Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower Review

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Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower Review

The Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower is the high-quality rowing machine that comes from the renowned brand Bladez. The key selling point of this rowing machine is that it aims to provide exceptional performance to the home users owing to its innovative designing and customer-oriented features.

The rowing machine arrives in the dimensions measuring 78 x 205 x 31.5 and weighing 95 lbs. The machine operates with magnetic resistance and offers 16 levels of resistance for challenging the users. The provision of vinyl covered foam seat with cushioned pedals make it the best fitness equipment offering the comfort and convenience to the users for intense workout sessions.

The rowing machine from Bladez is user-friendly equipment as it can be stored and transported easily. Thus, it is highly recommended for space constraint areas. It can support weight up to 265 lbs and is designed with a steel frame to enhance its longevity.

The fitness equipment comes equipped with wireless contact heart rate system and 17 preset programs to enable the users to achieve their fitness goals. The swivelling backlit LCD with interactive programming features and Plug-In AC adapter makes it a recommended exercise machine for all the fitness enthusiasts.

The residential warranty adds to the reliability of this equipment that can be used for upgrading the fitness levels. You can also have a close look at Bladez Fitness Review to understand the key features of its functionality with precision.

Best Suited to Whom?

The Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower is primarily designed for all those fitness enthusiasts who prefer to have total body workout. It is a highly recommended rower for those people who intend to upgrade their fitness levels at the comfort of their home with performance-oriented fitness equipment.

This rowing machine is ideal for people who plan to engage in the cardio workout sessions with an aim to target the essential muscles of the body.Moreover, those people who intend to lose belly fat and work on the upper, as well as the lower body fitness, must try this rowing machine. This rower is ideal for the upper back fitness and precise for glutes, and quadriceps.

Thus, if you are looking for the low-impact workout sessions along with improving your endurance levels, then this rowing machine from Bladez works best for you.Thus, this rowing machine is recommended for all those people who suffer body aches and stiffness in muscles and fear from engaging in any workout sessions.

It is currently available at less than $1000, so its benefits make it the best buy rowing machine 2021.

Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower weighs 95 lbs, and there is a need of at least two people to assemble it. The manual of guidelines as provided with the exercise bike can be used to assemble the bike as it can take only 30-40 minutes.

But, if the user doesn’t prefer to go through the hassle of assembling the bike, professional help can be hired for the same. But, he has to pay the extra cost for the assembling of the rowing machine.

Design and Build Quality

The Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower is a sturdy machine that is designed with a steel frame. The rust-resistant powder coating on the steel frame enhances its usability and durability. This rowing machine is designed with an aluminium seat rail having the support of the steel frame.

The provision of 13 lbs flywheel makes the functioning of this rowing machine quite smooth and accurate. It allows the user to apply the strong force while rowing the machine and doesn’t feel afraid about the breakage of the machine while rowing the machine with much intensity.

The ergonomically designed seat, handlebars along with the adjustable pedals make it an effective machine used by people of all age groups. This exercise machine operates with Plug-In AC adapter having 16 levels of resistance. It allows the users to enhance their endurance levels by upgrading to the next levels of resistance.

It is easy to fold machine, and it can be transported easily that makes it an ideal rower for home use. It can support the maximum weight up to 265 lbs making it a perfect machine for people having excess weight.

Therefore, this rowing machine offers the maximum comfort and convenience to the users by designing the equipment with user-friendly features that make it the best rowing machine 2021.

Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower Features

LCD display

This exercise bike arrives with the provision of the Blue LCD equipped with the information required for measuring the exercise. It is designed with the alphanumeric keys and displays the information about calories, calories per hour, distance, level, time, time per 500m, pulse, strokes, strokes per minute.

It also comes equipped with a swivelling viewing angle that enables the user to view the LCD console easily without getting disturbed in their intense workout sessions.

Heart Rate Monitoring

This rowing equipment comes equipped with the wireless heart rate control program. There is the availability of presetting the desired level of the target heart rate, and this allows the rowing machine to adjust the levels of intensity throughout the workout session to maintain the heart rate as per the predetermined heart rate level.

The wireless heart rate chest strap comes with the rowing machine that determines the pulse rate of the user and sends the accurate signal throughout the workout program.


This Bladez rowing machine operates with the magnetic resistance, and there is no availability of the air resistance.

AirFlow Control

As this Bladez rowing machine functions with magnetic resistance, so there is no need for airflow control in this machine.


