Best Pull Up Bar Reviews 2021

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Best Pull Up Bar Reviews 2021

Are you someone who wants a great upper body workout but within the comfort of your home? Then you have landed at the right page. Here, I will walk you through various categories of pull-up bars which are suitable for the home. First of all, you must know everything about pull up bars. They are a great piece of equipment which help in working the upper part of your body. They are instrumental in building up strength and tones the upper body very well.

Using a pull-up bar also helps in working on the muscles of arms, shoulders, neck, as well as the back. In short, they are instrumental in providing you the core fitness and offer a high physical activity. Pull-Up bars are portable and small-sized machines which can be mounted on a wall, ceiling, or between a door frame. You can make the best use of this machine within the comforts of your home as we have some of the best pull-up bars for the house in the market.

No need of going to the gym now to work on your core fitness make the best use of this machine by installing it anywhere, be it a garage or the doorway.  Also, make note that if you are a newbie, then it will take some time for you to gain strength from using a pull-up bar, but it is straightforward to start with. Strength building and toning is not an immediate process, you have to work on your body, and gradually the change is seen.

Now, choosing the right pull-bar for yourself can be a challenging task because several models are floating around in the market and this can get very overwhelming for someone who is new to the fitness world. I am sharing a review of some of the best indoor pull-up bars so that you can decide the one that suits you.

Best Pull Up Bars for Home
Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars
Best Chin Up Bars
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Best Pull Up Bars Over $700
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Best Pull Up Bar – Top 3 Favorites for 2021

Strength training can be started at home with the help of a pull-up bar. After some rounds of dips and push-ups, you can begin doing pull-ups and go ahead with gaining strength. You need no trainer or expert to use a pull-up bar at home because it is effortless. You only have to lift yourself from the ground at an angle which is difficult. This practice works on your upper body and builds strength. There are some of the best pull-up bars for home available in the market.
There are different types of pull-up bars based on their mounting. Like, ones that can be mounted on the wall are called wall-mounted pull-up bars. As per the reviews, these are the most strong ones, and the market has some of the best wall-mounted pull-up bars. You can mount them on any wall easily and start using right away.
Chin-Up bars are amazing in strength training and put more emphasis on biceps, along with other upper body muscles. Using these pull-up bars, you will find significant relief from your back pain and see strength building in neck, arms, and shoulders. These chin-up bars are affordable, and there are some of the best chin-up bars in the market which serve the purpose and give a fruitful workout. They are also simple to install and use.
The doorway pull-up bar is fixed to the door frame. So, as a prerequisite, your house should be strong enough to hold it securely. This equipment charges up various sets of muscles. This is because it gives you the freedom to grip the handle from different distances, like wide grip, neutral grip, close grip, etc. Also, the best part about it is that you do not need separate brackets or supports to fix this pull-up bar. We will see some of the best doorway pull-up bars here.
We just mentioned the chin-up bars above, but how about having a portable one? Especially for fitness enthusiasts who are serious about training, owning a portable chin-up bar will help in toning and shaping of the upper body as it is portable. With this, you can continue with your daily fitness routine without skipping a day. A travel pull-up bar is ideal as it does not need any screwing or bolting as it can be attached to the doorway straight. It is also very light in weight and compact, hence effortless to disassemble and carry in a bag. There are some of the best portable chin-up bars available out there.
If we see the categorization of the pull-up bars as per the cost, then we have some of the best pull-up bars over $700 for people who have a big budget. This category has sturdy and good quality pull-up bars which will give the most gratifying workout of the upper body. Pull-ups work on various muscles of the upper body and are the best workout for the core. So, make sure you choose the best one for carrying out this critical body exercise.
Another category is the one under $700 for people who have a decent budget and for those who do not want to spend extra but also don’t want to compromise on the quality of the product. It can be a little challenging for choosing the right one for the home as they come in several sizes, shapes, how can they be mounted. But, this buying guide will help you sail through such options and filter off the unuseful items. Don’t worry; there are many best pull-up bars under $700 to choose from.
To further cut-down the cost, there are some best pull-up bars under $500 as well. So, people who are not so high with budget need not be sad. We have options for you as well because the pull-up bars work very well with the upper body and vertebral column. They are simple to use at home, and the companies are manufacturing some amazing pull-up bars for all types of users.

