Best Power Towers Under 500

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Best Power Towers Under 500

Power towers are the perfect full body workout companion for anyone entering the gym. Whatever is your fitness goal, the power towers will make it easier for you! Be it reducing weight, building muscles or shaping your body, the power towers have the perfect solution for you. It is one of the most versatile gym equipment that can help you work out both your upper body and lower body.

With intense workouts you are capable of doing with them you can easily make your body strong and slim all in the comfort of your home. With the best power towers 2021, you may never need any other kind of fitness equipment ever again.

Top 3 Power Towers Under 500

What is Power Tower?

There aren’t many people who are ignorant about power towers but we know there are still many who have no clue on what power is and what it is capable of. Power towers are like body weight stations that utilize your body weight to exercise your upper body, lower body, and abdominal muscles. Power tower is tall and slim equipment which can be used for exercises like chin-ups, pull-ups, and pushups.

It has a pull-up bar that is used for connecting both the sides. It looks a lot like a table with two legs that are situated on both sides. It also has 2 hand grips and armrests which are the part of the dip stations and vertical knee raises. Some power towers have grips on both the sides of the base which is designed for lower body workouts. The best power towers can easily give you a fully customized workout session which can push your limits further. You can buy Weider Power Tower as it is available for under $500.

Power Tower Maintenance and Safety

Power towers have a great potential that can be utilized but you must know a few things for efficient usage of this equipment. Proper maintenance and safe usage can be quite useful in extending the life of both the equipment and your body. Below we have listed out the things that you need to take care of while using this equipment.

1. Always put your equipment on a level floor: Nobody wants to slip down and break their back trying to work out on power towers so make sure that the power towers are kept on stable ground. It must not wobble and must stay steady with all kinds of exercises.

2. Check the weight requirements: Any fitness equipment comes with a maximum user weight capacity so check that before buying the device. If you are overweight, then you might end up damaging the power tower on the first day itself or maybe invite injuries to yourself.

3. Know how to use it properly: Don’t jump in and start working out if you don’t know what you are doing. Learn the exercises properly and begin slowly or you might injure your muscles in the pathetic attempt. Sometimes you may end up with no result if you are doing the whole exercise wrongly.

4. Have it professionally assembled: Don’t try to assemble the power tower yourself. Improper installation can result in bad performance. Have a professional assemble it properly making it totally secure. Ask the stores you buy the power towers to assemble these for you in your home.

Power Tower Exercises

You must be really excited to start working out on the power towers so we thought it will be good to help you start your exercising routine. We have found some good exercises for you to begin with while working on the power towers.

1. Hanging Leg Raises: They are perfect for working out your abdominal muscles. You can do hanging leg raises either with the pull-up bars or the dip bars. You can use any one of them as you like. First, keep your arms straight and then raise your leg so that you look like an “L” at an angle of 90°.

Your feet must be held together and this posture has to be kept for 15, 30 or 60 seconds. Do 3 sets of this with at least 5-10 reps. Some people especially the beginners will find it difficult to keep their legs straight they can bend their knee and raise their knees.

2. Dips: Dips focus mainly on your triceps making your arms stronger and also the pectoral which is the upper part of your chest.  For doing dips you need to hold the bars with your thumbs while keeping your arms completely extended. Your feet must be off the ground while doing this. Then you must lower your entire body and bend your arms. Make sure that your elbows stay straight at the sides.

Upon reaching the bottom just push against the handle and straighten your arms slowly while moving up. Doing at least 3-5 sets of dips with 10 reps each will be good for your body. And if you find difficulty in doing complete dips then you can do it with your knees on a stool. You can prefer buying XMark Power Tower as it is available at lower prices.

Buying the Best Power Towers Under 500

Like we always say not every equipment is made equal so a careful selection is required if you want to reap all the benefits out of your power towers. There are three things that we found important to check in order to get the best power tower under $500. Each one among them deeply influences the whole working process, structures and the ease of usage for you. You can prefer buying XMark Power Tower as it is available at lower prices. Those three factors are:

1. Sturdiness: People might think that the cost is the biggest consideration while selecting equipment. If you get wobbly equipment then there is no point getting power. The best power towers under $500 must be completely stable on the ground. If it is unstable just treat it like trash. Under no circumstances, choose that product. If you go for it, you will be learning the lessons the hard way with a broken back or broken muscles.

If you go for lightweight power towers, then they may not be capable enough to hold your weight. If that’s the case, then you will break the power tower. There are two ways to get the right information regarding this – either by checking out with the actual customers who have actually used this product or just go into a store and try one out for yourself.

2. Exercises: The type of exercises you can do on the power towers depends on the kind of power towers available under $500 that you buy. Their design and built matters a lot in this. Anyway, there are a great variety of exercises you can choose from a power tower. Even with the basic power towers, you can do a lot of exercises like pushups, knee raises and dips. If you get an advanced model, then the possibility of doing exercises just widens up.

You choose the power tower based on the type of exercises you want to do on them and your fitness goals.  If you are new into this, then there won’t be much advantage in choosing the highest end or the lowest end so try to go for a medium power tower where you can do a good variety of workouts with. This will help you in controlling your budget too.

3. Price: Power towers aren’t the cheapest equipment available in the market so grabbing one easily is not expected. The cost becomes a matter as you can’t buy something you like if don’t have the money to spend. They are available in a variety of price ranges. You can also get the best power towers for over $700.The price goes on increasing with the features they offer and the level of the power tower. You can get power towers under $500.

We have put the price at last because we believe no one must cut corners when it comes to your health. So, only consider the price if you are short on cash. But make sure that you are getting the best bang out of your buck. And look at them with extreme critiquing if your budget is low and find out the cheapest power tower you can buy for the money you have.

Again we are warning you don’t try to show off your miser skills when it comes to your health. This will help you a lot in finding out the best power tower under $500 like Body Champ Power Tower or under any other category.


After reading the guide you must have now understood how great power towers are as fitness equipment. They are simple and easy to use but the potential they have is well beyond imagination. With them, a fully worked out body is an easy task to achieve.

With the capability to do full body workouts they can help you to shape your body and strengthen your body muscles. This is the reason why you will see the best power towers under $500 in the workout gyms of every bodybuilder. Like we said read out the reviews to make sure that you are getting yourself the best power towers. Decide, buy and build a well-built body.

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