This Bodyguard rowing machine arrives with the provision of a heavy flywheel measuring 13 lbs and the magnetic resistance. It helps to row the machine quite effectively but without making any noise. Thus, the magnetic resistance with a metal flywheel allows keeping the rowing machine operations noise-free.

Cushioned Seat

The rowing machine is designed with ergonomically designed with the vinyl covered foam seat and the seat bearings that enable the users to engage in the rowing sessions quite easily.

The height of the seat is 12.5” that makes it comfortable enough for users to engage in the intense rowing sessions without exerting themselves. Moreover, the elevated seat and seat rails make it quite easy for people to get in and out of the rowing machine with ease.

Large Pedals

This Bladez rowing machine is designed with the provision of large-sized pedals accompanied by flexible heel rest. Moreover, the availability of the cushioned pedals makes it effective for people having foot pain or those who need comfortable support to the feet during the rigorous exercise sessions.

Resistance Levels

This rowing bike is designed with magnetic resistance having the 16 levels of resistance. Thus, the user can choose the resistance level as per his convenience and the requirement of the workout session.

Max User Weight

This rowing machine has got the sturdy steel frame that makes it durable and capable to support maximum weight up to 265 lbs. Thus, if you are overweight and shy away from exercise, then this rowing machine would work best for you.

Fixed or Folding

The Bladez rowing machine is designed with the easy fold and roll mechanism that makes this machine easy to fold up and get transported from one place to another. This exercise bike weighs 95 lbs and has got four wheels that help in carrying it quickly.


This Bladez rowing machine comes equipped with the ergonomically designed footrest for the comfortable positioning of the feet. It allows the users to stay energized and focused on his workout session without getting exhausted especially in the rigorous workout programs.


This Bladez exercise machine has got the ergonomically designed handlebars offering the comfortable grip to the users. It enables the user to remain focused on his workout session without getting disturbed by the slippery handlebars.

Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower Workout Programs

Kind of Exercises – The Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower is designed to provide the benefit of total body workout to the users. Furthermore, this rowing machine is designed for the intense cardio workout sessions. The users can avail the benefit of the reduction in belly fat and the engagement of the major muscles of the body.

It aims to enhance the endurance level of the users with tough levels of resistance as compared to cycling. Moreover, the rowing machine involves the broader range of motion that helps in enhancing the flexibility levels of the body.

Goal Tracking – This rowing machine comes equipped with the heart rate control program. It enables the user to set the predetermined level of pulse rate that the rowing machine would maintain throughout his workout session. Thus, the machine automatically adjusts the resistance levels to correlate with the pulse rate, and therefore, the user can achieve his fixed goal.

The race program enables the user to predetermine the distance and pace level for the PC boat and then start racing against it. Once the predetermined distance is accomplished, the monitor shows the clear winner, and it also enables the user to know precisely about his performance levels.

Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower Warranty

The Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower is backed by a valid warranty that makes it the recommended choice of all the fitness freaks. There is a provision of residential on this rowing machine.

The residential warranty covers a one-year warranty on frame, one-year warranty on parts and a one-year warranty on labor. Therefore, the valid warranty back up on this rowing machine makes it rank among the best rowers in the world.

Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower Pros & Cons


  • It comes equipped with magnetic resistance and a heavy flywheel that helps in having smooth and quiet functioning.
  • The easy to fold feature along with transportation ability makes it an effective rowing machine that can be used in the space-constraint areas.
  • The sturdy steel frame adds to the shelf-life of the machine.
  • It is a budget-friendly rowing machine as it falls under the range of $600.
  • The wireless heart rate monitoring strap is provided with the rowing machine
  • The adjustable seat and comfortable pedals help in avoiding exertion during intense workout sessions.


  • This rowing machine has very less period of valid warranty.
  • The maximum weight that this machine can bear doesn’t make it ideal for obese people.
  • There is a need to connect the machine to an electric outlet to get it properly functioning.  


The Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower is recognized for its customer-oriented features, well-built frame and convenience to the users. The different levels of resistance along with magnetic resistance make the users try out the challenging resistance levels that help to increase their endurance levels.

The ease of storage and mobility is another feature that makes it the preferred choice of many fitness experts who need to buy an affordable and space-saving rowing machine.

Therefore, if you intend to invest your money in user-friendly fitness rower that provides various levels of resistance with all safety provisions and pocket-friendly also, then Bladez Fitness Rower is the preferred fitness equipment for improving your fitness levels.