Best Power Towers Under 700

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Best Power Towers Under 700

With fitness becoming the need of the day, we are constantly on the lookout for a fitness machine that will give us an overall and complete body workout. Most of us hit the gym and often pay a heavy sum for the membership. However, for those who wish to have a good fitness machine that gives them a complete workout in the comfort of their home, power towers are a life-savior.

This article gives you some of the best power towers in 2021. We look into some of the very cost-effective as well as popular fitness machines that can be used to enhance the calisthenics workouts. A power tower is popularly known as the pull-up bars or the dip bars. It is mostly found in commercial gyms all over the world.

The structure of these stations is normally about 10-12 feet and consists of a back pad and many distinct portions for the user to place their arms, back, chest so as to engage various muscles for various workouts. Some of the best power towers 2021 enable the users to work on various parts of their body inclusive of the chest, arms, core, and back. This enables the users to get a great cardio exercise with the help of a power tower based on the user’s routine.

The best method of focusing on the abdominal muscles inclusive of the traverse abdominis or the core is by using a power tower. All you need is a single piece of fitness equipment to get you the six-pack abs. In order to help you out, we have identified some of the best power towers available in the market based on the reviews of customers and our tests. 

Power Tower Buying Guide

If you intend to get fit and healthy is not just a cost-efficient but also an efficient way, then a power tower is exactly what you need. This slim piece of fitness equipment enables you to execute a lot of workouts that target different groups of muscles inclusive of the abdominal muscles. You must note that a few towers might have a fixed height whereas a few might have an adjustable height.

A few power towers also have attachments that enable the user to execute various resistance exercises. A few power towers also come with racks that enable you to stack the weights. There are so many models and so many features that selecting just one becomes difficult. This is why we have a little guide that will help you select the right power tower as per your needs.

What is the power tower?

A few features of a power tower has already been discussed earlier. However, for the sake of more clarity, a power tower is nothing but a slim fitness machine that resembles a table that has been turned to a side with the legs sticking outwards. It has a horizontal bar that ensures both sides are connected. It has 2 handgrips along with armrests in the center area of the machine and also 2 handles located at the base. The main advantage of this machine is that you need to make use of your body weight to work on your muscles.

A majority of the power towers come with 4 standard workstations:

1. Pull-Up station: It is a horizontal bar wherein the user can execute pull-ups and chin-ups to exercise the back muscles and also strengthen the shoulder and arm muscles.

2. Push-ups station: This station has 2 lower handles which are located at the base of the tower. This enables the user to execute an intense workout. The user can also perform shoulder taps that will strengthen their core as well as arms.

3. Dip station: This station has 2 handgrips located in the central area. It enables the user to work on a lot of muscle groups via dip exercises like the shoulders, chest, and triceps.

4. Vertical knee station (VKR):  This is located next to the dip station. By making use of the handgrips as well as armrests in addition to the backrest enables the user to focus on the abs via many workouts like leg raises and leg raises.

The need for a power tower

The power tower is a simple yet effective piece of fitness equipment that enables the user to focus on different groups of muscles with a lot of workouts which can be customized as per the level of fitness of the user. A beginner might not be in a position to handle his/her own body weight and they can opt for sling straps or even resistance bands that will be helpful to them in executing the workouts.

In case you wish to make the workouts more challenging, you could make use of a weight vest or even use ankle weights. Power Towers do not require a lot of space as they are not bulky.

How to choose the right Power Tower?

1. Function: You must not that every power tower is different and unique. Do not fall for the marketing gimmicks. Focus on which area you wish to develop muscle and build strength and the exercises you wish to include in your regimen to help you target those areas.

Generally, You would need all the four stations.  However, if versatility is your preference, there are certain models that include in-build racks, weight bench that is detachable, and/or space to hang a punching bag, for instance, the Stamina X Fortress Power Tower. You can opt for models that provide attachment options in case you are on a tight budget. 

2. Space: A few power towers are quite slimmer than the weight benches from Olympic. When you decide to purchase a power tower, make sure you measure the space in the room that will hold the power tower. You might need additional space around the machine to avoid any limitations on the workout. 

