Phoenix 99403 Power Stand II Review

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Phoenix 99403 Power Stand II Review

A power station that can help you use your body weight as the resistance that is needed to carry out exercises and you can attain six varied levels of strengthening of the muscles of your body. The Phoenix 99403 Power Stand II has made a mark in the market among the others of its category. Many stations help you to perform various workouts, all at one place only. All the major muscles of your body can be targeted whether it is your arms, back, chest or abs.

Phoenix Health and Fitness was established in 1998, and it has a full range of exercise equipment of the highest quality. Equipment for home use as well as commercial purposes is available. The services offered by the company are beyond compare and fantastic in all ways. All the services are entirely reliable, honest and consistent.

This Phoenix 99403 Power Stand II Review talks about the sturdiness, versatility and all other superior attributes of this amazing exercise stand. Read on to know more.


The Phoenix 99403 Stand is considered to be very sturdy. It can take up a weight of about 250 pounds, and this weight is good enough for a power stand. For the price that it is offered at, it is an all-inclusive machine. Even in its tests, it never toppled or fell, and this shows how sturdy it is. Even if there are some sudden movements, the power stand remains a sound equipment.

Many Workout Stations

There are many workout stations that the Phoenix Power Stand has and you can work all your muscles, whether shoulders, triceps, back, biceps and chest. You can do all kinds of exercises like dips, push-ups, vertical knee raises, chin-ups, pull-ups, etc. you can very conveniently get a workout of 45 minutes so that the strength of your body is built upon while you also focus on your balance and the core muscles.


  • This power stand is a versatile and sturdy machine. It doesn’t wobble or topple even if there is a sudden movement.
  • The design of the power stand is a stylish black frame that adds to the look of the tower.
  • It comes with a two years warranty on the frame and 90 days on the parts which is a pretty good warranty according to most customers.
  • It can take up a maximum user weight of up to 250 pounds.
  • Your body weight is only used as the resistance and therefore, this aids you to get a more powerful body. It will also help you to have increased strength and also improve your body’s balance.
  • The power tower gives you a great diversity of workouts.
  • It is an affordable and reliable piece of machinery.
  • There are stations where you can perform pushups, knee raises, chin ups, sit ups, etc. All the parts of your body can be worked upon with this power stand.
  • The dimensions of this Phoenix Power Stand are 46 X 45 X 87
  • It is constructed of steel to last you a long time, and this also adds on to the durability.
  • It is a compact equipment and can be easily put anywhere.
  • The assembly of the Phoenix 99403 power stand is also easy, and it doesn’t pose much of a problem.

Customer Reviews

Customers feel that they can do all kinds of exercises on it whether it is push ups, dips, knee raises or any other kind of exercise. Also, the customers like the compactness of the power stand as it can be put anywhere very conveniently.

Drawbacks of the Phoenix 99403 Power Stand II

Despite all the amazing features, there is certainly some criticism that this power stand suffers from and here are those points.

Some users felt that the assembly of the power stand was a problem. The instruction manual that came with the equipment was not clear enough, and things were not helping. But this is not much of a problem as one can easily look at the photo of the product and then assemble it in close to an hour. You can understand where the bars are to be placed and then it will not be a problem at all.


The Phoenix 99403 Power Stand II is the best exercise partner you will ever get, and it will give you the freedom and the variety to perform some exercises. You can do dips, leg raises, push ups, chin ups, pull ups, etc. and become totally fit with s superb body. You can achieve all your fitness goals with this power tower. Now there is simply no excuse that you would make not to exercise and all that you have to is hop on the power stand and start to tone up your body. So, go ahead and grab this equipment for your home gym.