Why Choose a Pull-Up Bar For Your Home?

As stated earlier, pull-up bars are an excellent way of working the back muscles because you lift and lower the whole body while doing a pull-up. Note that as much comfortable as it sounds, it is also one of the hardest exercises to perform, close to Deadlifts. Pull-ups benefits the back and shoulder muscles the most (lats, traps, and rhomboids).

If you do them right, you are sure to develop a great looking backside and immense strength. Pull-Up bars give you the comfort of using them at your home and follow a fixed routine because using them for some time won’t help. Building strength is a long-term exercise and gives fruitful results.

These bars come in several shapes and sizes and can be mounted anywhere in a garage, doorway, wall, or ceiling; depending on your choice. They are compact and portable and do not take much space in your home. Thus, they are ideal for a home workout and at the same time lead to great posture and muscles.

Benefits of Doing Pull-Ups Often and Progressing With Them

There are several benefits to doing pull-ups. Because, if you are doing push-ups and other anterior-chain workouts, then you may develop shoulder pain and even cause muscular imbalance. Doing pull-ups along with them will lead to entire upper body strength and overall body posture. Here are some benefits of using Pull-Up Bars:

1. Convenient: They are the most portable chin up bars, and can be mounted anywhere. You can buy them without worrying about the space at home. These handy machines can do wonders on your body.

2. Back Pain Relief: Back pain is widespread for people who have long sitting hours, long driving hours, or just being on the couch. Doing pull-up exercises on a pull-up bar soothes the back and core muscles and gives them strength. They eliminate the soreness and provides relief from the back pain.

3. Good Physique: For a person with a great physique, pull-ups are a critical thing in their daily routine. They give strength to the whole body as well as the back and core. You will get to see the difference in 10 days, and as you progress, pull-ups will make your rear look amazing.

4. Good Posture: When your back and core muscles gain strength, they give you a good posture. It makes the posture lean as you use your shoulders while pulling-up because pull-ups bring the shoulders to the right posture. Following a routine with pull-ups will make you have a great posture.

How To Safely Perform Pull-Ups?

Exercising is important, but at the same time, doing it wrong will pose a threat to health. So, be knowledgeable before you start working on a piece of equipment as you may injure yourself by not doing it correctly. We are talking bout pull-up bars, so while misusing a pull-bar, you can pull your arm or shoulder muscle unfairly. I am sharing some tips here for executing the pull-ups correctly:

  • For starters, the first and foremost thing is hand placement; otherwise, the whole effort is a failure. The best thing is to place the hands in the overhand position so that they are more extensive than the shoulders width.
  • Also, keep the arms straight and then lift your feet from the floor. Now, let your hands and arms support the body weight.
  • The ideal thing is to make use of your elbows to give yourself a pull upward, towards the bar. Now, start the pull-ups and while this your elbows should point downwards towards the floor.
  • Keep the elbows as close as possible and continue to pull yourself up till the chin passes above the pull-up bar.
  • Finally, lower down yourself till your arms are straight, back to the starting position.

This process of pulling up yourself till the chin goes above the bar and then lowering back until arms are straight makes on rep. Repeating this will add on to the reps, and gradually you will build strength. Do not get overwhelmed and injure yourself because power builds slowly.

Beginners can take the help of a bench to stand on it. Take a jump towards the bar while holding it, pass the bar with your chin and then lower down to the bench and then pull again. Slowly and smoothly, you will no longer need any assistance, and you can work like a pro.

Buying Guide for Pull-Up Bars

After giving you full knowledge of pull-up bars, now I will throw some light on how to buy the best pull-up bar for home. There are various aspects which you must consider while deciding on the type of pull-bar you can buy. The first and foremost are the – weight capacity, types of exercises you will perform, available space with you, etc..

This will cut-down your choices further and will leave you with only the options that will suit your need. Now, we will discuss the other important factors to consider when choosing the ideal pull-up bar.

Part 1 – Where is Will You Be Using It?

