ProGear 275 Power Tower Review

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ProGear 275 Power Tower Review

If you think that getting fit and a lean body is all that is fitness about, then I would urge you to think again. In my opinion, it is just half way of the struggle. There is still need to tone your muscles and also have a shaped-up body so that all the loose skin is lost and the body gets in proper shape. The ProGear 275 Power Tower gives you all these benefits and all the ways in which you can tone your body, and you can get much more too from this fitness station.

The power tower is made up of a steel frame that is tubular and reinforced and can take up a weight of about 275 pounds. The ProGear 275 has a good grip, and it can be used in very many ways in its capacity. With the help of this power tower, you can exercise in varied positions and target all the muscle groups that you wish to, strengthening your back, lats and biceps.

Vertical Knee Raise (VKR)

The Vertical Knee Raise is a unique feature that this power tower comes with, and there are also Chin Up/ Pull Up and Push Up, and Dip that give your workout more variations and you can exercise all the body parts in a natural manner.

Leg Stabilizers

The ProGear 275 comes with leg stabilizers that are extended for extra comfort. With the help of these, you can focus on the upper and lower abdominal muscles and also the quads. There is no scope of any injury. They have caps that have non-slip ends.


  • Grips of the ProGear Power Tower are such that they provide both support as well as comfort so that you can add strength to the pectoral muscles. Deep pushups can also be performed on this equipment.
  • All the comfort and support can be provided by this power tower during your exercises.
  • The cushions are thick enough to ensure maximum comfort.
  • Step support that is on the main frame helps the exerciser to get in a safe and steady position so that the chin ups and pull up routine can be followed.
  • The cushion is placed in an angular fashion and therefore, provides extra comfort and is superbly supportive.
  • The power tower has extended leg stabilizers with caps that prevent any slipping. There is no weak position as there is no balancing problem.
  • The main frame of the fitness tower is also at an angle so that the back rests to avoid any instability whenever sideways motions are performed. Your back is at total ease while performing any exercises.
  • The power tower is manufactured from a steel frame and has a powder coating and also a support bar at the rear.
  • There are no risks of injury with this ProGear 275, and you can easily target your back and leg muscles and add to your stability and comfort.
  • There is a capability of multiple grips that this power tower has that will help to give strength to your biceps, lats and back as there can be different positions of your hand.
  • You can work on your triceps with the support of the Dip Station
  • You can support your wrist, elbow and forearm with the angled cushions that are 2 inches in thickness.
  • There can also be an additional weight of the user as the mainframe is equipped to take on that.
  • The handles can be rotated so that it is easier for you to perform chin ups.
  • You can perform many exercises like pushups, dips, pull-ups, leg raise, vertical knee raise and chin ups.
  • The power tower needs to be assembled, but the assembly is not a tedious one. It can be easily achieved.
  • The grips are also foamed for extra comfort and they also, in turn, strengthen your pectoral muscles when pushups are performed vigorously.
  • The main frame is at an angle, and therefore, your back can be in a resting position, and any side movement can be quickly stabilized.
  • There is step support present on the main frame that aids the small users to reach easily the bars that are made for chin ups and pull ups.

Customer Reviews

Customers are happy with the performance of this power tower and are most satisfied with the stability and the comfort that is provided by this exercise equipment. You can conveniently sculpt your body muscles and your abs with the help of the ProGear 275 Power Tower and target all the varied muscle groups.


The ProGear 275 Power Tower Review take your workout regime to another level. It is a superb addition to any existing cardio routine that you may be following. The best part of this equipment is that it helps you to use the weight of your body to tone as well as give strength to both, your upper and lower body. It will help you to work your biceps, triceps, abs, chest, back and virtually, all parts of your body. So, it is a worthwhile buy according to me, and you must not delay in possessing it.