Best Air Rowing Machines 2021

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Best Air Rowing Machines 2021

With the plethora of options for air rowing machines available in the market, one tends to get confused in choosing the best air rowing machine for themselves.

Before we guide you about the air rowing machine which is meant for you as per your requirements, let us first understand the types of rowing machines and the difference between a magnetic rowing machine from an air rowing machine.

Types of Rowing Machines

There are four types of rowing machines viz., air rowing machine, hydraulic rowing machine, magnetic rowing machine and water/fluid rowing machine. While the main function of all the types of rowing machines is similar but if studied carefully there are a variety of differences that can be noted in each type of a rower.

Air Rower vs. Magnetic Rower

An air rowing machine and a magnetic rowing machine are the most commonly preferred and popular choice among fitness enthusiasts.

The major difference between an air rower to that of a magnetic rower is that in an air rowing machine air resistance is generated by the use of a flywheel whereas a magnetic brake is used in a magnetic rower for generating resistance.

Though both the machines are built on a similar principle as that of a rower which aids in achieving excellent fitness goals but differences like resistance operation, machine weights, noise level, data accuracy of monitors, etc. defines in differentiating a magnetic rower and an air rower.

Buying Guide For Air Rowing Machines 2021

We present to you the following points which you must keep a note of before buying the best air rowing machine for yourself. These points will lead you to the most optimum air rowing machine as per your requirements.

1. Resistance Operation: As the name itself suggests that an air rower uses air or wind to create resistance. The air articles around the flywheel when aided with force helps in creating resistance.

An air rowing machine has a fan flywheel in it which spins when the user pulls the handle. When the flywheel spins, it moves the air present in the front and side of the flywheel generating resistance.

The resistance gets increased by increasing the force of spinning the flywheel faster. More is the effort in spinning the wheel, more is the resistance offered by the air rower and more is the level of fitness achieved. The air rower offers a resistance extremely similar to the one offered while real rowing.

2. Budget: Chalk out a budget as there is an air rowing machine available for every budget. Though there is no doubt that if your budget is on the higher side then, you will be able to buy an air rower with more features, advanced settings and looks as compared to a lower model but a budgeted air rower too will be a piece of great fitness equipment if it meets your basic requirement criteria.

Our Pick: If budget is not an issue then, we strongly recommend to check out the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 as it is one of the best air rowers available in the market which is used and loved by fitness lovers all around the globe.

If looking for the best-budgeted air rowing machine, then we recommend going for the Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower which provides a full-body workout solution and is comfortable and easy to use.

3. Damper Setting: Another important point to consider while choosing an air rowing machine is the damper setting of the rowing machine. The damper setting though sounds similar to that of resistance is actually a different concept.

The damper setting aids in controlling the amount of air entering the flywheel of the rowing machine. The amount of air entering the flywheel helps in controlling the amount of resistance being offered.

More the air entering the flywheel, the faster is the movement of the flywheel and heavier is the workout. Not all rowers are equipped with this feature. Opting for the best air rowing machine with a damper setting is always a good idea.

To make it easy for you, here is how you need to set up the damper setting of your air rower:

Generally, a damper setting ranges from a scale of 1 to 10. You need to adjust the knob as per your requirement.

If you are a beginner or planning to go for an aerobic workout, then a low damper setting is the preferred mode but if planning to build up your strength, then working out on a higher damper setting is what one should go for.

4. Monitors: Like any other fitness equipment, an air rowing machine also comes with a monitor. The monitor of an air rowing machine can range from displaying the basics to an advanced set of information, depending on the features offered and the price of the machine.

Generally, more is the budget, more are the set of features available in a rowing machine. The best part about an air rowing machine monitor is that the calculations are extremely accurate.

It measures almost the exact force being applied to the flywheel and also calculates the deceleration rate of the flywheel while performing the recovery stroke.

In a nutshell, the accuracy of the monitors of an air rowing machine displaying power, distance and time is extremely precise and correct. This is the main reason why athletes in the Olympics strictly uses an air rowing machine.