As we know that pull-bars comes in different sizes, so we must be aware of the amount of space we can spare at home for mounting them. So, select the one which can accommodate in your area easily. Like, if you want to buy an over the door pull-up bar then make sure your door frame is substantial.

If you want a door pull-up bar, then you should have a doorway at home that is available. Likewise, if you wish to a ceiling or wall-mounting pull-up bar, then be sure that there is enough space for screws and bolts which will be needed to fix it firmly. Note that, wherever you place it, it should be in a secured position and attached well.

Which Exercises You Want to Perform?

This is also a critical factor as you know which exercises you will be performing on it. There are different pull-up bars available for different exercises. For instance, if you wish to do muscle ups, you will need some space over the head else you won’t be able to complete the pull-up. So, ceiling mounted pull-bars won’t work for this.

A door pull-up bar is not ideal for strenuous activity as it is not stable, so for workouts with extra force, you will need a wall-mounted or a free-standing pull-up bar.

What are the Mounting Requirements?

Another factor that helps a lot in purchasing a pull-up bar is the mounting requirement you have. This means you want a wall or ceiling mounted one, or a doorway mounted one. There are many types of pull-up bars based on their mounting style. So, first, find out where you are planning to install your pull-up bar and accordingly boil down the choices.

Also, keep in mind that a wall/ceiling pull-up bar can take more weights and are very sturdy, so their price is also on the higher side. But, doorway pull-up bars are less in amount and give a lesser grip to the hand. All these considerations will become very handy while purchasing the best pull-up doorway pull-up bar or best wall mounted pull-up bar.

What is Safety?

Always consult your doctor before using a pull-up bar. Most importantly you should be fit enough to handle the pull-up bar so that it does not lead to any injury later on. Using a pull-up bar may seem effortless on the outside, but it does require some level of fitness level. Plant the pull-up bar very sturdily and secure the bolts tight because it is going to handle your whole body weight and pulls. It should be safely installed and used.

What is the Budget?

The range of rates of pull-up bars is extensive, starting from $20 up to hundreds of dollars. So, you can imagine the types of pull-up bars available based on your low budget, you can choose the best pull-up bar for home which suits you the best. Along with the cost, the use of the person also needs to be considered.

Like, if only one person is going to use it, then you can buy a moderate priced one. But, if multiple users will carry their exercise on it, then you will need a high-end and stable pull-up bar.

Part 2 – Features to Look in Pull-Up Bars

1. Weight Limit of the Bar: Different pull-up bars come with different weight limits. Mostly pull-up bars can take weights up to 250 to 300 pounds. They cost cheaper too. But, the pull-bars with a weight capacity of 600 to 800 pounds are more durable and costly. So, if your use of the machine is light or moderate, then door frame models will be comfortable and secure.

People who are looking for an energetic workout should go for wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted pull-up bars. This is because each type of pull-bar is made up of a different material, depending upon its size and usage.

2. Grip: It is interesting to know that pull-bars come with different grips – curled, rubber, foam, and knurled. Since the hand grips are holding the whole body weight, the grip must be firm and non-slippery. As per the reviews, the knurled grip is the best because it is more durable, but it is so rigid that in some cases it caused calluses.

On the other hand, we have softer grips like foam and rubber which are comfortable to use. But the only drawback is that they can crack or rip off from the bar. So, decide properly and give a gripping trial before purchasing.

3. Grip Width and Positions: You should know that the pull-up bars come with different grip widths and positions, all depending upon the price you are paying for that bar. Like, the most basic pull-up bar is a simple and straightforward one with wide and narrow grips. The bars that are more advanced have neutral grips which give you several options for exercises.

You can enjoy the monkey style grip in this bar, and it gives you five different positions for the grip. The doorway pull-up bar has three grip positions for you. So, this is also an important deciding factor while buying a pull-up bar.

4. Door Padding: For a door pull-up bar, you will need padding to support the bar as well the door. Such pull-up bars have glued-on pads and foam pads which keep the door secure and safe, but people complain that they leave black marks on the door. Also, the glued-pads may fall off over some time. So, when you select the best door pull-up bar then make sure it comes with a proper door padding.

