Bodyguard Rowing Machines Review

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Bodyguard Rowing Machines Review

Experts Choice

Bodyguard W-45
Rating: 75%

Bodyguard is the international fitness equipment brand that provides the sound fitness equipment that has durable performance and customer-driven features. The brand consciously makes use of advanced technology to manufacture the high performance-oriented equipment, and there is a process of rigorous testing to ensure that the final product is exceptional.

Moreover, the brand has got a dedicated research team that constantly endeavours to employ the innovation-driven technology in the equipment for procuring the best results. All the equipment of Bodyguard have got premium built quality, and their broad range of equipment covers Bodyguard rowing machine, Bodyguard indoor cycles, Bodyguard recumbent bikes, Bodyguard upright bikes, Bodyguard treadmills, and Bodyguard ellipticals. Moreover, the brand forays into the commercial realm also as it provides exercise equipment for residential and commercial usage. The incredible performance of bodyguard rowing machine makes it the best rower of the world owing to its incredible features and built quality.

Why Bodyguard Stands Out Among The Rest?

The Bodyguard brand is known in the international fitness industry for its power-packed fitness equipment that caters to a massive line of clientele across the globe. The headquarters of the Bodyguard brand is based in Canada, and it is rendering to the diverse requirements of its users. This brand is different from its competitors owing to its continuous attempt to manufacture high-quality and performance-driven fitness equipment with precision. As the brand has well-designed fitness equipment that goes through the stringent analytical procedures so that the equipment has exceptional built quality with impeccable performance.

Therefore, all the users whether pro or beginners can enjoy a healthy lifestyle by opting for the Bodyguard equipment owing to its ease of usage and impressive features. Also, the brand designs all its equipment that promote natural feel, comfort, ergonomic designing and use of progressive and innovative technology. All these features are accessible in the rowing machine of Bodyguard that makes it user-friendly equipment. Thus, the brand adheres to its philosophy of making the sound equipment with the precision that yields dominant performance to the users and keeps them fit.

Bodyguard Rowing Machine Series

Bodyguard W-45 Rowing Machine

The Bodyguard W-45 Rowing Machine is one of the best rowers of the international fitness market that provides the benefit of advanced features and robust built quality. It is in fact, the award-winning fitness equipment of the brand Bodyguard that is manufactured using innovative technology to procure incredible performance. The rowing machine provides the unmatched precision owing to its amazing line of impressive and result-oriented features. Following are its features:

  • This rowing machine is designed with easy fold and roll technology with four transport wheels making it a perfect solution for space-constraint areas.
  • It provides long-lasting performance owing to its sturdy steel built that has got rust-resistant powder coating that enhances its shelf-life and makes it more productive.
  • The rowing machine comes equipped with ergonomically designed handlebars that ensure the non-slippery performance even in the most rigorous workout sessions.
  • The fitness rower has got the magnetic and air resistance that enhances the performance levels of the equipment to excellent results.
  • It arrives in the dimensions measuring 97” L x 18” W x 43” H that is designed to provide ample space to the users and can easily bear maximum weight up to 350 lbs.
  • This rowing machine is designed with 16 levels of resistance, and each level offers a challenging intensity level to assure that the users have incredible workout experience.
  • The Bodyguard rower has got the comfortable rear raised seat that has got the 19.5” seat height along with 39” seat travel to optimize the performance of the users.
  • It comes equipped with an adjustable seven positions foot plate for better user experience.
  • The provision of a quick lock/release pedal straps add to the comfort of the users making it a perfect rower for long hours of usage.
  • The certifications of FC+ICES-003 certifications enhance the reliability of the equipment that also adds to the massive customer base who intend to invest in equipment that has safety provisions.
  • There is a provision of blue LCD showing the information about calories, calories per hour, distance, level, average, watts, average watts, pulse, strokes, strokes per minute, time, time per 500m and time per 500m for accurate exercise results.
  • It comes equipped with 25 preset programs that are divided into six different categories including manual, race, profile, watt, HRC and user(custom) that helps in deriving the best results from workout sessions.
  • This rowing machine comes equipped with a lifetime warranty on the frame along with having a valid on the parts, and labor that enhances the usability of the equipment for the long run.
  • The rower from Bodyguard comes equipped with four heart rate control programs that allow the users to set the predetermined pulse rate and maintain it throughout the workout session with accuracy.
  • It comes equipped with sound suppressing technology that provides 50% less noise as compared to the other contemporary rowers.
  • The rower weighs 83 lbs and is quite capable of moving and transporting anywhere.
  • There is a provision of industrial double sealed bearing that helps the equipment to perform better without having any rust on the rower.
  • This rowing machine runs with Plugin 120 VAC and has the 1″ reinforced nylon cable that arrives in a fully enclosed cable housing for safe usage.
  • It is one of the best rowing machines under $2000 that provides all the bells and whistles of the advanced fitness equipment.
  • The provision of triangular seat legs with a broad base adds to the comfort of the users, particularly during intense levels of workout and reduce exertion levels considerably.
  • The pivoting view of the LCD console makes it practically useful for the users to take a look at the workout data during different levels of workout.
  • The provision of comfortable and flexible heel rest enables the users to conveniently place their heel and their heel rest accurately resulting in better performance without any exertion.
  • The provision of target watts program helps the users to attain the preferred goals without resorting to the use of heart strap.

Pros and Cons of Bodyguard Exercise Bikes


  • The rowing machine provides low-impact and total body workout while targeting significant muscles in the body.
  • The magnetic and air resistance in the rowing machine provides versatile workout opportunities to the users.
  • Bodyguard rowing machine provides durable performance with sturdy steel frame having the anti-rust coating that enhances its shelf-life
  • The provision of blue LCD with pivoting viewing angle enhances the comfort level of the users with ease of access to workout information.
  • The provision of transport wheels and easy fold and roll technology make this rower useful equipment for space-constrained areas.
  • The customization programs add to the benefit of the users as they can opt for the program as per their convenience.
  • The adjustable handlebars, seat and foot plate with pedal straps motivate the users to engage in rigorous workout sessions.
  • The lifetime warranty on the frame motivate the users to invest their money in this reliable equipment.
  • The provision of fixed and interval heart rate programs provide various options to the users to achieve the predetermined goal.
  • The FCC+ICES-003 certification makes this rowing machine reliable equipment that can be used by people of all age-groups.


  • The Bodyguard rowing machine falls under the category of less than $2000 that makes it high-end equipment useful for a limited number of users.
  • The Bodyguard rowing machine falls under the category of less than $2000 that makes it high-end equipment useful for a limited number of users.

Final Verdict

Bodyguard is a leading international fitness equipment brand that has been acknowledged to provide the unique and power-packed equipment. All the equipment of Bodyguard has an impressive line of features, sturdy build quality and uncompromising performance. The solid warranty backup on Bodyguard rowing machine makes it the best buy rowing machine of the year 2021 that provides excellent results with precision. Moreover, the rowing machine offers numerous customizable programs that enhance the usability of the equipment.

The commercial grade quality of Bodyguard equipment with natural and smooth feel replicating the actual rowing experience adds to the performance of the rower. Also, it is resilient to bear heavy weight and provides fantastic levels of durability for impeccable results. The key selling point of this rower is that it allows for total body workout with cardio sessions and it is gentle on knees and joints, thus suitable for all age groups.

The adjustable seat height, comfortable foot pads and pedal straps with sturdy handlebars add to the robust performance of the rowing machine. Therefore, the in-depth information about the Bodyguard rowing machine from our review would enable the users to choose the customer-oriented fitness equipment that provides incredible performance by improving the general well-being of the users.

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