowing Machine is no exception as it is primarily designed to provide total body workout sessions at affordable pricing and amazing features.The rowing machine from Bodyguard arrives in dimensions measuring 97″ L x 18″ W x 43″ H accompanied by Dual Air rower and Magnetic Resistance.

This machine weighs 83 lbs and can be easily folded and transported owing to its provision of four wheels.The rowing machine operates on 120 VAC Plug-In power with 25 preset programs and Wireless Heart Rate monitoring system. Its frame is designed with sturdy steel and ergonomically designed comfort grip handlebars, rear raised seat, and adjustable pedals equipped with pedal straps.

The clear and precise information on the LCD console equipped by Pivoting Viewing angle makes it effective to be used during rigorous workout sessions. The provision of 1″ Reinforced Nylon Cable designed with Fully Enclosed Cable Housing makes this exercise bike safe and convenient to use even for a long duration.

The Commercial and Residential warranties make this exercise bike reliable fitness equipment that can be used for enhancing the fitness levels. You can also take a close look at Bodyguard W-45 Rowing Machine Review to comprehend the usability of this fitness equipment to improve your overall fitness levels with ease.

Best Suits to Whom?

The Bodyguard W-45 Rowing Machine is designed for all those people who intend to work on the cardio exercises while maintaining overall health and fitness. It is meant to provide the effective aerobic exercises along with targeting significant muscles in the body and tone them. This rowing machine is designed to enhance the endurance levels with weight loss and total workout for the whole body.

Thus, those people who intend to engage in cardio sessions with the aim to enhance endurance limits and still prefer low-impact workout sessions, then this exercise bike belongs to them. Even though this rowing machine provides a tough level of resistance as compared to cycling, but still it proves gentle on knees and other joints.

Thus, it is recommended for all those people who suffer from back pain, body aches and stiffness in muscles. It is currently available at less than $1800, so that makes it the best buy rowing machine 2021.

Bodyguard W-45 Rowing Machine Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The Bodyguard W-45 Rowing Machine is a compact-sized machine weighing 83 lbs and thus require at least two people to assemble it accurately. The user can take help from the manual of guidelines as provided with the exercise bike and can assemble it in 30-40 minutes.

But, if the user doesn’t intend to go through the hassle of assembling the bike, he can hire professional help for the same. But, he needs to incur extra cost for assembling of the exercise bike.

Design and Build Quality

The Bodyguard W-45 Rowing Machine is a well-designed machine with a sturdy steel frame that comes equipped with a rust-resistant powder coating to enhance its shelf life and durability. The exercise bike is designed with anodized aluminium seat track accompanied by ergonomically designed rear raised seat comfortable for users even in intense workout sessions.

The comfortable grip of the handlebars along with the adjustable pedals having the quick lock/release pedal straps make it convenient for people of all age groups. This exercise machine runs with 120 VAC Plug-In power with 16 levels of resistance to enhance the performance levels of the users by offering them challenges to overcome with precision.

It is easy to fold and transport that makes it an ideal exercise bike for home use and commercial usage as well. It can take the maximum weight up to 350 lbs that imply that even heavy people can transform their life using this rowing machine.

The maintenance-free and heavy-duty cable enables the exercise bike to operate quite efficiently and without making any noise. Furthermore, the use of Sound Suppressing Engineering with reducing in the noise for over 50% as compared to the contemporary rowing machines make it rank as the Best Rowing Machine 2021.

Bodyguard W-45 Rowing Machine Features

LCD display

This exercise bike comes equipped with the Blue LCD fitted with the parameters designed for accurately measuring the exercise. There is a provision of message centre located below the LCD screen that helps to show the information before and after the exercise session through scrolling.

It has got alphanumeric keys and displays the information about Calories, Calories Per Hour, Distance, Level, Time, Time Per 500m, Time Per 500m Average, Pulse, Strokes, Strokes Per Minute, Watts, Average Watts. It also comes equipped with a pivoting viewing angle that helps the user to view the LCD console easily during different levels of intensity.

Heart Rate Monitoring

This rowing machine arrives with the provision of the wireless heart rate control program. The user can easily preset the desired level of the target heart rate, and he can modify the levels of intensity throughout the workout session to maintain the preset heart rate level. There is a need to use the wireless heart rate chest strap transmitter that measures the pulse rate of the user and send the signal throughout the program.


This rowing machine offers the air resistance by making use of airflow over an internal flywheel. Thus, the flywheel is connected to the rowing machine through a chain, and the user has to row the flywheel faster to spin the wheel through the air, and this results in having the different resistance levels.

AirFlow Control

The airflow flow control in this rowing machine helps to generate the resistance levels through the flywheel. The faster a user can row the machine, the quicker the flywheel spins through airflow producing the required amount of resistance. It helps to enhance the endurance level of the users.