5. Added Features: After the necessary and much-needed features that should be present in a good pull-up bar, some additional and beneficial features will add on to your experience. Like, padded bars will give immense comfort during pull-ups, a bench will help assist the beginners and help you perform various other kinds of exercises too.

These features might not seem so important, but trust me they are worth considering before buying.

  • User Height – What is the point if you are unable to reach the bar without jumping? This practice can make you prone to knee/joints injury. For such people of this height, the pull-up bars mounted on the wall will be more suitable.
  • How Wide You Pull – As I said earlier, pull-bars come with different widths, so depending on the type of workout you are looking for, you should choose the right width. Like, if you want to work on your lats, then a more extensive bar is the answer.
  • Leg Space – Some people may want to do workout which needs more leg space, like kipping pull-ups or exercise which require more energy. Such people should purchase a wall-mounted pull-up bar.
  • Muscles Up – Many people want to do more with pull-ups like muscle ups. In this, the whole body needs to be pulled up above the bar. So, such people need a wall-mounted pull-up bar with sufficient space above so that the entire body can be pulled up.
  • Home Gym – If you are in the process of setting up a home gym for yourself, then mount the pull-up bar at a place where it does not interfere with other machines.


You might feel that a standard bar can only make you perform one or two types of exercises, but this is not the truth. Based on your specific goals, you can see which pull-up bar will suit you the most. You can either have a basic bar or a multi-functional one which gives a complete workout.

There are some of the best multi-functional pull-bars in the market which come with additional adornments which add variety to your exercises. Hence, pull-bars are also versatile in their functioning, but the basic principle remains the same – working against gravity.

Part 3 – Assembly and Maintenance


You must understand and see what all it takes to install a pull-up bar, like the nuts and bolts, door paddings, additional screws, and tools. Before assembling, see the wall clearance, height, etc. so that you can install it safely and it is comfortable for you to perform pull-ups in that space.

For example, for a ceiling-mounted pull-up bar, it should be convenient to set this unit up. The length and height of the bar must be easy to reach and perform.


It is vital to maintain the health equipment and clean them regularly to avoid any wear or tear. For a pull-up bar, make sure you wipe it every day with a damp and soft cloth to erase any fingerprints. The water should be warm and a little soapy. After that wipe with a clean, dry cloth too. Avoid using caustic cleaners or bleach solvents. Be regular but straightforward in maintaining.


Any product that buys must have an excellent warranty because there is a possibility of having manufacturing defects or some weak components. Buy a pull-up bar which has the maximum warranty because this equipment takes your whole body weight and supports it. It has to be very strong and sturdy; otherwise, it can be harmful to you.

Always buy a high-quality pull-up bar from a reputed company which provides its support of replacement or exchange after you have purchased the product. Even if you have to pay a little extra, just got a good warranty pull-up bar.

Part 4 – Buy From Us with Confidence

This article is an eye-opener as well as a perfect guide for you if you want to purchase a pull-up bar. You can blindly choose us for this because we have done our research very extensively. We surveyed the customer reviews, the company’s ratings and asked the fitness experts for their comments.

We have come up with all the positives as well as the negatives of each kind of pull-up bar, based on their cost, function, durability, versatility, etc. I am very sure after going through this guide; you will have gained immense confidence in buying the right kind of pull-up bar for yourself. No beating around the bush, just the facts have been provided to you via this guide. So, relax and enjoy shopping from us.

Important Tip

Whatever said and done, it is entirely your choice on how much you wish to invest and what type of workout you are looking for. Like for an exercise enthusiast, he should buy an advanced version of pull-up bar which will give him a wide range of workout options, whereas an average person will do well with a basic bar too which will work on all the major muscle groups of the upper body.

More the options, the more the price. Also, take into account the space available with you so that you don’t end up paying more for something you are unable to use at home. Thus, everything starts with you! So, decide first and then buy a pull-up bar 2021.


My article has some of the best pull-up bars in 2021 and is great models. They give a very effective workout and offer a good range of bodyweight exercises. You should understand every model will have some advantages and disadvantages, but you can choose the one which gives you the most and takes you a step ahead towards your fitness goals.

It is beautiful equipment which you can own and use safely at home without any assistance. You can get it installed at your house and avoid the costly memberships of the gym. So, buy one and see the change.

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