Best Pull Up Bars for Home Use 2021

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Best Pull Up Bars for Home Use 2021

Most people who like to build their body usually hit the gym or go for personal gym equipment. And they usually prefer to workout with the inversion tables, elliptical, treadmills, etc. which are great for working out the lower body but does almost nothing to your upper body. Dumbbells are an option if you want to build your upper body muscles but there are better options available too.

Top 3 Pull Up Bars for Home Use 2021


Pull up bars are considered to be the best equipment when it comes to sculpting your Pecs or building up your upper body strength. This comes out to be the most suitable option for workout enthusiasts who prefer indoor exercises more than outdoors. Each pulls up bar comes with a different and distinctive set of features to satisfy the needs of a wide variety of users with user-specific features. Among the different upper body toning exercises, pull up is considered to be the king of all.

It gives you the most astonishing results of a well-toned upper body than any other upper body exercises. If a pull up is properly done, it will strengthen any other movement pattern that requires pulling and it can also provide you with a great posture as a reward. Pull-ups will burn a ton of calories reducing excess weight. They contribute mainly to the core, hip and it increases the shoulder stability to a great extent.

Most importantly to some people they will build mean, meaty slabs of muscle onto your upper back, shoulders, and biceps, making you look and feel totally yoked. So, now the question is how you train pull-ups at home properly so as to help you harness all of these benefits. There is no point in spending extra cash as membership if you find it unaffordable because now all you need is a pull-up bar to keep you fit.

The solution for this is to get the best pull up bar for home. It will help you increase or rather scale your pull-ups down or up in terms of difficulty levels. In the market, there are quite a few brands and models of home door-mounted pull up bars available, so in order to avoid a great deal of confusion, let us help you identify the best for getting the best results and avoid the junk to get a quality product.

What To Look For When Buying A Pull-Up Bars for Home Use?

Pull-up bars are a piece of cheap equipment which is a rarity when it comes to buying products for keeping your fitness. But, generally speaking, what people usually look at is not more than 100 dollars. It is quite obvious that no one wants to waste money. So, before you actually pick one from the market, here are some of the most important things to look for to get a good Pull-up bar for home.

1. Grip Positions: One important thing that you need to pay attention to when buying a pull-up bar is how many grip positions it allows for. If you are not so enthusiastic or you need a vigorous level of exercise, you need the best options in grip positions. This can control the way you may be working out with your pull up bar. The most basic pull up bars available in the market will have one simple bar, in which they will have both a narrow and wide grip. Some more advanced pull-up bars will also have a neutral grip bar for a wider array of exercises.

These advanced pull-up bars available in the market may have something called a monkey bar style grip, which allows for more than 5 different grip positions. Which one of these you must get will depend on your needs and how many different kinds of upper body exercises you want to carry out! One should always keep in mind that more grip possibilities will also usually mean a higher price level with more variety of exercises. Something we will discuss later on is the power tower which is also known as a free standing pull up bar, is an item that usually has many different grip positions.

2. Grip: Always remember that you are planning to hang on the pull-up bar and the only contact you have with it is your hands. So, make sure that grips of your pull-up bars are perfect enough to hold your weight or else you will slip down and hurt yourself. From all the grips we have reviewed, we would suggest you get grips that are made of something that is made up of a knurled texture, or foam and rubber.

We have also asked actual users and found these to be holding people well on the pull-up bars. But if you only want to settle for the best among them then knurled textured grips are the best bet you have got. Remember what we are talking about is not softness of the touch but hardness and durability. The rubber grips and foam grips tend to be cheap and they will, of course, be better for your hands but they won’t last as long as the knurled grip bar. In nutshell, both have their own pros and cons so you must make a wise decision depending upon your palm texture and capacity.

3. Compactness: There are a variety of pull-up bars available at the moment. The kind of pull-up bar you must select majorly depend on the place you are planning to workout with them. If you are planning to carry them around, then you will need a portable pull-up bar that is small enough to hold or else you will need another kind. So, it is the workout space that determines how much of a compact pull up bar one will need which is also an important thing to consider before purchasing

4. Multi-functional: More grip positions and accessories are now available in the market for pull up bars. These increase the functionality and the number of different types of exercises for a full body workout experience.

