Stamina 1690 Power Tower Review

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Stamina 1690 Power Tower Review

Stamina 1690 Power Tower is one of the simplest exercise setups one can bring to their home gym. It is simple with no resistance bands or weights, no pulleys or cords either. Yet, it is meant for some serious workout with an ability to provide multiple body sculpting and strengthening exercises.

It is designed with a set of handles located at different heights to facilitate the users to perform various exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, triceps dips, and vertical knee raises. The exerciser can build your total body strength and sculpt your chest, back, abs, and arms. Read Stamina 1690 Power Tower Review 2020.

This Power Tower is designed with the sturdy steel frame construction that can support your full body weight. It can take a maximum of 250 lbs user weight. While the non-slip endcaps provide stability to the equipment, the comfortable foam hand grips provide increased safety and security at push-up, pull-up, and chin-up stations.

With the assembled dimensions of 49 inches long x 42.5 inches wide x 81 inches height and a small footprint, this freestanding exerciser can easily fit into the smaller workout areas. Priced below $500, Stamina 1690 Power Tower is one of the Best Strength Systems Home Gyms.

Best Suited for Whom?

If you are ready to take your fitness training to the next level from the basic cardio exercises, then power towers could be the option. There are a number of options available in strength systems including outdoor and indoor trainers.

Stamina 1690 Power Tower is a strength trainer designed for serious users who are aiming at building the total body strength and sculpting their chest, abs, arms, and back.

It is a freestanding, smaller footprint trainer that can easily fit into your home workout area. Its solid steel frame can support user weight up to 250 lbs and can be used by both men and women targeting different fitness goals.

Stamina 1690 Power Tower Assembly, Design & Build Quality


Stamina Power Tower doesn’t bring any complexity in its Assembly. Just lay all the parts on the floor and follow the instructions given in the Owner’s Manual to finish the job in just 30 minutes. The box comes with the necessary tools and bolts making the process easy and simple.

Design & Build Quality

Stamina 1690 Power Tower has an all steel frame construction providing strength and durability to the equipment. It is strong enough to take a maximum weight of 250 lbs. The power tower has the freestanding design with the dimensions of 49” L x 42.5” W x 81” H, weighing about 61 lbs.

Its small footprint makes it a good fit even when the workout area has space constraint. This power tower is designed with four workout stations – push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and dips to help the users target a variety of strength workouts.

Stamina 1690 Power Tower Features


For any power tower, the frame is the most crucial part and Stamina 1690 Power Tower has an all steel frame made of heavy-duty steel providing solid support to the users while performing a variety of workouts.     


Stamina 1690 Power Tower has the foam hand grips at all the workout stations – pull-up, push-up, and chin-up to provide comfort, safety, and security during the training.


Stamina 1690 Power Tower is a sturdy fitness trainer that can take a maximum user weight up to 250 lbs. It’s safe and secured to let you enjoy intense body strength workouts at the comfort of home.


This power tower has a smaller footprint; however, to provide greater stability to the trainer, especially while supporting the maximum weight capacity it comes with non-slip endcaps.

Stamina 1690 Power Tower Workout Programs

Power Tower workout is designed to strengthen the body muscles when you aim for advanced fitness training. Stamina 1690 Power Tower is a trainer meant to strengthen your total body muscles and sculpt your chest, arms, back, and abs.

It comes with multiple workout stations for different workouts such as push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups with several grip positions, triceps dips, and vertical knee raises.

Stamina 1690 Power Tower Warranty

Stamina Products is known to offer a limited warranty on its products. It offers a decent warranty on Stamina 1690 Power Tower with a five-year warranty on frame and 90-days warranty on parts. If users find any defect within the warranty period, then can immediately approach Customer Support.

Customer Support can be contacted either by dialing at 1-800-375-7520 or via email at for all the queries, clarifications, and service requirements.

Stamina 1690 Power Tower Pros and Cons


  • Multiple workout stations for different exercises
  • Easy and simple assembly
  • Competitive pricing
  • Steel frame construction
  • Compact Footprint
  • Padded Foam hand grips
  • Freestanding trainer
  • Non-slip endcaps


  • Need a room with suitable ceiling height as it’s around 81” tall.
  • User weight capacity is average with a maximum capacity of 250 lbs.


Stamina 1690 Power Tower is definitely a great piece of strength system for your home gym. If you are ready for some serious workout and aim to sculpt your body, then Stamina 1690 Power Tower could be one of the few choices.

The trainer with its steel frame construction and multiple workout stations offers a number of strengthening exercises for building your total strength.

While there is a choice of outdoor exercising with Stamina outdoor fitness power tower, you could still prefer to exercise under the roof with Stamina 1690 Power Tower available at a price below $500 in the market.

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