Best Pull Up Bars Over 700

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Best Pull Up Bars Over 700

The people who get into fitness training want to improve their body and have perfectly crafted body muscles. So, having the best equipment at an affordable price is significant towards getting into good shape. Pull up bar is one such equipment that can help you build your core strength with ease and comfort. The best pull up bars over $700 will be enough for most of the people to get the best out of their workout. There are multiple varieties of pull up bars for you to choose from.

Based on your convenience you can choose either the doorway pull-up bar, wall mounted pull bar, ceiling mounted bar, etc. But, in order to get the best product within your budget, you need to know well about these pull-up bars and this is what we are aiming with this piece of article. The best pull up bars for over $700 review will help you gain knowledge about pull up bar helping you make the best decision.

Top 3 Pull Up Bars Over 700


Before buying anything in your life, you need proper research or else it will be like bringing a random stranger that you just met to your home. Pull up bars are meant to be your perfect workout companions so you need to know them well before they can assist you well. Everything begins with you fixing your fitness goals and searching for something that fits your requirement. The most important thing to consider the stability and the productive capacity of the equipment because you are aiming to push yourself so it must be capable of helping you do that.

The manufacturer you choose must be reputed just as to assure some quality check in terms of build and durability. Continue reading our article, it can help you move further. Either you are an expert who just needed a second opinion or complete beginner who needs to know everything from scratch. Whichever person you are; you came to the right place because we can help every individual who is into a fitness regime. Below we have listed out some basic features that must be there in every pull-up bar to qualify them as worthy fitness equipment.

How to Choose the Right Pull-Up Bars Over 700?

If you have at least seen the images of a pull-up bar, you will know that it is nothing complicated it has a stable structure for supporting your weight. But like any equipment with additional features, you can increase the productivity and the comfort of working with pull up bars. So, we have listed out what more you could get out of the pull bars to make it better. Check out with the features below and match them up with the pull-up bars you find in the store.

Each of the pull-up bars will have some specific features which will make it suitable for different kinds of people so find the one that best suits your purpose. Also, understand that the features listed can cause a considerable difference in the price point of each of these equipment. So, choose them wisely.

1. Space: Pull up bars are mainly bought for comfortable home usage. And even if it is for gyms, the space available for you to keep the equipment is really important in choosing the best equipment. After all, if the pull-up bar you choose cannot be fixed or placed in your home, then the whole point of purchasing it is lost. So, what you have to do is find the perfect spot and measure the space you can afford to leave for the pull-up bars before going out in search of the ideal one.

When you go through the guide, you will understand that each of the pull-up bars has different space requirement so choose the best pull up bar over 700$ that fits in your home. For letting you have a rough idea on why we give that much significance to space, let’s take an example. Imagine you are getting a ceiling mounted pull bar, and then you need an ideal place in your home to attach the pull-up bar to your ceiling.

You can’t place it in your dining room or kitchen so finding an ideal place is a major concern or you can think about getting a free standing to pull up bar that doesn’t need any support or fixture to get the support from. But they are considerably bigger than all other types so you must have good floor space that you can spare in order to accommodate one like that. So, make sure to check out space before making the buy.

2. Length of the bar: Length is one of the major components that decide the usability of pull up bars. The wider the bar the better the grip you will get. Moreover, if you have long arms then longer bars can make it easy for you to workout. Generally, the bars found in the market are in the range from 24’’ to 48’’. What we would suggest you is get something longer than 32″ because you will get enough place to hold on to the bar with a wider grip.

3. The diameter of the bar: The diameter of the pull-up bar doesn’t affect the performance or productivity during workouts. But it can determine the durability of the pull-up bars. The pull-up bars that have better diameter usually have a stronger built and these fall amongst the best pull-up bars over $700. Moreover, your hands will be much comfortable holding a pull-up bar that has sufficient surface to hold on to. Most of the pull-up bars have a diameter that falls between 3/4’’ to 1 ½’’.

If the pull-up bar you selected has a smaller diameter, then make sure that they have foam grips or else you will be having a tough time on your hands. We will advise you to choose to pull up bar with a diameter of at least 1 ¼’’ or 1 ½’’.

4. Supported User Weight: Like all the bodyweight exercises, the equipment used for pull-ups should also be strong enough to handle your weight. Your whole body weight is being suspended on the bars so it must not break during workouts and cause injuries. Always make sure to check the maximum weight capacity of the pull-up bar over $700 that you buy and ensure that it is way above the weight of the people who will be using the product. Generally, the best pull up bars of 2021 have a maximum weight capacity of around 200 to 600 pounds.

5. Removable or Permanent: There are two types of pull up bars that you can get from the market. They are based on the type of mounting available for them. Some of the best pull-up bars over $700 are to be permanently fixed while some others can be taken and fixed at another place easily. The ones that are not permanently fixed are versatile in nature as they can be moved around to any place you want.

If you need removable type, then the only options available for you are doorway pull up bar and leverage mounted pull up bar. Other than these, every other kind of pull bars is the fixed type.

6. Leg space: If you are one of those people who like intense training and include kipping pull-ups, then not every other pull up bar will be suitable for you. The pull up bars must really strong enough to hold your weight and the momentum exerted by each of your jumps. Therefore, the mounting of the pull-up bar and the space available below it must be really good. Ceiling mounted pull up bars are good for kipping pull-ups as they have a strong mounting and they provide enough space for you to jump and grab them.