5. Leverage: They are supposed to hold your weight so they must never wobble when you are on them. Choose the most stable one among the ceiling pull up bars, doorway pull-up bars or joist mounted pull-up bars. Always go for the stable one than the cheapest. After all, your back is much more important than your wallet.

6. Weight Limit: Every pull-up bar available in the market is going to have a specific weight limit. There are cheap models available for you to buy but the problem is that their maximum weight capacity is around 250 or 300 pounds which can be a problem if you are a heavy person. If you can afford the expensive models, then you can easily get pull-up bars that can hold people of weight around 600 to 800 pounds.

This will help you become worry-free. The quality of the pull-up bar can be understood by evaluating the quality of the material. The better the quality of the material the more durable the pull-up bar will be. Whenever you are using your body weight for exercising this has to be given great importance. If anything goes wrong, the chances of injuries are much higher.

7. Mounting Requirements: The kind of mounting needed for the pull-up bar is entirely dependent on the kind of pull up bar you choose for working out. This is further depended on your weight and feature preferences. There are different kinds of mounting available some of them stand with the support of the door frame while some other use the ceiling or rafters for the support.

Apart from this, there are free-standing pull-up bars which stand on its own without the support of anything else. This is also a big concern and could be a safety issue to avoid falling off from the bar. You will understand more about it when we engage in the discussion on the types of pull-up bars available.

8. Assemblage: Whatever we buy, one main concern is the hassle-free installation. It is a piece of simple equipment so if anyone makes it complicated to assemble then just avoid it that will be the easiest thing you can do. You can easily assemble it off but if you find yourself stupid, then ask for assistance or else you will pose risk for yourself.

9. Durability: Always buy a device that is cast in steel housing for damage-free results and longevity. They don’t wear out easily but the more durable they are the better you can trust them.

What’s The Right Type Of Pull Up Bars for Home Use?

There isn’t any best type of pull-up bars they are user specific. What might be suitable for one person may not be useful at all for another person? so you must try out and find which one is the best for you. For example, if you are a tall person then a free standing pull up bar is simply out of the question as they won’t be big enough for you and you will be forced to bend your knees for working out.

For these types of people, a wall mounted pull-up bar is the best option. This type of pull-up bars can be kept wherever you want in your gym, it’s strong enough for your weight and most importantly, it’s high enough up the wall so you can stretch out. It is because of this reason that we are telling you that you need to find the right one for you. If you are short, the choice will be absolutely different from this. You can prefer buying Harbinger Belt.

1. Best Doorway Pull Up Bar: If you are choosing this type of doorway pull-up bar, you simply have to attach the bar between the door frames and hang on it to do your pull-ups. It is the compactness and the easiness of moving around that makes the doorway pull up bar so special. The only thing you need to set it up is a door and every single building ever constructed will have a doorway so you are always covered.

But, there is an issue for tall people because the door height might be too small for them. So, this type of pull up bar is the best pull up bars for short people. For example, Ultimate Body Press XL Doorway Pull Up Bar.

2. Free Standing Pull Up Bar: This kind of pull up bar is very different from all the other types in the sense they have the capability of doing multiple exercises on a single machine. It is more synonymous to a full gym as it can be used for doing the sit-ups or dips which literally mean that you can do full body exercise just using this equipment. But, all this comes at a cost and you will be forced to pay a lot extra to get one of them in your home and they are not at all compact.

They will surely take up a considerable amount of space in your home. And they are really difficult to disassemble so even if you don’t want it every single day, you can’t store it off in your closet. You will know when you see it, it is huge. So, go for Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar.

3. Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar: Wall Mounted Pull up Bar is simple to mount, as you just need to simply screw the bar directly into the wall. This is the ideal solution for the people who are taller than usual. Unlike the other pull-up bars, it can have any kind of height adjustment so you need to not worry whether it can be high enough for you.

The only disadvantage is that it has to be fixed permanently on the wall so you don’t have the option of moving the position every day and you also need to find a really stable concrete wall to screw it off permanently. No portability option is there if there is no place to fix it properly.

4. Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar: If you have seen a pull-up bar earlier at the gym, then the chances are that it is one of the ceilings mounted pull-up bar because it has become so common in fitness gyms. It is a permanent fitting pull-up bar, therefore, it cannot be moved and for the same reason, you can be sure that it will support your whole weight without any struggle.

