Bladez Rowers Review

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Bladez Rowers Review

Bladez Fitness is the premium international brand that manufactures the customer-oriented fitness equipment with business spanning 65 countries of the world. The Bladez Fitness is the subsidiary company of the Beistegui Hermanos Global Group having the headquarters in Spain. The brand Bladez is acknowledged for manufacturing and distribution the superior quality fitness equipment at affordable pricing structure.

Thus, the brand caters to the massive line of clientele by offering the Bladez Cascade Rower, Bladez ellipticals, Bladez treadmills, Bladez indoor cycle, Bladez exercise bike, Bladez upright bikes, and Bladez recumbent bikes. It makes the fitness equipment for residential use and also for commercial purposes as well.

Why Bladez Stands Out Among The Rest?

Bladez is a division of renowned BHG Group that is working in the fitness industry for past 100 years. Furthermore, the brand is dedicated to bringing innovation in its fitness equipment for catering to the specific requirements of the vast customer base. All the products of the Bladez brand speak about the uncompromising quality of the brand and its eagerness to provide only the top-notch fitness equipment to its users. Therefore, the users can rely on the immaculate precision and proficiency of the Bladez fitness products to achieve their fitness goals.

Bladez Rowers Series

1. Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower

The Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower is a powerful machine that is designed to provide the benefits of whole body workout sessions. Also, the users can engage in intense cardio sessions with endurance training and having the low-impact workout to attain the desired fitness goals. Following are its features:

  • The steel frame of the rower with anti-corrosion paint adds to the durability and longevity of the machine.
  • The comfortable pedals of the rower enable the users to engage in intense workout sessions and that too without exerting themselves.
  • The user can engage in the high-intensity cardio sessions that help in maintaining good heart health.
  • If the user is interested in heavy duty workout sessions then using this rower from Bladez would help to attain this target by providing the intense levels of resistance.
  • The Easy Fold Mechanism of this rower makes it the recommended choice of the users who prefer fitness equipment with the space-saving feature.
  • It comes equipped with the Magnetic resistance that can be adjusted from 0 to 16 levels as per the comfort of the user.
  • The 13 lbs flywheel not only add to the resistance of the rower but also helps to make it function quietly.
  • It is the Best Rowing machine under $600 that makes it budget-friendly rower for many users.
  • The ergonomically designed handles equipped with a firm grip helps in making this Bladez rower suitable fitness equipment.

2. Bladez Transcom Rower

The Bladez Transcom Rower is the premium quality rowing machine that is designed to keep you fit and healthy with numerous workout options. Following are its features:

  • It is the Best Rower under $1000 that has got the commercial-grade quality built.
  • The steel frame of this fitness equipment adds to its longevity and make it more customer-oriented with the added benefit of durability.
  • The rower arrives with 16 levels of resistance, and the user can modify the resistance levels with ease.
  • It offers both air and magnetic resistance that enables the users to enhance their endurance levels by modifying the resistance.
  • It is the Best Rower for Home Use as its feature of Contact Heart Rate Sensors Monitor Progress makes it the preferred choice of fitness enthusiasts for maintaining good heart health.
  • There are 17 preset programs incorporating weight loss, calories, distance, recovery, race boat, and manual, etc.
  • The 13 lbs flywheel adds to the quiet and smooth functioning of the rower making it a handy bike for different users.
  • The curved handlebars and comfortable grip enhance the usability of the rower as the user feels comfortable during the rigorous workout sessions.

3. Bladez 200 RW Rower

The Bladez 200 RW Rower is the advanced model of the Bladez Fitness rowers and intends to provide the dominant performance with its Air and Magnetic Resistance. It is designed to provide an ergonomic motion with a long seat and padded rowing bar. It is a cost-friendly training equipment that offers incredible performance with accurate results. It has got the following features:

  • The steel frame of the rower makes it a sturdy machine that gives stability and longevity for many years to come.
  • The large sized swivel LCD display screen enhances the optimal performance of the users while working out and provides the benefit of the optimal level of viewing.
  • It has got oversized pedals with straps that provide the large surface area for feet and straps ensure the safety and comfort of the users.
  • It comes with the provision of 16 levels of resistance that allows the users to challenge themselves with an increase in the intensity levels.
  • It includes 17 preset programs along with the provision of the user profile that aims to keep the user wholly dedicated to the ultimate goal of overall fitness.
  • The Air and Magnetic Resistance provides numerous workout options for the users to challenge their endurance levels by choosing between air and magnetic resistance levels.
  • The Polar Wireless Contact Heart Rate Sensors help in monitoring the heart rate effectively as the Polar Heart Rate strap sync the data with the monitor.
  • This fitness trainer is acknowledged as Best Rowing machine under $1000 as it boasts of advanced features with reasonable pricing.

4. Bladez by BH Performance Rowing Machine

The Bladez By BH Performance Rowing Machine is designed for all the fitness enthusiasts who prefer to have dedicated cardio workout sessions. It’s aesthetic designing with advanced features making it highly recommended rowing machine in the contemporary market. It is an ideal exercise machine for all those people who need to invest in a machine having compact features at affordable pricing. Its features are as follows:

  • The Bladez fitness equipment comes equipped with the 16 levels of resistance that enable the users to choose the workout sessions as per his convenience.
  • The commercial and residential warranty on this product makes it the preferred choice of fitness enthusiasts.
  • This trainer arrives with the provision of electric, magnetic resistance that helps in smooth and quiet operational efficiency.
  • It is the Best Rowing machine under $600 that offers the latest features accompanied by strong built quality with being cost-effective.
  • The rowing machine has got the transportation wheels that help in secure storage and handling.
  • The padded rowing bar helps in preventing exertion in the users, and they can engage in the rigorous workout sessions with ease.
  • The 13 lbs flywheel offers the smooth and quiet operation with continuous momentum.
  • The easy to read large-sized Swivelling LCD console helps to display the precise exercise data explicitly.
  • This rowing trainer comes equipped with 17 preset programs that enable the users to choose the exercise plan with target goals and use the level of intensity accordingly.
  • The elevated seat and rail help the user to get in and out the rowing machine quite effectively.
  • The provision of wireless heart rate receiver and chest strap help in measuring the heart rate precisely during the workout sessions.

Pros and Cons of Bladez Rower Series


  • Bladez rowers are designed with premium quality built and high performance-oriented features.
  • Bladez rowing machines are budget-friendly and provide the optimal performance with customer-focused features.
  • These rowers provide the benefit of having low-impact workout sessions with total body workout and remain gentle on knees and joints.
  • These rowing machines are designed with easy to read LCD display that shows the informative details about the workout sessions.
  • All these rowing machines have got a heavy flywheel that allows quiet and smooth motion with continuous momentum.
  • These rowing machines are easy to fold, store and use even in the space-constraint areas.
  • The rowing machines provide air and magnetic resistance that challenge the users to enhance their endurance levels.
  • The ease of usage in all these Bladez rowers makes them the recommended choice of all those fitness enthusiasts who need simple and easy to operate exercise machines.


  • The Bladez Rowers offer very less warranty on their products that can be a concern for a very few users.
  • A few users may find the levels of resistance less as compared to other contemporary rowers.

Final Verdict

Bladez is an acknowledged brand that is serving the customers across the globe for a century, and their market share is still expanding owing to their excellent product line, and premium quality build.

The amalgamation of the innovation and technology in the Bladez rowers make them the leading fitness equipment of the contemporary market. Overall, The Bladez rowing machines provide the benefit of high-quality build with performance-oriented results that make them one of the leading Best Rower Machines of the world.

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