7. Muscle-ups: Muscle ups are another way of intensifying your training. They are much harder than pull-ups and are helpful in building muscles faster. This is not for everyone and if you desire to do it then a wall mounted pull up bar will be more than enough to do the job. In here, you will be taking your torso above the bar each time you workout so sufficient space must be available above the pull-up bar and this kind of pull up bars provides you with enough space.

8. Home gym: Setting a home gym is not an easy task because the space available with you is limited so pre-planning is necessary for effective utilization of the space available in your apartment. The same applies when you are buying the best pull-up bar for home. Just don’t put it at a random place and this is especially for the non-removable type of pull up bars over $700 because later if you want to remove them you can’t. That way you will be wasting a lot of your space just because you didn’t give a two-second thought towards it.

9. The Cost: As we always say, decide your budget before stepping out of your home in search of equipment. Even if you love a piece of equipment but you are short at funds, it will just be equipment of your dreams. So let’s be more practical, fix your budget first then put up your fitness goals. If you wish to go for Pull-Up Bar over $700, then you will get all the desired features in it which will give you the best results. This way you will know what you can get with what you have in your hand.

And don’t worry pull-up bars are available in every price category so you don’t have to worry about getting a low-quality one just because you didn’t have enough money. The most expensive pull-up bar is the free-standing pull-up bar and they have a lot of features that will add variety into your workouts but if you are on a budget, then they are not at all for you. If you are careful enough we can assure you that you can get the best pull up bar for home gyms at an affordable price without sacrificing much on the comfort and performance like Gold’s Gym Power Tower.

How to do Pull-Ups for Beginners?

Pull-ups are well known as one of the ultimate workouts any man can do. Because of this, it is a dream for every workout enthusiast to being taking pull-ups but it is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of effort from the part of the user to begin doing pull-ups successfully, so don’t be sad if you find yourself incapable of doing pull-ups in your home.

If you are a beginner, then you wouldn’t even be used to lifting weights so trying to pick up all your body weight is not an easy thing to do. It will take time and a lot of practice before you can start doing it successfully. We will help you take successful pull-ups. All you need is determination and the willingness to read our guide.

1. To begin with, let your body get used to the weight you need to hang. First, of all ensure that the pull-up bar is mounted safely. As a beginner’s step what you can do is hang your body from the pull-up bar. It will be like dead hanging. Grab the bar and suspend your whole body weight on the bar for around 10 seconds and then drop down. Do this a few times. Your body muscles will start to stretch a bit from this point.

2. Move to this step once you are sure that you are well off with dead hanging. The next step towards advancing towards pull-ups is flex hanging. In it, your body and the head has to reach the topmost point using the pull-up bar. Make sure that your hands are bent and your head is well above the bar. You must hold this posture for around 10 seconds. If you need the assistance of someone, then take it or you could take a chair to make sure that you are in the correct posture.

3. The negative pull-up is the next in line for mastery. They are only to be done once you are good with flex hanging because you will be beginning negative pull-ups in the flex hang posture. From the flex hang posture, you will have to lower your whole body towards the initial dead hang position. This is all about negative pull-ups. You will only be ready to move to the next step once your body is comfortable to do at least 10 negative pull-ups without much effort.

4. Next, are the Body Rows. These are equivalent to pull-ups. The only difference is that your whole body weight won’t be involved in this kind of exercise. Since your body is only getting used to working with your body weight this will be a major step that you make closer to mastering pull-ups.

For doing successful pull-ups, your legs will be bent at a comfortable angle in order to reduce the weight that gets suspended from your hands. In doing body rows, you can leave your leg resting on something initially to distribute your body weight until you feel confident enough to hold your body weight.

5. Pull-up is the ultimate step and you can only master it easily and comfortably if you have gone through the initial steps carefully and in a disciplined manner. Or else you will suffer really badly in order to support your entire body weight on the pull-up bar. We won’t suggest anyone to directly jump into doing the pull-ups the day they get a pull-up bar. Go from smaller step then gradually take up your whole weight. Even during the pull-ups, do one or two which are comfortable and slowly increase the frequency.

The best thing about the home pull-up bars is that you can get one at an affordable rate and place it in your home gym. This literally means that the ultimate workout in the body weight training is at the grasp of your hand. Anytime you are free, you can utilize perfect pull-up bars to shape your body and build muscle strength.

It is the best exercise you can do for your upper body. Even if you find yourself busy and can’t go to the gym daily this will be enough to keep up your body health. Pull-ups are a lot challenging and entertaining too. So, you don’t have to worry that you will become bored or limited to it anytime soon.


If you followed us until now, then you must have understood that we are the fanboys of pull-up bars so you can understand how good it should be. Pull-ups are like the best workouts you can get for your upper body. If you want a perfectly shaped body, then getting the best pull-up bar for your home is the easiest thing you can do. Unlike any other fitness equipment, it is not at all complicated. So, you can easily start working out with them.

There is a great range of equipment available on the market right now so you don’t have to worry about your budget. There will always be good pull-up bars at every budget. There is nothing like any best portable pull-up bar in the market. So, it is important that you understand your fitness goals and match it up with the options available to you. The mounting of the pull bar must be given great importance.

So, make sure that you are getting the right one for your purpose. We can guarantee you that any investment made on pull-ups or a pull-up bar will ever go in vain. Get the best pull-up bar over $700 for your perfect health.

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