Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pro Pull Up Bar Review

Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pro Pull Up Bar Review

The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro is one of the best pull up bars for home use. It has been designed and constructed using heavy-duty steel and can withstand a maximum user weight capacity of about 300 lbs. It is well-known for its remarkably durable and strong structure along with its innovative protection pads for the door frame.

This piece of fitness equipment will transform not just your doorway, but also your body. You can use this Perfect Fitness pull up bar to do three different kinds of pull-ups (Close, Wide, and Hammer Grip). Then it can be turned over and can be used to do either sit-ups, pushups or dips.

With this fitness machine, you need to make use of the weight of your body weight in order to get that lean and strong body that you have desired.Read our Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro Review 2019 to know the features, specifications, pros, and cons. Though expensive, these bars are the best pull-up bars of the year 2019.

Perfect Fitness was established in the year 2002, by Alden Mills, formerly a Navy SEAL, and Mark Friedman. Perfect Fitness is one of the leading architects, manufacturers as well as distributors of quite innovative fitness equipment.

A few of the equipment designed by them are the BodyRev Fitness System, Perfect Pullup, Perfect Pushup, Perfect Situp, and Perfect Multi-Gym. They also offer an extensive range of fitness accessories.

Best Suited to Whom?

For those who want to work on their body and get the perfect “V” shaped back with a narrow waist and broad shoulders, the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro is a perfect choice. It is good for those who wish to work out in the comfort of their homes.

The bars can be adjusted height-wise, and the maximum user weight capacity is about 300 lbs. You can check out some of the best pull-up bars under $100 to get an idea about the various models available.

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro Assembly, Design and Build Quality


The assembly process of the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro requires a little more time in comparison to many chin-up/pull-up bars. While most of the pull-up bars require about 15 minutes to set up, this one from Perfect Fitness would need at least 30 minutes. Also, the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro has a lot of pieces in contrast to the pull-up bars from its competitors.

Design and Build Quality

The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro is made of heavy-duty steel. It has registered door frame guards that safeguards the door frame. The bars have a wide grip and the design can be adjusted in height and enables to securely fit in your doorway. The equipment also consists of a Back Blaster workout that can be downloaded.

A distinguishing feature of the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro bar is the patented design. This design safeguards the door frame. It also adjusts vertically in order to fit into the door frame. The padding on the bar ensures that the rest is supported against the frame. This padding safeguards the door from any kind of damage.

To add to this, the pads are placed in a manner that offers its users a wide grip that is not found on such bars. Additionally, the installation height can be adjusted in order to offer the required legroom which is not provided by many other chin-up/pull-up bars. For comparison, you can check out the Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Pull-Up bar.

The foam padding around the wide grip is just outside the frame rest. For those having narrow shoulders, this pull-up bar is way too wide (the hands of the individual have to be just outside their shoulders while performing wide grip pull-ups).

However, surprisingly, there is no foam added in between the outer edge and the middle edge of the pull-up bar, and it prevents the user from performing the wide grip pull-ups the right way and comfortably as well.

In case this bar is made to stand at a small angle due to the specifications of your doorway, the lower portion of the frame rests could possibly rub against the molding. Luckily, there is a quick DIY fix that can be used to sort this issue – you can add a little more foam on the lower portions of the frame rest by attaching an additional layer of foam over it.

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro Features

1. Frame: Just like the predecessor, even the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro is made using white-coated steel and is covered with some black foam grip cushioning. The cushioning of the grip is of better quality in comparison to its predecessor.

2. Weight capacity: The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro weighs about 11 pounds, whereas the basic Multi-Gym weighed about 8 pounds. A regular pull-up bar of eight pounds makes the equipment sturdy and thicker. The Perfect Fitness Pro is definitely thicker and sturdy.

As a matter of fact, the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro is one of the thickest, heaviest, and sturdiest pull-up bars that are available in the market, and these are listed at having the capacity to hold about 300 lbs. This is yet another advantage in comparison to the regular Multi-Gym that had a user weight capacity of 220 lbs (slightly on the low side).

3. Mounting Style: The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro has some adjustable slots located on the back brace that can accommodate various doorway trim heights. This itself is a great advantage of this equipment as many other doorway pull-up bars do not offer this specific feature.

In order to hold itself up, the equipment works with the help of leverage along with a rubber brace that is seated right above door trim (it also comes with a safety clip that prevents it from falling off).