This Bodyguard rowing machine arrives with the provision of a heavy-duty nylon cord that allows operating this rowing machine without noise. Moreover, the availability of Sound Suppressing Mechanism enhances the ability of the machine to function without noise.

Cushioned Seat

The exercise bike arrives with ergonomically designed 19.5” rear raised seat that is comfortable enough for the users to engage in the intense workout sessions without getting exhausted.

Large Pedals

This Bodyguard rowing machine arrives with the provision of large-sized pedals with adjustable seven position foot plate and flexible heel rest. Moreover, the provision of quick lock/release pedal straps make it an ideal exercise bike for people having foot pain or require the steady and comfortable support to the feet during exercise sessions.

Resistance Levels

This exercise bike is designed with dual Air and Magnetic Resistance equipped with 16 levels of resistance. Thus, the user can adjust the level of resistance from minimum to maximum depending upon his specific requirement with ease.

Max User Weight

This rowing machine is designed with the sturdy steel frame that can support maximum weight up to 350 lbs. Thus, if you are overweight and require an exercise bike that can help you to reduce weight and keep fit, then this rowing machine works best for you.

Fixed or Folding

The Bodyguard rowing machine comes equipped with the Easy Fold and Roll Mechanism that allows the machine to get quickly fold up and move from one place to another. Moreover, this exercise bike weighs 83 lbs and has got four wheels that make it easy to fold and transport it.


This rowing machine is designed with the ergonomically designed footrest that allows the comfortable positioning of the feet. The footrest allows the user to focus on the exercise session as even during the intense level of workout the user doesn’t feel exhausted and insensitive regarding his safety.


This exercise bike arrives with the provision of ergonomically designed handlebars equipped with Comfort Grip. It helps the user to keep a firm hold on the handlebar even during the rigorous workout sessions and keep him focused on the training session rather than worrying about the slippery of the hand from the handlebar.

Play Music

There is no provision of the audio system in this rowing machine.

Bodyguard W-45 Rowing Machine Workout Programs

Kind of Exercises: The Bodyguard W-45 Rowing Machine is designed to provide the total body workout and to promote the general well-being of the users.This rowing machine is ideally meant to provide cardio workout sessions with the reduction in belly fat, endurance training, engagement of the major muscles of the body, quadriceps, calves, glutes, shoulders, back and reduces the stress from the body.

Bodyguard Rowing Machine offers better resistance levels as compared to cycling and works on the broader range of motion to enhance the flexibility of the body.

Goal Tracking: This rowing machine arrives with the provision of Heart Rate Control Program that allows the user to set the desired level of pulse rate that would be maintained throughout his workout session. Thus, the level of intensity is automatically adjusted to match the pulse rate, and the user can attain his goal.

The Watts program enables the user to set the level of effort that the user would maintain in his workout session. The level of intensity is adjusted according to the stroke rate and power to ensure that the user can achieve his workout goal

Bodyguard W-45 Rowing Machine Warranty

The Bodyguard W-45 Rowing Machine is backed by a valid warranty that makes it the recommended product for all the fitness enthusiasts. There is a provision of both residential and commercial warranty on the rowing machine. The Residential warranty covers a Lifetime warranty on frame, ten-years warranty on parts and a three-year warranty on labor.

The Commercial warranty provides a Lifetime warranty on the frame, five-year warranty on parts and a two-year warranty on labor. Therefore, the valid warranty back up makes Bodyguard W-45 Rowing Machine as the best rowing machine of the market that is equally suitable for residential and commercial purposes.

Bodyguard W-45 Rowing Machine Pros & Cons


  • It can be easily folded and transported and stored without any problem.
  • It is ideal for total body workout and people of different age groups.
  • It offers a low-impact workout, and thus, it is ideal for people with joint pains and aches.
  • It operates without making any noise.
  • It offers various levels of resistance using air and magnetic resistance that provides challenging workout options to the users.


  • This rowing machine is a costly exercise bike as it falls under the range of $1700.
  • The pedal strap may not appear comfortable for a few users.
  • The chest strap is not included, and the user has to buy it separately.


The Bodyguard W-45 Rowing Machine is recognized as the best rowing machine of the contemporary market. Its impressive and customer-oriented features, safety provisions, well-built frame, and convenience to use make it the recommended choice of fitness enthusiasts.

It has got a valid warranty back up with fantastic levels of resistance and ergonomic designing that enhances the confidence of the users about its performance.

Even though rower pricing is higher but considering its incredible benefits regarding variability in the workout options, ease of storage and mobility makes it equipment that is worthy of investment.

Therefore, if you intend to buy fitness equipment that offers a wide range of health benefits, incredible performance, convenience to users, then Bodyguard is preferred fitness brand for you.