They also have multiple grip positions so it will give you the flexibility to do multiple workouts with the same equipment. The maximum weight capacity of this type is higher than all other kinds of pull-up bars which itself is an assurance that they are the strongest and the most durable one. Sometimes the biggest advantage can also be the greatest flaw.

Since they need a permanent fixture unlike other pull-up bars picking a random position might make you pay a big price if you need that place for something else later in the future. So, what you have to do is find the perfect spot that you can easily reserve for your pull-up bars and make sure that the ceiling above is strong enough to hold your weight. This way you will never have to regret your decision of buying a ceiling mounted pull-up bar.

Always remember that your head is supposed to go above the position of the mounting bar so you need sufficient space above the bar to raise your head. Otherwise, with each pull, you will hit your head on the ceiling. Check out the position of the mounting brackets and the space between them so that you could compare it with the space between the ceiling rafters and confirm that they will fit properly in the same space.

5. Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar: There isn’t much difference between joist mounted pull bar and ceiling mounted pull bar in terms of looks but they have their differences. All the advantages of a ceiling mounted bar can be seen in joist mounted pull up bar as well. Just like the ceiling mounted pull bar, this equipment too is well-built and is stable enough to hold your weight with ease. So, you can expect them last for a long period without the need for any repair.

If we compare to the wall mounted pull bar, the joist mounted pull bar has a higher maximum weight capacity so it is ideal for the people who are heavy. They aren’t much costly. Their price tag is similar to that of the wall mounted and ceiling mounted pull up bars. They also have multiple grip points so it can help you do a variety of exercises with the same equipment.

You might have understood by now that the main difference between different kinds of pull up bars lies in the way they are attached to the wall or stable support. Joist mounted pull up bars are usually mounted on a joist rather than on a ceiling like the ceiling mounted pull up bar.

Since the joist is supposed to bear all the weight of the user and pull up bar they have to be big enough and strong to take on all of these. If you have a good gym with free joists, then this will be an easy option for you to choose from. Just like the ceiling mounted pull up bars, these pull up bars are also in no way portable.

A Cautionary Tale about Pull Up Bars

Body weight exercises may look simple and are really productive but when a piece of equipment is helping you to do the exercises, you should pay a lot of attention to their quality. In the case of the best pull up bar for home, they must be strong enough to take all your weight. The mounting must also be able to bear the weight and not fall off which will result in injuries to your body. So, if you are too concerned and have a lot of space to afford, then free standing pull up bars will be a good option to go for since they don’t need the support of anything else.

The material of the build and the maximum weight capacity of the pull-up bar must be checked to ensure that you won’t fall right off from the top during workouts. We always advise our readers to read out the pull-up bar for home reviews made by the actual users who have a lot of experiences with the product. This will help you understand the possible problems that might arise with the pull-up bars. Check out your weight and the structure of your home to decide what kind of pull up bar will be perfect for you.

Last but not least; get the proper guidance and guidelines from an experienced trainer how to use and check if your best home pulls up bar is properly installed. Whatever model you are choosing should come along with your body structure and not with any other factors.

Even the mounting type, weight capacity and the needs of the person who is actually going to use the product don’t jump into conclusions after watching advertisements. Because it’s you who is going to use and gain the results or suffer the effects. If its weighing capacity is below your weight, it is obvious to all what is going to happen.


After going through this pull up bar for home review, you must have understood the benefits of doing pull-ups and the options available in pull-up bars for you to choose from. Don’t fall prey to the advertising gimmick of marketing the best pull-up bars. It is just an illusion; the best pull-up bars for fitness are the one that best satisfies your needs. If you are tight on a budget, it will be a safer option to postpone the buying decision for a later time rather than to settle for a cheaper pull-up bar.

Pull-ups are one of the best bodyweight exercises and these involve a lot of risks when you do them with the assistance of a weak pull-up bar. You might even risk breaking your back trying to adjust with a weak bar. So, it is always advisable to go for the best pull-up bar for home and not to cut costs on things that actually matter a lot while choosing pull-up bars.

There are multiple varieties of pull-up bars available in the market right now with and without the facility of being portable. If you have to travel, you still have the option to work out on the move. So, get yourself the best strength training pull-up bar and pump up your body muscles.

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