It also has foam-pads that are on the other end and they are placed against the other side of the door. It is a common thing that most of the doorway pull-up bars leave behind scuff marks from the various points of contact.

The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro has tried its best to avoid such marks with the usage of foam-pads. This works pretty well, however, the foam could be a bit thicker and stretch out even more over the ends of the bar (this braces themselves against the doorway trim).

4. Wide-Angled Grip: The wide grip handle of the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro is angled in a way that lets you comfortably perform the wide grip pull-ups. This important pull-up movement helps you in getting the “V-Cut” look that gives you broad shoulders and a narrow waist.

5. Adjustable Design and Heavy Duty Construction: The Perfect Multi-Gym Pro can be adjusted in terms of height in order to make sure that the bars fit securely into the door frame. This equipment fits a lot of door frames in the range of 27” to 35” width. The bars are quite durable and have a maximum user weight capacity of 300 lbs.

6. Helps Safeguard the Door frame: The registered door frame guards of the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro make use of a unique flat design that has thick foam pads that help safeguard your door frame. The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro is very easy to install and this piece of fitness equipment will not need any kind of drilling in the door frame.

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro Workouts Programs

With the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro, users can perform the following workouts:

(i) narrow grip pull or chin-ups
(ii) hammer grip pull-ups
(iii) wide-grip pull-ups

Traditional grip pull-ups can also be performed by the user, however, one must note that there is no grip placed in the specific spot due to which you will be using just the bar. You will also have to attach some extra foam grip manually to the bar. Have a look at some of the best pull-up bar exercises.

You can also perform:

(iv) hanging leg raises as well as variations
(v) pushups by way of keeping the equipment flat on the ground
(vi) sit-ups by way of using this equipment as a brace for the feet in a doorway
(vii) Dips (like other pull-up bars) can be done only with approximately 25% range of movement.

Overall, the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro offers a good amount of workouts. You could get more out of it if you use just the bars. The main advantage of this piece of fitness equipment is the slightly-angled wide grips that are angled at a bit downward position.

This position is more comfortable when you perform the wide grip pull-ups. For the purpose of comparison between the models of Perfect Fitness, you can check out the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Elite Vs Pro.

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro warranty

The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of just 1 year.

Pros and Cons of Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro


  • The pullup bar can withstand a maximum user weight of 300lbs
  • It is perfect for heavier people
  • It is constructed using heavy-duty steel
  • The pullup bars are sturdy and durable
  • The bars are adjustable in terms of height
  • It has wide grips that are slightly angled
  • It does not cause any damage to the doorway
  • It is quite a comfortable piece of fitness equipment


  • Not suitable for those who wish to do traditional pull-ups or chin-ups (shoulder length)
  • Not the perfect choice for those who want a light doorway pullup bar
  • It is expensive
  • There are no grips in this bar for traditional pull-ups
  • The warranty is limited and just 1 year


The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro is one of the best pull-up bars for home use. It is quite heavy at 11 pounds and is quite sturdy. It is constructed of steel and this gives it durability and sturdiness. The height of this piece of fitness equipment can be adjusted easily.

The main advantage of this Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro is the angled wide-grip bars that ensure your wide grip pull-ups are very comfortable. The bars can be adjusted to various doorways of different sizes as well as different doorway trims.

The bars have a lot of foam padding which makes your workouts very convenient and comfortable. It also has in-built padding that protects the doorway trim from any kind of damage. If you are on the lookout for a good set of pull-up bars and do not mind splurging, then the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro is a good pick.

FAQs of the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro

Q1: Is the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro fairly priced?
A1: You will find that most of the doorway pull up bars are priced in the teens to the low thirties. The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull Up Bar has been priced a bit higher in contrast to that range and might seem to be a bit expensive. However, you must consider the amazing features like the in-built padding, adjustability, the wide grips, the heaviness, and sturdiness, which will assure you that it is worth every penny spent.

Q2: How does one get the door frame measured? My door measures about 34” without its frame and about 38” with the frame. Will this equipment fit in?
A2: The measurements of 27-35" are within the frame measurements. The pads resting against the frame are about 27" apart and are about 5.5" long for a total of about 38" from the outer edges of the frame pads (The bar sticking out can be considered at an extra half-inch on every side).