Not all power towers are designed in the same way. Some can be placed against the wall of your room as all the functions might be on one side, whereas some power towers might need a lot of space as the functions might be distributed on all sides, for instance, the XMark Power Tower XM-4432. In addition to this, ensure you check the ceiling height and make sure there is sufficient clearance.

3. Sturdy and Stable: In a power tower, most of the exercises require the user to hand from the bars. This required the tower to have a sturdy construction in addition to being stable. The frame bars of the tower are mostly made using high-quality steel and this helps in handling the weight of the users. The user needs to check on the handgrip padding and quality. The covers should be made using top-quality vinyl that will not wear out easily.

The handgrips must be made of rubber that can sustain the workouts for months. The user must see to it that the power tower is stable as towers that wobble could cause injury to the user. They could look into models that come with a heavily weighted base. Check out the Gold’s Gym XR10.1 Power Tower.

4. Body Size: Most of the power towers suit different body sizes. However, there might be a few people who are more bulky or larger than the average, for instance, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and they might be in need of a specialized power tower like the Ainfox Power Tower. The user must make sure that they check the user weight capacity of the machine. It must be capable of handling your body weight in addition to extra weights like ankle weights or a weight vest.

5. Regularity of workouts: If you believe that getting yourself a fitness machine like the power tower might motivate you to work out, it is recommended to get yourself a beginner or entry-level model. However, this model may not be enough once you get used to the workouts.

In case you are regular with your workouts and prefer challenges you could invest in a high-end model. An entry-level power tower will be beneficial to beginners or those who do not find time to hit the gym. This is the perfect addition if you already own a treadmill or an elliptical.

6. Price: Power towers are quite expensive and in case you get a cheap one, it may not last for long. come Good quality power towers might cost you about $100 or more such as the Stamina 1690 Power Tower. The tower has a solid construction however, the armrests are missing on the VKR station which is why you can get it at a lower price. In case you wish to have every station, you must be willing to spend about $100 -$500 for power towers such as the Body Champ VKR1010. 

7. Comfort: When buying the power tower, you must bear in mind the usage of the machine – will it be used by multiple users or will it be used solely by you? In the case of multiple users, you might want to get some adjustable bars that can accommodate a range of body types. You must also ensure that the machine is ergonomic and comfortable. Check for the handgrips and the padding used as without comfort you might not even use the machine.

8. Weight Limit: An average power tower can sustain about 250-300 pounds of user weight and such power towers are good for most people. However, those who are very athletic might notice that due to the muscle weight, the tower might shift on certain workouts or movements. In case the tower is very heavy, it might be tough to assemble it on your own, especially in your home and you might prefer something that is a bit lighter.

9. Easy Assembly: In case the machine is to be assembled by yourself, you might need a power tower that is simple and easy to assemble as well as move around. However, if the machine is to be kept in a single location for years, this feature could be side-tracked.

10. Versatility: Power towers are fitness machines that can provide the user with many workout options like knee raises, pull-ups, and dips. Make sure you get a power tower that is versatile enough to enable you to get a variety of exercises. 

11. Warranty: Mostly, power towers are prone to users of varying weights using it as well as they are used profusely. This is why it is crucial to know if the machine comes with a warranty. Having a warranty is quite helpful in case of any part breaking, or the machine not functioning within the initial months of purchase. You can get it repaired at no additional cost of bare minimum expenses, under the warranty.


If you wish to reach your fitness goals, getting yourself the perfect power tower along with a pull-up bar is a good choice. What is vital is being able to locate the right power tower for you as it could be the focal feature as well as a fitness center of the home gym. We have compiled this list of features that you must look into while you lookout for a power tower. Be it a power tower or any other fitness machine, one must consider the price, the practical use, the budget, and the space requirements. Fitness enthusiasts could opt for the Xmark Deluxe. Soozier power tower does not need a lot of investment and power towers from Stamina are a good choice if you need something compact. Irrespective of any model or any kind of equipment you wish to purchase, ensure you do your homework on various aspects of the model and then proceed with the purchase.

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