Best Pull Up Bars Under 500

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Best Pull Up Bars Under 500

If looking for the best pull-up bar under 500$ but is confused with the plethora of options available in the market, then read this article as we bring you the guide to buy the most-suited pull-up bar meant for you.  A pull-up exercise is a wonderful workout designed to tone your muscles which connect the upper part of your body to your vertebral column. It is mainly done by pulling the upper part of your body mainly with your palms pulling your own body weight.

Pull-up exercises have been done since ages immortal. Even ancient workout patterns like yoga which has various postures of pull-ups meant for body toning and fitness. Unlike other work out equipment, a pull-up bar is one such equipment which is not that expensive and within a budget of 500$, you can find a great piece of the pull-up bar.

Buying Guide For The Best Pull-Up Bar For Home Use Under 500:

Let us now throw some light on what all to look for before investing in a pull-up bar

Choose Your Type of Pull-Up Bar

There are broadly four types of pull-up bars available in the market viz.

1. Doorway pull-up bars: As the name itself suggests that this type of pull-up bar can be easily installed on your door. It’s simple, it is easy, it is convenient and is perhaps the cheapest type of pull-up bar. Our Pick: Try the Sagler Pull up bar Doorway Heavy Duty Chin up bar Trainer for Home Gym Doorway Pull up bar. It can be easily bought within 25$.

2. Wall mounted pull-up bars: This type of pull-up bars is installed on your wall or your ceiling and are also known as wall-mounting chin-up bars. It is great for swinging your body and is considered to give a greater range of freedom while working out on it. Our Pick: We recommend the Gronk Fitness – Ceiling Mounted Multi-Grip Chin-Up Bar as the most preferred and loved best wall-mounted pull-up bar within 500$.

3. Portable pull-up bars: A portable pull-up bar is your on-go companion which is and can be carried with you while you travel. The only issue with it is that it offers a lesser weight capacity as compared to the other types of pull-up bars. Our Pick: We highly recommend the GoBeast Power Tower Pull up bar Dip Stand Portable Pull up Station as the best portable chin-up bars.

4. Free-standing pull-up bar: It is meant for those who love to workout outside and this is why it is also known as an outdoor pull-up bar.

5. Weight Capacity: The market is full of options of the pull-up bar and this can make choosing the right equipment meant for you really tricky. The first and foremost thing to look in a pull-up bar is its capacity to lift weights. Always go for a pull-up bar which can easily bear a weight fairly more than your own weight. Most of the pull-up bars can easily cater a load up to 300 lbs but few pull-up bars can cater up to 1000lbs of weight.

Our Pick: We recommend the Gronk Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar as it can easily carry a load up to 800 lbs and is considered as the best wall mounted pull-up bar by the fitness enthusiast around the world.

6. Comfort and Safety: Ensure that the pull-up bar is safely installed and has no defects in it. Another important point to remember is to check the comfort level of the bar. Your body should be in synchronization with the pull-up bar and you feel any kind of discomfort while working out on it. Make sure that the pull-up bar is securely installed before you start your work out session. 

Tip: There are pull-up bars which come with the option of expert’s assembly wherein an expert from the company reaches your doorsteps and installs the equipment in the most accurate way as per your choice with just a nominal amount or sometimes are given as a complimentary service with the equipment.

Our Pick: If you are buying a pull-up bar which will be used by multiple users then we recommend you to buy the Power Tower – Home Gym Adjustable Multi-Function Fitness Strength Training which ones installed properly can easily accommodate people with different heights and weights.

7. Warranty: Look for a pull-up bar which offers a warranty period as it may end up saving you a good amount of money in case some issue comes up with the equipment within the warranty period. Our pick: The Gravity Fitness Portable Bodyweight Mate & Pull Up Rack offers a warranty period of 1 year.

Important Points to Remember While Working Out on a Pull-Up Bar

Now that you are aware of what to look in a pull-up bar, let us quickly check out the important points to remember while working on a pull-up bar. Below are the important points to remember while working out on a pull-up bar:

  • Always listen to your body and don’t try to overexert or pull your body beyond its capacity.
  • Consult your doctor before performing pull-ups as your doctor knows your body well and will stop you in case your body is in any way not suppose to a pull-up exercise.
  • Do not jump into performing difficult exercises just because you have seen someone else doing it. Keep patience and do pull-ups in the correct way.


A pull-up bar is for all those who dream for an extremely fit and shaped body. It is your doorway to enter into the world of a well-shaped body like models. It is amazing equipment which tones your muscles using your upper body and increases your strength and endurance with the help of your own weight. All you need to do is to choose your pull-up bar, install and start working on it religiously and correctly to get your dream body. So, gear up and start pulling-up and increase your health and fitness quotient to get the dream body you always wanted to flaunt.

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