Weider WEBE99712 Power Tower Review

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Weider WEBE99712 Power Tower Review

The Weider WEBE99712 Power Tower comes with five workout stations that give your upper body the best workout. This Power Tower is one of the best power towers in 2021 and gives the user a personalized workout space. The padded pull-up station focuses on your biceps and forearms. The dip station helps you build up your triceps, shoulders, and chest.

The push-up station works on your biceps, core, and shoulders. The machine has a vertical knee-raise (VKR) station that lets you isolate your core. The calf raise station lets you work on your lower leg muscles.

The WEBE99712 Power Tower has been designed for comfort and has sewn vinyl cushions along with comfortable padding. This machine is built to last a lifetime. Read our Weider WEBE99712 Power Tower Review 2021 to know all about this amazing power tower and its specifications.

Best Suited to Whom?

The Weider Power Tower is one of the well-known and popular pull-up and dip stations available in the market. This is one of the good price/value ratio fitness equipment that gives you a satisfying experience.

The machine does not shake even if used by a heavy person. The pads and bars are very comfortable. Also, the machine is quite a high tower, and this makes it suitable for taller people as well.

If you are on the lookout for a good bodyweight station that gives you a good core and upper body workout without burning a hole in your wallet, then the Weider WEBE99712 Power Tower is the perfect machine for you.

Weider WEBE99712 Power Tower Assembly, Design and Build Quality


The WEBE99712 assembling process is a bit tricky. Unless you are pretty good at assembling such products, it is recommended to get a family member or friend to help you out with the process. The box it arrives in is about 94 lb (42 kg), and is quite large, so an extra pair of hands won’t hurt!

When assembling this machine, ensure that you follow the instructions clearly. Make sure that the bolts are not tightened till the whole machine is set up, else it might be a bit crooked and off-balance.

Also, additional tools will be needed such as wrenches, a rubber mallet, a head screwdriver, and a basic screwdriver. Also, the machine needs to be assembled at the spot where you intend to place it and use it, as it will not pass through a standard doorway post assembling.

Design and Build Quality

The Weider WEBE99712 Power Tower needs quite a bit of space. The footprint of this machine is about 41 inches wide, 57 inches deep, and 84 inches tall. This means that a good area will be needed to assemble this machine and use it. The maximum user weight capacity of this power tower is 300 lbs.

Also, this tower is quite high and is suitable for tall people as well. The Weider WEBE99712 Power Tower is constructed using the best materials and the design of the machine is quite sturdy and strong. You can use the machine every single day without the need to worry about stability.

In case you are heavy, say about 220 lbs or more, you might feel a bit of movement in this station, especially when you make use of the pull-up and dip bars. In order to avoid this, you can make use of a lightweight gym flooring that will enhance the stability when you use the machine.

In case there is a lot of movement when you use the machine, you can place a couple of sandbags on the base and the problem will be sorted. Even if the machine moves a little while you use it, it has a good user weight capacity, so it will not break or bend.

This station is constructed using good quality materials. All the bars and handles can be gripped easily even when you begin to sweat. The pull-ups, push-ups, and dip handles come with padded grips that give you a very comfortable workout.

Similarly, the vertical handles that are in the leg raise station give a similar experience. Additionally, the back and armrests are padded (leg raise station) and are quite comfortable. Overall, the Weider WEBE99712 Power Tower is one of the best power towers for home use, both in terms of design and build.

Weider WEBE99712 Power Tower Features

Weight Capacity Rating

As mentioned earlier, the Weider Power Tower is best suited for people who weigh 220 lbs and above. It has a user weight capacity of 300+ lb (136 kg), and will not bend or break.


The pull-up, dip as well as the push-up handles come with padded grips that give you a very comfortable and nice workout and so do the vertical handles that lie in the leg raise station.


The padded back and armrests can be found in the leg raise station and they are very comfortable. The cushions are made using sewn vinyl material. Not only are these comfortable and great-looking, but they are also very durable and durable and long-lasting.


The footprint of the Power Tower is about 41 inches wide, 57 inches deep and 84 inches tall.

