Bodycraft VR400 Pro Rowing Machine Review

Bodycraft VR400 Pro Rowing Machine Review

If you are genuinely concerned about saving money, but at the same type you are looking for a smooth rowing motion from a good brand name, then Bodycraft VR400 Pro Rowing Machine is there, specifically designed for you. Talking about the Bodycraft Brand, it is one the most emerging brands in the industry.

The kind of technology, features and efforts the brand incorporates in their fitness equipment is genuinely remarkable. And one such fitness equipment is Bodycraft VR400 Pro Rowing Machine. It runs on eddy current technology, and the bike features 16 levels of resistance, lightweight handlebars, deep contoured seat, comfortable pedals, useful console and much more.

It is one of the most budget-friendly rower models to fit into the demands of every commercial as well as a residential shopper. Let us explore the product in detail.

Best Suited for Whom?

Being an affordable model this is an ideal choice model for almost everyone. You don’t need to panic about the budget. Plus the benefits that you will harvest are mind-boggling. The comfortable foot pads and seat can accommodate a maximum user weight up to 350 lbs and height 6’8”.

Bodycraft VR400 Pro Rowing Machine Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The assembly is lacking. The machine comes with efficiently designed and easy to follow users manual. Instructions and easy to read and follow. So within no time, you can get the machine assembled all by yourself.

Design and Build Quality

The Bodycraft VR400 Pro Rowing Machine is exclusively designed to be space-conscious. The floor dimensions measure 21.25″W x 98.5″L, way too small than top-notch Bodycraft VR500 Pro Rowing model.

Talking about the machine size and weight, the assembled and folded dimension measures 98.5″L x 21.20″W x 40.25″H and 43.25″L x 21.25″W x 69.25″H respectively. It is indeed a space saver.

The machine moves quickly, thanks to the attached transport wheels. The device is light with an average weight of 45 kgs only. The frame is sturdy, with heavy-duty aluminium handlebars and track to support a user weight up to 350 lbs.

Bodycraft VR400 Pro Rowing Machine Features

1. LCD Screen: An easy to read LCD with 2”W x 5“H display. The display screen gives you the clear and fast results of speed, calories, distance rowed, heart rate and the strokes per minute.

2. Heart Rate Monitoring: This low price model has heart rate monitoring feature built in it compared to standard commercial rowers. Beyond this, you can buy the optional polar T34 chest strap to get more defined and accurate readings.

3. Air-resistance: Out of 16 resistance levels, only level one features the air resistance, rest all have magnetic resistance coupled with eddy current technology.

4. Noise: The best part at such a price range rowers is that the model significantly cut down the noise. It features magnetic resistance technology; the assembly is super quiet.

5. Monitor Arm Positioning: The monitor arm positioning is easy and simple with easy-tilt single pivot point.

6. Track: It has a 3” wide heavy duty track made from high strength T13 aluminum. The track length measures 17.75″W x 79″L.

7. Cushioned Seat: A comfortable seat is always the key to great workout results. With a step up height of 18”, you can quickly get on and off. A perfect choice for an aged person or shoppers with knee disabilities.

8. Large Pedals: Pedals are large enough to accommodate any foot size.

9. Resistance Levels: This rowing machine uses both the air and magnetic resistance to drive the device. There are 16 levels of adjustable resistance, and you can adjust it easily by using the quick controls located on the handlebars. The first level is the features of air resistance rowing machine and then there are levels of magnetic resistance using the eddy current technology.

It is indeed an excellent feature at such genuine price range. It makes the Bodycraft VR400 Pro Rowing Machine the best buy rowing machines of 2020.

10. Max User Weight: The maximum user weight capacity is 350 pounds.

11. Fixed or Folding: The device is easy to fold and store. When in use it has dimensions of 98.5″L x 21.20″W x 40.25″H whereas upon folding it reduces to 43.25″L x 21.25″W x 69.25″H. It is space friendly and is worth your investment.

12. Footrest: Footplates are well designed, and a pivoting heel rest with adjustable foot strap is present for perfect positioning during the ride. This feature resembles the top rowers from Bodycraft.

13. Handle-Bar: The handlebars of the machine are rubber padded to be soft on users hands. The quick controls keys are also conveniently placed on it.

14. Other Features:

  • It lacks multimedia compatibility.
  • It has transport wheels for smooth gliding.
  • A cooling fan is present.

Bodycraft VR400 Pro Rowing Machine Workout Programs

Bodycraft VR400 Pro is one of the most user-friendly models from Bodycraft Rowing Machine. The kind of features this primary model display makes it top rower machines. Talking about the rowing machine workout programs, it has 11 inbuilt programs to match the fitness demands of various trainers. The workout programs include :

  • 1 manual program
  • Five preset races
  • Four user races
  • One recovery program

Moreover, the intuitive console displays time/500m, distance (meter), watts, pulse, time, spm, strokes, calories, and resistance level.

The console supports a maximum four user profile at one time.

Goal Tracking: The model allows you to set your target time, distance, and calories, within each program before each workout. It makes you more goal oriented and motivates you to reach the prefixed fitness goals. Thus, improves your workout efficiency.

Bodycraft VR400 Pro Rowing Machine Warranty

The product comes with unexpected warranty coverage. The residential warranty covers the frame for lifetime, parts and components for seven years and labour services for two years only. Talking about the commercial warranty, it includes the structure for ten years, parts for three years and labour for one year.

Bodycraft VR400 Pro Rowing Machine Pros and Cons


  • 16 levels of resistance.
  • Deeply contoured seats.
  • Foldable.
  • Transport wheels attached.
  • 11 workout options available.
  • Four user profile.
  • Maximum user weight up to 350 lbs.
  • Cost-effective.


  • Lack of multimedia compatibility.
  • It lacks assembly.


The excellent warranties, high-class build and sophisticated high-end featured , including powerful console and workout options make it one the most customers friendly rowing machines in the market. Available at such affordable cost, it outperforms all the leading rowing machine competitors. It is worth investing your money in such a top-class rowing bike.