Body-Solid R300 Rowing Machine Review

Body-Solid R300 Rowing Machine Review

The Body-Solid R300 Rowing machine is the best rowing machine for home as it offers the best cardio sessions along with providing the total body workout by working on the major muscles of the body. The Body-Solid R300 rower is particularly preferred by the users as this machine a full fitness to the body with exemplary results.

Read in detail about Body-Solid R300 Rowing machine review to know more about this powerful and best air rowing machine. It offers high-intensity calorie burnout but at the same time provides the workout of lats, abdominals, hamstring, quadriceps and lot more for productive results.

Best Suited to Whom?

The Body-Solid brand is the best choice for all those users who prefer to engage their lower and upper body to yield benefits of a total body workout. Those users who intend to workout on their cardiovascular health should opt for this endurance r300 rower.

It also turns out to be a great option for users who need to reduce their weight with the benefits of endurance and strength training. The rower also helps to strengthen the body while promoting flexibility and a broader range of motion for better results.

It is also an excellent choice for cross training and offers low-impact workout sessions that are gentle on joints and knees. It is the best rowing machine for all it is available for home use and commercial settings as well.

Body-Solid R300 Rowing Machine Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The assembling of Body Solid r300 endurance rower is quick and handy as it is a compact-sized machine weighing 81.1 Ibs. The user can assemble the machine promptly with the help of manual of guidelines that clearly states the do’s and don’ts of assembling the rower.

It takes two people’s efforts to assemble the machine within an hour. The user can opt for professional service to assemble the machine but has to pay for it separately.

Design and Build Quality

The Body-Solid r300 is a compact machine that is designed to ensure high-powered cardio workout to the users with its durable performance and sturdy build quality. It is a self-generating machine that doesn’t require an external source of power to function.

The endurance r300 rower is equipped with user controlled air resistance for having the well-co-ordinated workout sessions. The smooth flywheel of this machine makes it operate smoothly and quietly even for extended hours of workout.

This indoor rower is powered by textured handles that provide natural arm and hand positions to row the machine in a natural motion. It is designed with an interactive console that displays all the key parameters of workout with polar and wireless heart rate monitoring.

It has got eight different workout sessions that provide versatile exercise options to the users. Moreover, it is considered perfect for commercial and home settings and become the best rowing machine under $1000 for the year 2020 for total body fitness.

Body-Solid R300 Rowing Machine Features

LCD display

This rowing machine arrives with the interactive display that provides information about track time, calories, paddle width, stroke rate, distance, stroke, heart Rate (with wireless heart rate strap), cycle & watts.

The information is explicitly visible on the display screen, and users can maximize their performance using the data and focus on getting better results.

Heart Rate Monitoring

This rowing machine comes packed with a wireless heart rate monitor to help users to gauge their heart rate precisely. The users can effectively track their heart rate with the provision of polar compatibility for having precise information about their heart rate during regular and intense levels of workout.


This rowing machine operates with an air rowing mechanism that allows users to have full control over the resistance of the machine. The user has to row harder and in fast speed to ensure that more air is drawn towards the flywheel for having higher levels of intensity.

AirFlow Control

The airflow flow control allows the users to row the machine entirely. The user has to row the machine with strong rowing motion to allow more air towards the flywheel to generate high resistance levels to move the machine.


This Body Solid rowing machine is designed with a precision engineered flywheel that makes rowing a quieter experience. Also, there is the provision of a nickel plated chain on this rowing machine that further helps in making the rowing machine smooth and quiet.

Cushioned Seat

The exercise bike has got a comfortable seat for having productive rowing sessions.

Large Pedals

The rowing machine comes equipped with comfortably sized pedals that can easily fit in different users feet with ease. The pedals make feet entirely comfortable as the feet don’t get exerted during intense workout sessions.

Resistance Levels

This exercise bike has got the air resistance mechanism that is user controlled. Thus, it depends upon the users how fast they can row the machine to generate the level of resistance. The slow rowing motion creates low-level of resistance while the high-powered rowing generates greater resistance levels.

Max User Weight

This rowing machine is built with a sturdy steel frame that can withstand the weight of 330 Ibs. Thus, the users on the heavy side can opt for this machine to yield the best results.

Fixed or Folding

The Body-Solid r 300 rower is not a folding machine, but by removing a pin, this machine can be easily separated into pieces for storage. Its transport wheels also add to the convenience of moving it from one place to another with ease.


This rowing machine comes equipped with adjustable footrests that allow maximum convenience and comfort to the users. The users can comfortably position their feet on the footrest and continue their workout without bothering about exertion in feet.


This endurance r300 rower is designed with textured handlebars that are meant to provide a comfortable grip during different phases of workout sessions. Thus, the safety of users is not compromised even in the rigorous workout sessions as the handlebars add to the performance of the rowing machine.

Other Features

  • Play Music: This rowing machine doesn’t support an audio system. But, there is a provision of phone holder in this exercise machine that allows users to watch videos or enjoy their favorite music with ease.

Body-Solid R300 Rowing Machine Workout Programs

Kind of Exercises: The Body-Solid rower review states that this machine offers eight different exercise programs that provide total body fitness. These exercises incorporate calories, game, quick start, distance, time, and intervals.

These exercises help in strengthening the body and also enhance the cardio health of the users. Also, the users experience toning of their body muscles while getting the benefits of enhanced flexibility of the body.

Goal Tracking: This endurance r300 rower offer the polar wireless heart rate control program that enables the users to keep a check on their heart rate during the different phases of workout sessions.

Body-Solid R300 Rowing Machine Warranty

The Endurance r300 rower is a well-designed machine that is ideally suitable for commercial settings and home-based settings as well. Thus, the users have access to both the residential and commercial warranty on this rower.

The Residential warranty offers a Lifetime coverage on the frame, the five-year warranty on parts, two-years on electronics and a one-year warranty on labor with six months coverage for wear items.

The Commercial warranty offers coverage of fifteen years warranty on the frame, three-year warranty on parts, the two-year warranty on electronics and a one-year warranty on labor along with six-months warranty on wear items.

Therefore, the warranty backup enhances the usability of the endurance r300 rower manifold making it the best equipment for overall health and fitness of the body.

Body-Solid R300 Rowing Machine Pros & Cons


  • It offers robust build quality.
  • Smooth and quiet flywheel.
  • Provision of air resistance that leads to better user control.
  • Valid warranty back up
  • Affordable pricing with less than $1000.
  • Easy assembly
  • Provides ergonomic handles with adjustable footrests.
  • Ideal for beginners and advanced users as well.
  • Provision of high-intensity cardio workout
  • Meant for commercial and home settings as well.
  • Polar wireless heart rate compatibility.


  • This rowing machine may not suit a person who is recuperating from injuries.
  • It takes time to get used to workout on rowing machines as it requires a learning curve.  


The Body-Solid R300 Rowing Machine is light commercial exercise equipment that is equally relevant for home-based users. It is the best air rowing machine that has got an incredible flywheel that makes it perform smoothly and without making noise even for a longer duration.

The users who look forward to intense cardio sessions must opt for this high-powered machine for exceptional results. If you have a fixed budget, then you can opt for Stamina Air Rower 1399 that is rated among the best rowing machine under $500 that offers amazing rowing experience.

But, if you prefer to go ahead with the more professional build quality of an air rower, then you can choose between endurance r300 vs. Concept 2 Model D rowing machine. The later is hardcore commercial air rower and made to withstand tough workout sessions.

So, if your preference is for the light commercial air rower with a smooth flywheel, then Body Solid r300 endurance rower must be your pick for having excellent fitness results.