Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Pull Up Bar Review

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Pull Up Bar Review

The Iron Gym Workout Pullup Bar is equipment that is made use of for the upper body workouts. It has some fantastic features, high quality, and a reasonable price. You do not need expensive and bulky equipment for upper body workouts. A chin up bar is of immense utility as it helps you to workout by just using the bodyweight and give great results. I conducted this review to see how exactly Iron Gym Bar gives great results. It doesn’t involve the use of the usual home gym equipment.

The Iron Gym utilizes the body weight and supports a total weight of about 300 lbs. It stays in a particular place. You get to select from 3 different grip positions, namely broad, narrow and neutral. These efficiently offer variations in the routine workout. You will also be getting an informative manual along with it in the package. It includes a guide for healthy eating and workout habits.

It is a superb addition to your home gym. It is a fun equipment that offers great workout options. It is gaining tremendous popularity and is available in various modern designs. This Pullup Bar has been out there in the market for quite some time. I came across several reviews online. Most of the customers have good things to say about this bar. Let’s take a quick look at some of the fantastic features and the advantages associated with this particular equipment.

Easy Installation

You can easily install it in your home’s doorway, and you will not need any screws or tools for installation. In fact, the complete assembly doesn’t take more than 10 minutes. You can attach this equipment to walls, ceilings or door frames. It won’t cause any damage and will stay in a particular place. I love this particular characteristic.It adds to the user’s convenience.

The workout pull up bar can be conveniently mounted almost anywhere with great ease. The place can vary from your garage, living room, basement or any other room. It means that there is no need of running towards the gym for working out your upper body. It offers an incredible range of options for exercising the different muscles.

Grip Position

Another outstanding feature is the wide selection of grip positions offered by the bar. All these grip positions help you to perform different exercises like pull-ups, dips, pushups, chin ups and sit ups. The three different grip positions vary from wide, neutral and narrow.


  • You can attach this Pullup bar to separate doorways that are between 24 to 32 inches
  • It is very quick to set up easily
  • It makes use of leverage for staying tightly in place, and there is no requirement of screws
  • It doesn’t cause damage and is completely safe
  • It can be made use of for performing chin-ups and pull-ups
  • It also finds use in performing dips, push-ups, and crunches
  • It supports three grip diverse positions that include broad, narrow and neutral
  • It efficiently targets shoulders, arms and back muscles
  • It offers complete upper body workout
  • It is suitable for all those users who weigh around 300 pounds
  • Doorway frames: The workout bar is fantastic as the experts have efficiently designed it in a different manner. It fits with great ease in the doorway frames. You get to fix it on the floor and carry out with your pushups. It means that you get to exercise, and there is no need always to set the bar on the wall or doorframe
  • Takes Limited Space: This Iron Gym Bar is very compact and occupies little space. You can easily accommodate it in your exercise room or living room with other pieces of equipment. It is a very convenient equipment to use at home
  • Work out for back: It allows you superbly to perform workouts for outer as well as the inner back. It will help you to make the backbone and back more strong and stable by performing these exercises. It is the equipment’s wider grip that allows back workouts.
  • Stable floor exercise: You will be glad to know that the iron gym fits superbly in the doorway frames and also on the floor. You get to mount it conveniently on the floor. It will allow you to do pushups for making your triceps and biceps strong. You can do sit ups easily due to the floor stability.
  • Durable frame: The body structure is assembled as well as very sturdy. The solid frame is made of from steel material. It allows the bar to hold easily weight capacity up to 300 pounds
  • It is a Multi-functional equipment
  • Steady Bars
  • Fits conveniently in doorways
  • It can lift a lot of weight
  • Offers different grip position
  • It is a stable equipment
  • It causes no damage to the floors.


  • This Pullup Bar cannot fit in through doors that are thin
  • You cannot perform dips with ease with this Pullup Bar
  • The height level that is installed in this Pullup bar is uneasy


I feel that The Iron Gym Workout Pullup Bar is a great exercise equipment and is superb for making the body healthy. So if you are an exercise lover, then you must go for this pull-up bar. It has several fantastic features and benefits that can help you to work out with ease. It is worth buying as it has a wide plethora of features and advantages associated with it. Some of the users take some time in getting used to the bar, but it is just a matter of few days and practice.