Body Solid Rowing Machines Review
Body Solid Rowing Machines Review

Body Solid Rowing Machines Review

Body Solid is an accomplished fitness equipment brand that is catering to the fitness equipment requirements of the users for the past 25 years. The brand is consistently working to innovate their product line to adapt to the changing demands of recent times. They have successfully upgraded their fitness equipment to provide the best and exceptional build quality and performance. 

The brand is known to manufacture and distribute its equipment that is highly recommended for commercial settings as well as for home-based users. The equipment range of Body Solid includes Body Solid Rowing Machines, Body Solid Treadmills, Body-Solid Ellipticals, Body Solid Multi-station gyms, Body Solid Power Racks, Body Solid kettlebells, Body Solid Dumbbells, Body Solid free-weights machine, Body Solid Recumbent Bikes, Body Solid Exercise Bikes, and Body Solid fitness accessories.

Moreover, the brand assures quality driven performance with each of its product to ensure the longlasting results are guaranteed to the customers.

Body-Solid R300

  • Model: Body-Solid R300
  • Dimensions : 95.1" x 24.4" x 39.8"
  • Resistance Type: Air resistance
  • Heart Rate: Wireless heart rate strap
  • Programmable: 8 preset programs
  • Max User Weight: 330 lbs
  • Pivoting Foot Plates:
  • Fold-able Frame:
  • Warranty:

    Commercial :

    Frame - 15 years

    Parts - 3 years

    Electronics - 2 years

    Labor - 1 year

    Wear items - 6 months

    Residential :

    Frame - lifetime

    Parts - 5 years

    Electronics - 2 years

    Labor - 1 year

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The Body-Solid R300 Rowing machine is the best rowing machine for home as it offers the best cardio sessions along with providing the total body workout by working on the major muscles of the body. The Body-Solid R300 rower is particularly preferred by the users as this machine a ...Read Full Review

The Body-Solid R300 Rowing machine is the best rowing machine for home as it offers the best cardio sessions along with providing the total body workout by working on the major muscles of the body. The Body-Solid R300 rower is particularly preferred by the users as this machine a...

Why Body Solid Stands Out Among The Rest?

Body Solid is undoubtedly one of the premier brands of fitness equipment that is continuously offering an exceptional range of equipment since 1989. The brand remains committed to its motto of Build For Life as all its equipment have solid build quality with durability feature. The brand takes into consideration all the key details of the components of the equipment to ensure that perfection is attained at every stage of manufacturing the product line.

Also, it is one of few best brands of the fitness industry that offers a wide range of equipment incorporating weight plates, kettlebells, dumbbell, free weight machines, and accessories, multi-station gyms along with their regular line of equipment. The equipment of brand is not only used in commercial, and home set up but schools, universities, rehab and, medical facilities, police, and fire departments, military and government also utilize their equipment.

Body Solid Rowing Machine Series

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Body-Solid R300 Rowing Machine Review
Body-Solid R300
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1. Body-Solid R300 Rowing Machine:  The Body-Solid R300 Rowing Machine is ranked among the best rowing machine under $1000 that is designed to offer the hard-core cardio challenges with precision. The r300 indoor rower promotes the total fitness of the body along with supporting agility, endurance and strength training. Following are its features.

  • The Body-Solid r300 endurance rower review states that this machine is built for life and for all those fitness enthusiasts who need to enhance their fitness levels with intensive cardio training.
  • It has a capacity of self-generating power that makes it perfect for intense workouts that don’t rely on any external source of power supply.
  • It is viewed among the best air rowing machine of the market as the user in this machine controls the resistance.
  • The Body-Solid r300 indoor rower is recommended for offering the low impact workout that is easy on joints and back and thus, the safety of users is not compromised.
  • It is the best rowing machine for money as it is highly cost-effective with its innovative feature line that is clubbed with the highly effective performance at less than $1000.
  • The machine can be easily paired with other Crossfit equipment like power racks and  FB300 Fan Bike for optimal results.
  • Endurance r300 rower is a preferred option for group workout settings, commercial usage and also the home-based use for having the maximized output.

2. Body-Solid GSRM40 Seated Row Machine: The Body-Solid GSRM40 Seated Row Machine is precisely the best rowing machine for the money as it falls under the range of less than $1000. This machine is ideally meant for strengthening the middle part of the back along with training of the whole body. The seated row machine exercise is recommended for home use and also proves highly efficient for commercial settings. Following are its features:

  • The dimensions of seated row machine for sale are 39″H x 54″L x 44″W with a weight capacity of
  • This machine comes equipped with durafirm chest and seat pads that add to the comfort level of the users.
  • It is equipped with foam padded foot braces that are extra thick and help in having the better exercise provision for the users without exerting the feet.
  • The seated row machine muscles worked include the hard to reach lat muscles, arm muscles, back muscles and that too with precise results.
  • The rowing machine has got adjustable handgrips that can be effectively moved in four different directions depending upon the resistance level.
  • The sturdy build quality of this rowing machine makes it the best rowing machine for home and preferred for group training as well.
  • It has the provision of bronze brushing on all the key points that makes it durable and long lasting.
  • The provision of limited lifetime warranty adds to the confidence of the users for choosing this powerful machine for their fitness needs.
  • It is highly recommended for different users as it can comfortably accommodate all size users with ease.

Pros and Cons of Body Solid Rowing Machine


  • Body Solid rowing machines have durable build quality.
  • Provision of the smooth flywheel
  • Low impact workout sessions.
  • Cost -effective rowers with less than $1000.
  • Ideal for novice and expert users as well.
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Valid warranty
  • Compact-sized machine.


  • There is no provision of a cooling fan in rowers.
  • The seated row machine doesn’t support the heart rate monitor.
  • There is no provision of the LCD screen in the seated row machine.
  • No provision of the audio or entertainment system in the rowers.
  • The weight plates and adaptor sleeves are not included in the seated row machine.

Final Verdict

Body Solid is an international brand that has established its reputation in the market for offering the exceptional build quality to its customers. The durable features, cost-effective pricing, innovative technology, and variable workout sessions offer incredible results to the users.

Therefore, if you prefer to work on your cardio fitness with powerful and innovation-driven fitness equipment, then you must opt for the Body solid rowing machines. The Body-Solid Rowing Machine review 2020 would help you to pick the best equipment to improve your fitness levels with ease.

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