An advanced air rower monitor is the most preferred and recommended choice one should opt for as only an air rowing machine monitor displays features like heart rate, distance, five hundred slits, force curve, pace boat, etc. accurately.

Check out the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 which offers a premium experience of features and is an amazing rower meant for home use. It is considered as one of the best rowing machines of 2021.


Never ever skip checking the warranty offered by the product as it can end up saving you a lot of money in the future. Generally, a two-year warranty is offered by almost all the products which enable you to have your equipment get repaired or a change of part will be done free of cost in case a fault arises during the warranty period. A warranty in itself is a surety that the product is good and can be trusted.

Our research strongly recommends investing in the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine as it gives you a five-year warranty and after-sale care is one of the best. It is one of the best types of rowing machines.

Tip: An air rower is great for exercises like high-intensity interval training (commonly known as HIIT) because of its ability to change speed/resistance offered.

Its a lot lighter than other rowing machines as it uses a plastic fan.

Features Of An Air Rower And Why It Is Better Than Others

An air rowing machine is considered the best type of rower. It gives a striking similarity in the resistance felt and gives an experience similar to rowing on the water itself.

An air rower is very smooth and offers strong strokes of rowing which makes them extremely popular among the fitness community and enthusiasts. It is the most loved and preferred type of rower used in the Olympics.

The best part of an air rower is that it comes at various prices and one can choose according to their budget and requirements.

If budget is not an issue for you then we strongly recommend investing in the Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine PM5 as it has almost everything one looks for working out on a rowing machine. It is one of the top recommended and used rowers around the world.

Check out the EFITMENT Aero Air Fan Rowing Machine for the best inexpensive rowing machine.

Following is a buying guide which we have created for all you buyers who want to invest in one but are clueless in deciding which air rowing machine will be your best buy:

Benefits of Air Rowing Machines

An air rower uses air as resistance to give an experience similar to that of rowing a boat. It’s a known fact that rowing a boat is great for achieving physical fitness but not all can row a boat and this is where an air rowing machine comes to rescue.

An air rower works on the same set of muscles and gives results similar to that of rowing a boat.

1. Less Risk of Injury: An air rowing machine can be used for an extremely productive aerobic workout as it involves almost all muscles of your body and the best part is the risk of injury is extremely less due to the fact that you will be controlling the amount of resistance and the intensity of workout you want to do.

It is excellent for those having bad knees or joint problems as they have to sit and perform the exercise.

2. Light and Compact: An air rower is lighter and compact which makes it the favorite among home users and gym users. It is portable and can easily fit in your cupboard.

The Stamina ATS Air Rower is an excellent choice due to its foldable design if looking for a compact air rowing machine.

3. Great Muscle Toner: Every fitness enthusiast dreams for a perfectly toned body and an air rower helps in toning the muscles in the most convenient and perfect way as it uses your entire upper body and leg muscles while sitting and rowing over it.

Also, some rowers have features to help you select your preferred muscles for the workout. Isn’t it all you dreamed off?

To top it up it also aids in working on your tendons which is rarely done by any other equipment. This is the reason that it is also used by physiotherapists as a mean of strengthening muscles and tendons.

4. No need for warm-up or cool down separately: Perhaps this is one of the few fitness pieces of equipment which helps in stretching and relaxing and doesn’t require any separate warming up or cooling down routine.

Simply, sit on it, start at a slow pace, increase your intensity and before ending your workout slow down to cool off sitting over the rower itself.


An air rower is just the fitness equipment one should go for and rely on it to get that perfectly toned and fit body while simply sitting over it and experiencing the fun of rowing.

If you are serious about buying an air rower for you then make a list of your requirements, go through the buying guide and choose the apt air rower for you which ticks all your criteria.

If you are on a fitness spree and looking for a companion which will help you in achieving your fitness goals and that too within the comfort of your home, then an air rower is just the perfect piece of equipment meant for you.

You now know what your next purchase should be, go grab it and start your journey of health now.

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