Power rack height

The WEBE99712 Power Tower is quite tall. The pull-up bar is around 7ft off the ground. So in case you are short, say less than 5’7 – 5’8, you might have to jump in order to reach your pull-up bar.


The brand Weider Power Tower’s dimensions are at 57″ L x 41″ W x 84″ H.

Push-Up Station

It comes with non-slip grips that offer you an energetic position for an effective push-up and this targets your chest and arms.

Pull-Up Station

There are two padded and comfortable handles that tower to about 7 ft. in the air and this makes the pull-ups effective. It focuses on the shoulders, back, and arms.

Vertical Knee-Raise (VKR) Station

This station is very comfortable as the arm and back are well-cushioned. Using this station, you can activate your core muscles by raising your legs.

Dip station

This station gives you enough space to perform dips that focus on the muscles of your arms.

Weider WEBE99712 Power Tower Exercises

As mentioned, the Weider WEBE99712 Power Tower offers a wide variety of exercises. This machine has everything that is required for a bodyweight workout and targets the upper body as well as the core. There are a few basic exercises that can be done:

(i) Pull-ups or chin-ups – The pull-up or chin-up station can be used to mainly work on the latissimus dorsi (lats) as well as the biceps and also works on the trapezius, abdominals, posterior deltoids, and pectorals (pecs). You can make use of the pull-up bar to perform hanging leg raises to get an intense abdominal workout.

(ii) Dips – The dip station works on your pecs, triceps, and anterior deltoids.

(iii) Back-assisted vertical knee and leg raises: The leg raise station comes with back and armrests that are padded and this allows you to perform both leg or knee raises that work on your abdominal muscles.

There are platforms that help you get into the leg raise station in case you are not very tall, and this can be used even to perform calf-raises.

Also, in case you can support your body weight, the horizontal dip bars can be used to perform the vertical knee or raises, and these will ensure you get an intense abdominal workout.

(iv) Platform push-ups – Beneath the pull-up bars are handles that can be applied to platform push-ups. Platform push-ups enable you to perform intense push-ups, and this works well on the pecs, triceps, and deltoids.

Weider WEBE99712 Power Tower Warranty

The manufacturer ICON Fitness offers a warranty of 90 days on parts and labor. Extended service plans -preventive maintenance plans (3-years and 5-years plan) and standard service plans (1-year, 2-years, and 3-years) are offered by the manufacturer at a cost and you can select the one that is suitable for you.

Weider WEBE99712 Power Tower Pros and Cons


  • It can handle a maximum user weight of 300 lbs
  • The structure is quite tall, making it good for tall users
  • The model is quite strong, sturdy, and stable
  • The machine comes with padding wherever required
  • It offers comfort to the use
  • It gives the users a wide range of workouts


  • The Assembly process is quite tricky
  • The machine cannot be moved easily


Overall, the Weider WEBE99712 Power Tower is recommended for people who want to get a bodyweight station in their workout space at home. It gives them a wide range of exercises and brags of a structure that has been constructed using quality materials to make it strong and sturdy.

This machine can be used easily by anybody, and through the assembly process is tricky, it is not difficult. It is one of the best power towers for home use. The workouts it offers ensure all the areas of your body get the desired attention.

In case you are looking for a piece of fitness equipment to build your muscles in the comfort of your home, then the Weider Power Tower is a good pick.

FAQs of Weider WEBE99712 Power Tower

Do power towers help the user build muscle?
The Power Tower is quite a popular workout machine that enables the users to build enough muscle strength by making use of their body weight. This powerful machine gives the user unique workouts that help in strengthening the back, abdominal muscles, shoulders, and triceps.
What is the height of the Weider WEBE99712 Power Tower?
The Weider WEBE99712 Power Tower requires quite some space in your house, as its footprint is about 41 inches wide, 57 inches deep, and 84 inches tall (7 ft).
What is the width of the pull-up bar of Weider WEBE99712 Power Tower?
The pull-up bar is about 42” wide.
It the Weider WEBE99712 Power Tower adjustable?
No. it is not adjustable.
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